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For those who want to do serious analysis of the VAERS data, we have a Microsoft Access database with all of the data (from 1990 to the end of 2011).

It comes with a sample query (a hot-lot sorter) but you can program others.

The data is available as a 90 megabyte ZIP file. Once downloaded it expands into a 347 megabyte Access file.

Be warned: this can take hours on a slow Internet link.


The downloaded database is a Microsoft Access file. Access has a query language (SQL) which can do anything with the data. The Access file has these parts:

  • The Raw Data appears in a table with a row for each VAERS case. The columns are the different fields in the VAERS data. This is exactly as it comes from the U.S Goverment:

  • A Form which presents the data in a more readable way:

  • A Sample Query which uses SQL to find "hot lots" (particular drug lots that have appeared the most frequently).
    To run the query, go to the Queries part of the database and open the "SortByFrequency" query:

    (For the curious, this query works by sorting the output of "FindManLotFrequency", a query which looks at a list of every vaccine's manufacturer's lot number and counts the occurrences of each. This query, in turn, calls "SortByManLot" to generate that list.)

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