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The search engine examines vaccines, symptoms, doses, demographics, and more. It produces tables, graphs, maps, and full case reports. Online help is also available.

Please note: MedAlerts includes domestic and foreign cases, but other search engines show only domestic.

What is VAERS?

The U.S. Government collects reports of adverse health events that follow the administration of a vaccine. This database, called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is available for anyone to use.

Why this site?

MedAlerts offers an alternative to the official VAERS search engine, CDC Wonder. Both are built from the government's raw data, but MedAlerts has a better user interface, more powerful search capabilities, and more extensive reporting, making it the best VAERS search facility.

Reporting Vaccine Reactions

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If you suspect that you or your child has experienced a vaccine reaction, report that reaction to the government.

You can also report a reaction to the National Vaccine Information Center. NVIC has kept a vaccine adverse event database since 1982. To report a reaction to NVIC, click here.


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