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From the 9/10/2021 release of VAERS data:

Found 701,561 cases where Vaccine is COVID19


TOTAL† 3,145,130† 448.3%
Pain in extremity66,5669.49%
SARS-CoV-2 test47,1226.72%
Injection site pain35,4785.06%
Injection site erythema25,6163.65%
Body temperature23,8693.4%
Injection site swelling20,6352.94%
Feeling abnormal20,3202.9%
Chest pain20,1422.87%
Vaccination site pain19,2582.75%
Injection site pruritus18,0852.58%
Peripheral swelling16,7432.39%
Blood test16,5522.36%
Blood pressure measurement14,3442.04%
Chest discomfort14,0642%
Back pain13,2891.89%
Injection site warmth13,1771.88%
SARS-CoV-2 test positive12,9601.85%
Heart rate increased12,6841.81%
Feeling hot12,0021.71%
Loss of consciousness11,9131.7%
Decreased appetite11,6201.66%
Oropharyngeal pain11,2811.61%
Influenza like illness11,0851.58%
Neck pain10,5711.51%
Heart rate10,3601.48%
Injection site rash10,1791.45%
Condition aggravated10,1271.44%
Rash erythematous9,6001.37%
Computerised tomogram9,3151.33%
Inappropriate schedule of product administration8,3701.19%
Abdominal pain upper8,2181.17%
Rash pruritic8,2101.17%
Product administered to patient of inappropriate age7,8891.12%
Abdominal pain7,8141.11%
Skin warm7,7661.11%
Blood pressure increased7,7621.11%
Muscle spasms7,7451.1%
Herpes zoster7,6841.1%
Mobility decreased7,5941.08%
Vaccination site erythema7,5701.08%
Muscular weakness7,3091.04%
Feeling cold7,1661.02%
Body temperature increased7,1521.02%
SARS-CoV-2 test negative7,0951.01%
Swelling face7,0941.01%
Sleep disorder7,0821.01%
Paraesthesia oral7,0281%
Vision blurred7,0201%
Oxygen saturation6,9010.98%
Musculoskeletal stiffness6,8310.97%
Gait disturbance6,7630.96%
Product storage error6,6470.95%
Throat tightness6,4730.92%
Vaccination site swelling6,3380.9%
Burning sensation6,2240.89%
No adverse event6,1970.88%
Chest X-ray6,1170.87%
Magnetic resonance imaging5,9850.85%
Laboratory test5,7210.82%
Axillary pain5,7080.81%
Confusional state5,6970.81%
Throat irritation5,5770.79%
Pulmonary embolism5,4830.78%
Drug ineffective5,4750.78%
Abdominal discomfort5,3230.76%
Limb discomfort5,3020.76%
Heavy menstrual bleeding5,2890.75%
Full blood count5,2690.75%
Anaphylactic reaction5,1940.74%
Lip swelling5,0230.72%
Injection site induration4,9520.71%
Impaired work ability4,9030.7%
Hypoaesthesia oral4,8330.69%
Immediate post-injection reaction4,6320.66%
Swollen tongue4,6310.66%
Lymph node pain4,6030.66%
Cold sweat4,5860.65%
Vaccination site pruritus4,5440.65%
Injection site reaction4,4700.64%
Ultrasound scan4,4300.63%
Nasal congestion4,3620.62%
C-reactive protein4,2770.61%
Pharyngeal swelling4,2550.61%
Hot flush4,1970.6%
Facial paralysis4,1790.6%
Unevaluable event4,1090.59%
Metabolic function test4,0720.58%
Interchange of vaccine products4,0150.57%
Visual impairment3,9610.56%
Rash macular3,9140.56%
Loss of personal independence in daily activities3,9060.56%
Vaccination site warmth3,8950.56%
Balance disorder3,8520.55%
Deep vein thrombosis3,8460.55%
Electrocardiogram normal3,8400.55%
Cerebrovascular accident3,8340.55%
Ear pain3,7920.54%
Unresponsive to stimuli3,7660.54%
Bell's palsy3,7510.53%
Platelet count3,6900.53%
Expired product administered3,5310.5%
Eye pain3,4970.5%
Computerised tomogram head3,4370.49%
Fibrin D dimer3,4360.49%
Urine analysis3,2760.47%
Joint swelling3,2620.46%
Menstruation irregular3,1280.45%
Vaccination failure3,0180.43%
Head discomfort2,9990.43%
Vaccination complication2,9250.42%
Rash papular2,9150.42%
Blood test normal2,9050.41%
Atrial fibrillation2,8840.41%
Eye swelling2,8810.41%
Off label use2,8380.4%
Vaccination site rash2,7900.4%
Ultrasound Doppler2,7770.4%
Incorrect dose administered2,7630.39%
White blood cell count2,7600.39%
Blood glucose2,7300.39%
Exposure during pregnancy2,7200.39%
Night sweats2,6860.38%
Injection site mass2,5260.36%
Disturbance in attention2,4680.35%
Magnetic resonance imaging head2,4390.35%
Bone pain2,4100.34%
Dry mouth2,3950.34%
Oxygen saturation decreased2,3680.34%
Menstrual disorder2,3210.33%
Ear discomfort2,2620.32%
Chest X-ray normal2,2620.32%
Extra dose administered2,2200.32%
Full blood count normal2,2090.31%
SARS-CoV-2 antibody test2,1310.3%
Respiratory tract congestion2,1250.3%
Vaccination site reaction2,1240.3%
Muscle twitching2,0880.3%
Blood pressure decreased2,0840.3%
Skin discolouration2,0810.3%
Sensitive skin2,0590.29%
Pain in jaw2,0270.29%
C-reactive protein increased2,0100.29%
Poor quality product administered2,0060.29%
Taste disorder2,0030.29%
Gait inability1,9870.28%
Computerised tomogram thorax1,9870.28%
Oropharyngeal discomfort1,9780.28%
Muscle tightness1,9610.28%
Myocardial infarction1,9570.28%
Peripheral coldness1,9560.28%
Product dose omission issue1,9410.28%
Oedema peripheral1,8680.27%
Head injury1,8500.26%
Injection site bruising1,8470.26%
Blood glucose increased1,8110.26%
Troponin increased1,8050.26%
Speech disorder1,7930.26%
Vital signs measurement1,7820.25%
Physical examination1,7780.25%
Breast pain1,7780.25%
Electrocardiogram abnormal1,7620.25%
Movement disorder1,7360.25%
Pain of skin1,7210.25%
Menstruation delayed1,6850.24%
Blood creatinine1,6830.24%
Abdominal distension1,6740.24%
Vaginal haemorrhage1,6560.24%
Maternal exposure during pregnancy1,6560.24%
Respiratory distress1,6170.23%
Platelet count decreased1,5840.23%
Joint range of motion decreased1,5830.23%
Computerised tomogram normal1,5690.22%
Blood glucose normal1,5610.22%
Urinary tract infection1,5510.22%
Product preparation issue1,5400.22%
Memory impairment1,5360.22%
Heart rate irregular1,5360.22%
White blood cell count increased1,5230.22%
Weight decreased1,5160.22%
Skin burning sensation1,4900.21%
Feeling of body temperature change1,4850.21%
Cardiac arrest1,4800.21%
Intensive care1,4550.21%
Ocular hyperaemia1,4420.21%
COVID-19 pneumonia1,4380.2%
Laboratory test normal1,4290.2%
Blood thyroid stimulating hormone1,4260.2%
Injected limb mobility decreased1,4250.2%
Facial pain1,4160.2%
Vaccination site induration1,4070.2%
Vaccination site mass1,3790.2%
Chest X-ray abnormal1,3780.2%
Suspected COVID-191,3770.2%
Eye pruritus1,3700.2%
Fibrin D dimer increased1,3640.19%
Intermenstrual bleeding1,3470.19%
Product use issue1,3460.19%
Injection site urticaria1,3390.19%
Disease recurrence1,3290.19%
Abortion spontaneous1,3210.19%
Oral herpes1,3070.19%
Neuropathy peripheral1,3040.19%
Joint stiffness1,2670.18%
Neurological examination1,2540.18%
Vaccine positive rechallenge1,2490.18%
Transient ischaemic attack1,2470.18%
Anticoagulant therapy1,2470.18%
Productive cough1,2440.18%
Lacrimation increased1,2360.18%
Sensation of foreign body1,2350.18%
Incorrect route of product administration1,2300.18%
Angina pectoris1,2060.17%
Musculoskeletal discomfort1,1960.17%
Panic attack1,1860.17%
Musculoskeletal chest pain1,1850.17%
Echocardiogram normal1,1830.17%
Heart rate decreased1,1770.17%
Dyspnoea exertional1,1740.17%
Acute kidney injury1,1740.17%
Blood potassium1,1360.16%
Sensory disturbance1,1250.16%
Feeding disorder1,1250.16%
Eye irritation1,1140.16%
Cerebral infarction1,1090.16%
International normalised ratio1,0960.16%
Respiratory rate1,0940.16%
General physical health deterioration1,0880.16%
Dizziness postural1,0870.15%
Prothrombin time1,0610.15%
Swelling of eyelid1,0580.15%
Injection site inflammation1,0550.15%
Acute myocardial infarction1,0420.15%
Cardiac flutter1,0380.15%
Blood sodium1,0160.14%
Guillain-Barre syndrome1,0150.14%
Computerised tomogram abnormal1,0140.14%
Haemoglobin decreased1,0120.14%
Cardiac failure1,0020.14%
Depressed level of consciousness1,0000.14%
Deafness unilateral9950.14%
Product temperature excursion issue9930.14%
Neutrophil count9920.14%
Pharyngeal paraesthesia9870.14%
Exposure to SARS-CoV-29840.14%
Blood creatine phosphokinase9840.14%
Syringe issue9830.14%
Glomerular filtration rate9820.14%
Alanine aminotransferase9800.14%
Ischaemic stroke9780.14%
Injection site nodule9730.14%
Asymptomatic COVID-199730.14%
Hypertensive crisis9690.14%
Computerised tomogram abdomen9670.14%
Activated partial thromboplastin time9620.14%
Polymerase chain reaction9200.13%
Facial paresis9200.13%
Computerised tomogram thorax abnormal9200.13%
Lumbar puncture9180.13%
Dry throat9030.13%
Skin exfoliation8920.13%
Eye movement disorder8900.13%
Mouth swelling8670.12%
Cerebral haemorrhage8670.12%
Acoustic stimulation tests8660.12%
Aspartate aminotransferase8510.12%
Platelet count normal8420.12%
Magnetic resonance imaging normal8410.12%
Blood test abnormal8400.12%
Adverse event8400.12%
Dry skin8380.12%
Red blood cell sedimentation rate8350.12%
Cardiac monitoring8350.12%
Magnetic resonance imaging head abnormal8340.12%
Impaired driving ability8320.12%
Urinary incontinence8310.12%
Blood urea8300.12%
Computerised tomogram head normal8250.12%
Echocardiogram abnormal8110.12%
Antibody test8100.12%
Pregnancy test8030.11%
Urine analysis normal8020.11%
Sinus congestion7970.11%
Ocular discomfort7940.11%
Lymphocyte count7940.11%
Red blood cell sedimentation rate increased7890.11%
Liver function test7890.11%
Cognitive disorder7840.11%
Cardiac stress test7810.11%
Magnetic resonance imaging head normal7780.11%
Rheumatoid arthritis7730.11%
Renal pain7690.11%
Metabolic function test normal7650.11%
Ultrasound Doppler abnormal7620.11%
Acute respiratory failure7550.11%
Oral discomfort7530.11%
Blood fibrinogen7510.11%
Influenza virus test negative7500.11%
Abdominal pain lower7480.11%
Spinal pain7460.11%
Ophthalmological examination7440.11%
Respiratory failure7420.11%
Periorbital swelling7420.11%
Skin reaction7390.11%
Electrocardiogram ambulatory7390.11%
Troponin normal7280.1%
Axillary mass7260.1%
Differential white blood cell count7230.1%
Cardiac disorder7180.1%
Endotracheal intubation7160.1%
Blood creatinine increased7050.1%
Anaphylactic shock7050.1%
Blood lactic acid7030.1%
Wrong product administered6980.1%
Paranasal sinus discomfort6980.1%
Depressed mood6960.1%
Poor quality sleep6940.1%
Pleural effusion6930.1%
Gastrooesophageal reflux disease6930.1%
Antinuclear antibody6930.1%
Mental impairment6920.1%
Blood pressure systolic6920.1%
Glycosylated haemoglobin6890.1%
Cardio-respiratory arrest6850.1%
Muscle fatigue6810.1%
Mental status changes6810.1%
Painful respiration6760.1%
Alanine aminotransferase increased6750.1%
Pericardial effusion6700.1%
Oral pain6620.09%
Ventricular extrasystoles6580.09%
Vaccination site bruising6560.09%
Skin lesion6560.09%
Adverse reaction6530.09%
Blood bilirubin6500.09%
Ultrasound abdomen6480.09%
Product administered at inappropriate site6460.09%
Magnetic resonance imaging heart6410.09%
Postmenopausal haemorrhage6400.09%
Aspartate aminotransferase increased6330.09%
Immune thrombocytopenia6320.09%
Coma scale6310.09%
White blood cell count normal6300.09%
Scan with contrast6290.09%
Musculoskeletal pain6230.09%
Sensory loss6220.09%
Brain natriuretic peptide6190.09%
Computerised tomogram head abnormal6180.09%
Feeling jittery6170.09%
Rash vesicular6110.09%
Blood urine present6110.09%
Blood lactate dehydrogenase6100.09%
Injection site hypoaesthesia6090.09%
Tension headache6050.09%
Haemoglobin normal6010.09%
Sudden death6000.09%
Electric shock sensation5990.09%
Blood culture5940.08%
Breast swelling5920.08%
Ultrasound scan abnormal5910.08%
Red blood cell sedimentation rate normal5870.08%
Neurological symptom5860.08%
Gastrointestinal disorder5860.08%
Lung opacity5850.08%
Vaccination site inflammation5810.08%
Skin swelling5800.08%
Tongue discomfort5750.08%
Incorrect product formulation administered5740.08%
Generalised tonic-clonic seizure5740.08%
Sinus tachycardia5730.08%
Red blood cell count5730.08%
White blood cell count decreased5590.08%
Ultrasound scan normal5570.08%
Skin tightness5570.08%
Blood glucose decreased5550.08%
Injection site discomfort5540.08%
Blood cholesterol5540.08%
Abnormal dreams5530.08%
Magnetic resonance imaging abnormal5520.08%
Injection site paraesthesia5520.08%
Pulmonary pain5510.08%
Oral pruritus5490.08%
Vaccination site movement impairment5450.08%
Dry eye5410.08%
Flank pain5390.08%
Mean cell volume5380.08%
Troponin I5360.08%
Tongue disorder5360.08%
Blood alkaline phosphatase5350.08%
Product preparation error5270.08%
Respiratory rate increased5260.07%
Therapeutic response unexpected5240.07%
Blood potassium decreased5210.07%
Blood potassium normal5200.07%
Blood creatinine normal5200.07%
Eye disorder5180.07%
Skin irritation5170.07%
Electrocardiogram ST segment elevation5170.07%
Altered state of consciousness5140.07%
Pulmonary thrombosis5120.07%
Tongue pruritus5090.07%
Streptococcus test negative5090.07%
Blood pressure abnormal5090.07%
Groin pain5080.07%
Angiogram pulmonary abnormal5080.07%
C-reactive protein normal5050.07%
Blood pressure fluctuation5050.07%
Body temperature decreased5000.07%
Thrombophlebitis superficial4920.07%
Sinus pain4910.07%
Pharyngeal hypoaesthesia4910.07%
Vitreous floaters4880.07%
Pulmonary oedema4880.07%
Heart rate abnormal4880.07%
Respiratory disorder4870.07%
Immunoglobulin therapy4870.07%
Skin disorder4860.07%
Monocyte count4850.07%
Influenza B virus test4850.07%
Sinus headache4830.07%
Injection site discolouration4810.07%
Product administration error4720.07%
Renal failure4710.07%
Low density lipoprotein4710.07%
Catheterisation cardiac4700.07%
Cardiac failure congestive4700.07%
Mouth ulceration4670.07%
Allergy to vaccine4660.07%
Culture urine4650.07%
Face oedema4630.07%
X-ray normal4620.07%
Eye haemorrhage4620.07%
Blood sodium normal4610.07%
Respiratory arrest4570.07%
Gastrointestinal pain4560.06%
Haematocrit normal4550.06%
Circulatory collapse4530.06%
Eosinophil count4520.06%
Ear swelling4520.06%
Vaccine breakthrough infection4510.06%
Limb injury4490.06%
Blood calcium4430.06%
Influenza A virus test negative4400.06%
Sudden hearing loss4380.06%
Injection site haemorrhage4380.06%
Tunnel vision4370.06%
Grip strength decreased4350.06%
Breast tenderness4350.06%
Local reaction4340.06%
Blood sodium decreased4330.06%
N-terminal prohormone brain natriuretic peptide4280.06%
Blood creatine phosphokinase increased4230.06%
Biopsy skin4230.06%
Scan brain4220.06%
Laboratory test abnormal4220.06%
Haematocrit decreased4210.06%
Blood magnesium4210.06%
SARS-CoV-2 antibody test negative4190.06%
Fibrin D dimer normal4180.06%
Seizure like phenomena4150.06%
Blood count4120.06%
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease4090.06%
Blood urea increased4090.06%
Respiration abnormal4070.06%
Nervous system disorder4070.06%
Feeling drunk4060.06%
Supraventricular tachycardia4030.06%
Ear infection3970.06%
Dermatitis allergic3960.06%
Blood albumin3960.06%
Pelvic pain3950.06%
Device connection issue3940.06%
Rash maculo-papular3930.06%
Pain assessment3930.06%
Renal function test3920.06%
HIV test3880.06%
Adverse drug reaction3880.06%
Ejection fraction3840.05%
Blood chloride normal3830.05%
Eating disorder3820.05%
Blood immunoglobulin G3810.05%
Lung disorder3800.05%
Thyroid function test3790.05%
Autoimmune disorder3790.05%
Lip pruritus3780.05%
Computerised tomogram abdomen abnormal3780.05%
Weight increased3770.05%
Thinking abnormal3770.05%
Coordination abnormal3770.05%
Sinus disorder3750.05%
Incomplete course of vaccination3740.05%
Blood urea normal3740.05%
Troponin T3730.05%
Pulmonary congestion3730.05%
Upper-airway cough syndrome3720.05%
Blood gases3710.05%
Vaccination site urticaria3700.05%
Blindness unilateral3700.05%
Viral test3690.05%
Rectal haemorrhage3690.05%
Brain natriuretic peptide increased3680.05%
Conjunctival haemorrhage3670.05%
Blood chloride3670.05%
Serum ferritin3650.05%
Mechanical ventilation3640.05%
Polymyalgia rheumatica3630.05%
Red blood cell count decreased3610.05%
Pulse abnormal3610.05%
Blood electrolytes3610.05%
Rheumatoid factor3600.05%
Motor dysfunction3600.05%
Maternal exposure during breast feeding3590.05%
Computerised tomogram neck3590.05%
Blood thyroid stimulating hormone normal3590.05%
Emotional distress3570.05%
Blood triglycerides3570.05%
Aphthous ulcer3570.05%
Secretion discharge3560.05%
Protein total3560.05%
Mean cell haemoglobin3560.05%
Magnetic resonance imaging neck3550.05%
Lung infiltration3550.05%
Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis3520.05%
Injection site cellulitis3510.05%
Throat clearing3500.05%
Vaccination site discolouration3450.05%
Fluid retention3450.05%
Influenza virus test3440.05%
Vaccination site discomfort3430.05%
Eyelid ptosis3430.05%
SARS-CoV-2 antibody test positive3410.05%
Skin mass3400.05%
Gingival pain3390.05%
Vaccination site haemorrhage3380.05%
Therapy non-responder3380.05%
Ejection fraction decreased3360.05%
Body mass index3360.05%
Extensive swelling of vaccinated limb3340.05%
Walking aid user3330.05%
Respiratory viral panel3330.05%
Exposure via breast milk3320.05%
Acoustic stimulation tests abnormal3310.05%
Diabetes mellitus3300.05%
Alanine aminotransferase normal3290.05%
X-ray limb3270.05%
Cardiovascular disorder3270.05%
Migraine with aura3260.05%
Oral mucosal blistering3250.05%
Erythema multiforme3230.05%
Blood alkaline phosphatase normal3230.05%
Muscle rigidity3220.05%
Mean cell volume normal3220.05%
Hepatic enzyme increased3190.05%
Muscle strain3180.05%
Full blood count abnormal3160.05%
Lower respiratory tract infection3140.04%
Vaccination site oedema3130.04%
Muscle contractions involuntary3130.04%
Basophil count3120.04%
International normalised ratio increased3110.04%
Blood bicarbonate3110.04%
Troponin I increased3090.04%
Skin laceration3090.04%
Blood pressure diastolic3090.04%
Cerebral thrombosis3080.04%
Magnetic resonance imaging spinal3070.04%
Breast mass3060.04%
Vertigo positional3050.04%
Specialist consultation3040.04%
Ophthalmic herpes zoster3030.04%
Urinary retention3020.04%
Scan with contrast abnormal3020.04%
Restless legs syndrome3020.04%
Nasal discomfort3010.04%
Deafness neurosensory3010.04%
Carbon dioxide normal3010.04%
Subarachnoid haemorrhage2990.04%
Photosensitivity reaction2980.04%
Vitamin B122970.04%
Salivary hypersecretion2970.04%
Blood bilirubin normal2970.04%
Laryngeal oedema2960.04%
Faeces discoloured2960.04%
Blood culture negative2960.04%
Suicidal ideation2950.04%
Fear of injection2950.04%
Panic reaction2930.04%
High density lipoprotein2920.04%
Nerve injury2900.04%
Gaze palsy2900.04%
Mean cell haemoglobin concentration2890.04%
pH body fluid2880.04%
Facial discomfort2880.04%
Coagulation test2880.04%
Aspartate aminotransferase normal2870.04%
Posture abnormal2860.04%
Injection site vesicles2860.04%
Exercise tolerance decreased2860.04%
Streptococcus test2850.04%
Glomerular filtration rate decreased2840.04%
Gastrointestinal haemorrhage2840.04%
Blood magnesium normal2840.04%
Ultrasound Doppler normal2830.04%
Ear, nose and throat examination2830.04%
Vitamin D2820.04%
Visual field defect2810.04%
Gingival bleeding2810.04%
Injection site irritation2800.04%
Blood alkaline phosphatase increased2800.04%
Urine analysis abnormal2790.04%
Renal impairment2790.04%
Pregnancy test negative2780.04%
Antinuclear antibody negative2780.04%
Red blood cell count normal2750.04%
Limb mass2740.04%
Wrong technique in product usage process2730.04%
Pulmonary function test2730.04%
Face injury2720.04%
Abnormal behaviour2720.04%
Respiratory symptom2710.04%
Blood calcium normal2710.04%
Lip pain2690.04%
Immunology test2690.04%
Vaccination site lymphadenopathy2680.04%
Euphoric mood2680.04%
Multiple sclerosis2650.04%
Neutrophil count increased2640.04%
International normalised ratio normal2640.04%
Anal incontinence2630.04%
Red cell distribution width normal2620.04%
Mean cell haemoglobin concentration normal2620.04%
Differential white blood cell count normal2620.04%
Pleuritic pain2610.04%
Herpes simplex2610.04%
Blood bilirubin increased2590.04%
Red cell distribution width2580.04%
Ear congestion2580.04%
Protein total normal2570.04%
Allergy test2570.04%
Positron emission tomogram2560.04%
Immune system disorder2560.04%
Ear pruritus2560.04%
Colitis ulcerative2560.04%
Lip blister2550.04%
Drug hypersensitivity2550.04%
Body temperature fluctuation2550.04%
Serology test2540.04%
Platelet count increased2530.04%
Respiratory syncytial virus test negative2510.04%
Needle issue2510.04%
Trigeminal neuralgia2500.04%
Viral infection2480.04%
Post-acute COVID-19 syndrome2480.04%
Body temperature abnormal2480.04%
Lip oedema2470.04%
Antinuclear antibody positive2470.04%
Venous thrombosis limb2450.03%
Prothrombin level2450.03%
Micturition urgency2440.03%
Skin abrasion2430.03%
Pulse absent2430.03%
Blood pressure systolic increased2430.03%
Musculoskeletal disorder2410.03%
Pneumonia aspiration2400.03%
Neck mass2400.03%
Bacterial test2400.03%
Frequent bowel movements2390.03%
Blood immunoglobulin M2380.03%
Monocyte percentage2370.03%
Imaging procedure2350.03%
Pancreatitis acute2340.03%
Upper respiratory tract infection2330.03%
Ventricular tachycardia2320.03%
Joint injury2310.03%
Eyelid oedema2310.03%
Computerised tomogram thorax normal2310.03%
Vestibular neuronitis2300.03%
Cytomegalovirus test2300.03%
Stool analysis2290.03%
Tonsillar hypertrophy2280.03%
Diarrhoea haemorrhagic2280.03%
Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration2270.03%
Liver function test increased2270.03%
Blood creatine phosphokinase normal2270.03%
Mental disorder2260.03%
Eosinophil percentage2250.03%
Atrial flutter2250.03%
Cardiovascular examination2240.03%
Blood albumin normal2230.03%
Mean cell haemoglobin normal2220.03%
Cluster headache2220.03%
Medication error2200.03%
Human chorionic gonadotropin2200.03%
Herpes virus infection2200.03%
Emotional disorder2200.03%
Systemic lupus erythematosus2190.03%
Retinal vein occlusion2190.03%
Lymphocyte count decreased2190.03%
Blood glucose abnormal2190.03%
Orthostatic hypotension2180.03%
Body height2180.03%
Mental fatigue2170.03%
Thyroid function test normal2160.03%
Hepatitis C virus test2160.03%
Blood iron2140.03%
Myocardial necrosis marker2130.03%
Liver function test normal2120.03%
Catheterisation cardiac normal2120.03%
Cardiac discomfort2120.03%
Anion gap2120.03%
Sinus rhythm2110.03%
Gingival swelling2110.03%
Myelitis transverse2100.03%
Cardiac failure acute2100.03%
Electroencephalogram normal2090.03%
Brain natriuretic peptide normal2090.03%
Blindness transient2090.03%
Septic shock2070.03%
Neutrophil percentage increased2070.03%
Motion sickness2070.03%
Lymphocyte percentage decreased2070.03%
Blood calcium decreased2070.03%
Pityriasis rosea2060.03%
Muscle swelling2060.03%
Irritable bowel syndrome2050.03%
Tongue oedema2040.03%
Livedo reticularis2040.03%
Borrelia test2040.03%
Mean platelet volume2030.03%
Lymphocyte percentage2030.03%
Acute coronary syndrome2030.03%
Mood swings2020.03%
Injection site oedema2020.03%
Hallucination, visual2020.03%
Computerised tomogram pelvis2020.03%
Interstitial lung disease2010.03%
Ultrasound scan vagina2000.03%
Seasonal allergy2000.03%
Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome2000.03%
Inflammatory marker test2000.03%
Hepatitis B virus test1990.03%
Blood thyroid stimulating hormone decreased1990.03%
Acoustic stimulation tests normal1990.03%
Magnetic resonance imaging spinal abnormal1980.03%
Rheumatoid factor negative1970.03%
Blood uric acid1970.03%
Blood phosphorus1970.03%
Systemic inflammatory response syndrome1960.03%
Inflammatory marker increased1960.03%
Blood albumin decreased1960.03%
Vitamin B12 normal1950.03%
Nerve compression1940.03%
Eyelid function disorder1940.03%
Eye discharge1940.03%
Spinal X-ray1920.03%
Pulmonary mass1910.03%
Neutrophil percentage1910.03%
Blood cholesterol increased1910.03%
Acute respiratory distress syndrome1910.03%
Temperature intolerance1900.03%
Mood altered1900.03%
Epstein-Barr virus test1900.03%
Dermatitis bullous1900.03%
Bilevel positive airway pressure1900.03%
Troponin I normal1880.03%
Optic neuritis1880.03%
Haemorrhagic stroke1880.03%
Catheterisation cardiac abnormal1880.03%
Pharyngeal erythema1870.03%
Cardiac function test1870.03%
Status epilepticus1860.03%
Skin induration1860.03%
Nerve conduction studies1860.03%
Mastication disorder1860.03%
Venous thrombosis1850.03%
Premenstrual syndrome1850.03%
Crohn's disease1840.03%
Basophil percentage1840.03%
Vomiting projectile1830.03%
Ventricular fibrillation1830.03%
Road traffic accident1830.03%
Pulmonary infarction1810.03%
Mean platelet volume normal1810.03%
Lip dry1810.03%
Blood folate1810.03%
Blood lactic acid increased1800.03%
Bed rest1800.03%
Vaccination site paraesthesia1790.03%
Erectile dysfunction1790.03%
Electrophoresis protein1790.03%
Tendon pain1780.03%
Treponema test1770.03%
Thyroxine free1760.03%
Skin sensitisation1760.03%
Angiogram cerebral1760.03%
Initial insomnia1750.02%
Circumstance or information capable of leading to medication error1750.02%
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody1750.02%
Scan with contrast normal1730.02%
Raynaud's phenomenon1730.02%
Rash morbilliform1730.02%
Gastric disorder1730.02%
Testicular pain1720.02%
Middle insomnia1720.02%
Tongue discolouration1710.02%
Neutrophil count decreased1710.02%
Blood lactate dehydrogenase increased1710.02%
Blood creatine1710.02%
Supraventricular extrasystoles1700.02%
Oral disorder1700.02%
Eye inflammation1700.02%
Chapped lips1700.02%
Magnetic resonance imaging brain1690.02%
Culture urine negative1690.02%
CSF protein increased1690.02%
Brain oedema1690.02%
Serum ferritin increased1680.02%
Coronary artery disease1680.02%
Cardiogenic shock1680.02%
Carbon dioxide decreased1680.02%
Angiogram normal1680.02%
Slow speech1670.02%
Internal haemorrhage1670.02%
Cardiac telemetry1670.02%
Abnormal sensation in eye1670.02%
X-ray abnormal1660.02%
Rotator cuff syndrome1650.02%
Obstructive airways disorder1640.02%
Lymphocyte count normal1640.02%
Exposure via skin contact1640.02%
Cardiac stress test normal1640.02%
X-ray limb normal1630.02%
Viral test negative1630.02%
Renal disorder1630.02%
Prothrombin time normal1630.02%
Dermatitis contact1630.02%
Retinal artery occlusion1620.02%
Muscle discomfort1620.02%
Intentional product use issue1620.02%
Genital herpes1620.02%
Subdural haematoma1610.02%
Cardiac imaging procedure abnormal1610.02%
Breath sounds abnormal1610.02%
Monocyte count increased1600.02%
Localised oedema1600.02%
Abnormal faeces1600.02%
Pharyngeal oedema1590.02%
Blood creatine phosphokinase MB1590.02%
Angiogram abnormal1590.02%
Lumbar puncture abnormal1580.02%
CSF test1580.02%
Bowel movement irregularity1580.02%
Blood electrolytes normal1580.02%
Sinus operation1570.02%
NIH stroke scale1570.02%
Injection site hypersensitivity1570.02%
HIV test negative1560.02%
Glycosylated haemoglobin increased1560.02%
Neutrophil count normal1550.02%
Myasthenia gravis1550.02%
Angiogram cerebral abnormal1550.02%
Rash pustular1540.02%
Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome1540.02%
Multiple sclerosis relapse1540.02%
Mouth haemorrhage1540.02%
Fungal infection1530.02%
Eosinophil count normal1530.02%
Lyme disease1520.02%
Haemorrhage subcutaneous1520.02%
Stent placement1510.02%
Energy increased1510.02%
Sinus bradycardia1500.02%
Prothrombin time prolonged1500.02%
Abdominal X-ray1500.02%
Kidney infection1490.02%
Food allergy1490.02%
Ear disorder1490.02%
Vaccination error1480.02%
Cardiovascular evaluation1480.02%
Adenovirus test1480.02%
Hyperaesthesia teeth1470.02%
Carbon dioxide1470.02%
Borrelia test negative1470.02%
Vaccination site hypoaesthesia1460.02%
Lip erythema1460.02%
Immature granulocyte count1460.02%
Vaccination site cellulitis1450.02%
Ultrasound breast1450.02%
Antiphospholipid antibodies1450.02%
Angiogram cerebral normal1450.02%
Weight bearing difficulty1440.02%
Oral mucosal eruption1440.02%
Anaphylactoid reaction1440.02%
Red cell distribution width increased1430.02%
Fine motor skill dysfunction1430.02%
Hypoaesthesia eye1420.02%
Erythema of eyelid1420.02%
Coronary arterial stent insertion1420.02%
Visual acuity reduced1410.02%
Varicose vein1410.02%
Tongue erythema1410.02%
Tongue blistering1410.02%
Haemorrhage urinary tract1410.02%
Monocyte percentage increased1400.02%
Glomerular filtration rate normal1400.02%
Coronary artery occlusion1400.02%
Chronic kidney disease1400.02%
Accidental overdose1400.02%
Vaccination site haematoma1390.02%
Protein urine1390.02%
Type IV hypersensitivity reaction1380.02%
Influenza A virus test1380.02%
Enlarged uvula1380.02%
Choking sensation1380.02%
Blood potassium increased1380.02%
Audiogram abnormal1380.02%
Atrioventricular block1380.02%
Sputum discoloured1370.02%
Ejection fraction normal1370.02%
Coronavirus test1370.02%
Bundle branch block right1370.02%
Blood chloride increased1370.02%
Wheelchair user1360.02%
Lipase normal1360.02%
Diabetes mellitus inadequate control1360.02%
Cerebral ischaemia1360.02%
Middle ear effusion1350.02%
Magnetic resonance imaging spinal normal1350.02%
Activated partial thromboplastin time ratio1350.02%
Near death experience1340.02%
Haematology test1340.02%
Foetal death1340.02%
Eosinophil count decreased1340.02%
Portal vein thrombosis1330.02%
Liver function test abnormal1330.02%
Lip disorder1330.02%
Eye contusion1330.02%
Complement factor C41330.02%
Communication disorder1330.02%
Blood thyroid stimulating hormone increased1330.02%
Basophil count decreased1330.02%
Biopsy bone marrow1320.02%
Adnexa uteri pain1320.02%
Ventilation/perfusion scan1310.02%
Mitral valve incompetence1310.02%
Deafness bilateral1310.02%
Carpal tunnel syndrome1310.02%
Cardiolipin antibody1310.02%
Blood iron decreased1310.02%
Transaminases increased1300.02%
Refusal of treatment by patient1300.02%
Prostatic specific antigen1300.02%
Left ventricular dysfunction1300.02%
Psychomotor hyperactivity1290.02%
Muscle disorder1290.02%
Hallucination, auditory1290.02%
Diabetic ketoacidosis1290.02%
Complement factor C31290.02%
Chest scan1290.02%
Accidental underdose1280.02%
Vitreous detachment1270.02%
Ultrasound foetal1270.02%
N-terminal prohormone brain natriuretic peptide increased1270.02%
Monocyte count normal1270.02%
Skin ulcer1260.02%
Partial seizures1260.02%
Muscle contracture1260.02%
Dermatitis acneiform1260.02%
Vein disorder1250.02%
Vaccination site nodule1250.02%
Hepatic function abnormal1250.02%
Eyelids pruritus1250.02%
SARS-CoV-1 test1240.02%
Liver disorder1240.02%
Injection site movement impairment1240.02%
Blood blister1240.02%
Bilirubin conjugated1240.02%
Bacterial infection1240.02%
Anti-thyroid antibody1240.02%
Respiratory tract infection1230.02%
Platelet transfusion1230.02%
Eyelid disorder1230.02%
Defaecation urgency1230.02%
Cerebral venous thrombosis1230.02%
Uterine dilation and curettage1220.02%
Meniere's disease1220.02%
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia test1220.02%
COVID-19 immunisation1220.02%
Vascular pain1210.02%
Lumbar puncture normal1210.02%
Injection site infection1210.02%
Hepatic enzyme1210.02%
Enterovirus test negative1210.02%
Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody1210.02%
X-ray limb abnormal1200.02%
Vitamin D decreased1200.02%
Tongue ulceration1200.02%
Smear test1200.02%
Physical deconditioning1200.02%
Lipase increased1200.02%
Injection site joint pain1200.02%
Cardiac pacemaker insertion1200.02%
Blood pressure normal1200.02%
Staphylococcal infection1190.02%
Pulseless electrical activity1190.02%
Neuralgic amyotrophy1190.02%
Localised infection1190.02%
Computerised tomogram spine1190.02%
Activated partial thromboplastin time shortened1190.02%
Ultrasound pelvis1180.02%
Skin test1180.02%
Psychotic disorder1180.02%
Gynaecological examination1180.02%
Foaming at mouth1180.02%
Eyelid rash1180.02%
Arteriogram carotid normal1180.02%
Vaginal discharge1170.02%
Skin haemorrhage1170.02%
Poor peripheral circulation1170.02%
Slow response to stimuli1160.02%
Urine output decreased1150.02%
Protein urine present1150.02%
Pneumonia bacterial1150.02%
Injection site indentation1150.02%
Giant cell arteritis1150.02%
Faeces soft1150.02%
Cutaneous vasculitis1150.02%
Ultrasound antenatal screen abnormal1140.02%
Troponin T increased1140.02%
Suffocation feeling1140.02%
Periorbital oedema1140.02%
Nucleic acid test1140.02%
Joint noise1140.02%
Hormone level abnormal1140.02%
Computerised tomogram abdomen normal1140.02%
Arthritis reactive1140.02%
Abdominal tenderness1140.02%
Decreased activity1130.02%
Blood pH1130.02%
Base excess1130.02%
Angiogram pulmonary normal1130.02%
Upper respiratory tract congestion1120.02%
Ophthalmological examination abnormal1120.02%
Electrocardiogram T wave inversion1120.02%
Disorganised speech1120.02%
Petit mal epilepsy1110.02%
Nasal dryness1110.02%
Injection site haematoma1110.02%
Blood chloride decreased1110.02%
Biopsy skin abnormal1110.02%
Autoimmune thyroiditis1110.02%
White matter lesion1100.02%
Uterine spasm1100.02%
Treponema test negative1100.02%
Renal function test normal1100.02%
Myocardial ischaemia1100.02%
Joint effusion1100.02%
Intervertebral disc protrusion1100.02%
Blood lactic acid normal1100.02%
Antibody test negative1100.02%
Ultrasound abdomen normal1090.02%
Lymphocyte count increased1090.02%
Dyspnoea at rest1090.02%
Drug eruption1090.02%
Culture stool1090.02%
Ultrasound chest1080.02%
Pulmonary hypertension1080.02%
Platelet factor 41080.02%
Intracardiac thrombus1080.02%
Impaired quality of life1080.02%
Human chorionic gonadotropin negative1080.02%
Fluid intake reduced1080.02%
Eye infection1080.02%
Erythema nodosum1080.02%
Endoscopy upper gastrointestinal tract1080.02%
Computerised tomogram pelvis abnormal1080.02%
Breast discomfort1080.02%
Basophil count normal1080.02%
Vulvovaginal pain1070.02%
Uterine haemorrhage1070.02%
Thyroxine free normal1070.02%
Oral candidiasis1070.02%
Muscle atrophy1070.02%
Glucose tolerance test1070.02%
Eosinophil percentage decreased1070.02%
Electromyogram abnormal1070.02%
Basedow's disease1070.02%
Activated partial thromboplastin time prolonged1070.02%
Visual analogue scale1060.02%
Herpes simplex test negative1060.02%
Embolic stroke1060.02%
Creatinine renal clearance1060.02%
Arthropod bite1060.02%
Ventricular hypokinesia1050.01%
Peripheral artery thrombosis1050.01%
Neurological examination normal1050.01%
Myocardial necrosis marker increased1050.01%
Facial spasm1050.01%
Blood glucose fluctuation1050.01%
Basophil percentage decreased1050.01%
Ultrasound thyroid1040.01%
Skin weeping1040.01%
Infectious mononucleosis1040.01%
Facial asymmetry1040.01%
Cytomegalovirus test negative1040.01%
Chronic fatigue syndrome1040.01%
Urine odour abnormal1030.01%
Peripheral vascular disorder1030.01%
Neoplasm malignant1030.01%
Hepatic steatosis1030.01%
Glassy eyes1030.01%
Eyelid pain1030.01%
Cardiac monitoring abnormal1030.01%
Vaccination site vesicles1020.01%
Respiratory rate decreased1020.01%
Psoriatic arthropathy1020.01%
Nipple pain1020.01%
Injection site extravasation1020.01%
Hepatic pain1020.01%
X-ray of pelvis and hip1010.01%
Transient global amnesia1010.01%
Temporomandibular joint syndrome1010.01%
Blood immunoglobulin A1010.01%
Acute pulmonary oedema1010.01%
Tricuspid valve incompetence1000.01%
Synovial cyst1000.01%
Post viral fatigue syndrome1000.01%
Eosinophil count increased1000.01%
Electroencephalogram abnormal1000.01%
Bladder pain1000.01%
Ultrasound kidney990.01%
Temperature regulation disorder990.01%
Sweating fever990.01%
Mycoplasma test negative990.01%
Hyporesponsive to stimuli990.01%
Febrile convulsion990.01%
Biopsy kidney990.01%
Arteriogram carotid990.01%
Tonic clonic movements980.01%
Sleep deficit980.01%
Rib fracture980.01%
Lung consolidation980.01%
Lip injury980.01%
Ligament sprain980.01%
Brain injury980.01%
Autonomic nervous system imbalance980.01%
Urine leukocyte esterase970.01%
Type I hypersensitivity970.01%
Mammogram abnormal970.01%
Increased appetite970.01%
Tongue dry960.01%
Procalcitonin increased960.01%
Ischaemic cerebral infarction960.01%
Glycosylated haemoglobin normal960.01%
Electromyogram normal960.01%
Breast feeding960.01%
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura950.01%
Skin infection950.01%
Heart sounds950.01%
Cardiac murmur950.01%
Candida infection950.01%
Visual acuity tests940.01%
Tongue biting940.01%
Respiratory syncytial virus test940.01%
Nasal pruritus940.01%
Human metapneumovirus test940.01%
Herpes zoster oticus940.01%
Haemorrhage intracranial940.01%
Appetite disorder940.01%
Urine abnormality930.01%
Thermal burn930.01%
Nephrotic syndrome930.01%
Myocardial necrosis marker normal930.01%
Mean cell volume increased930.01%
Jaw disorder930.01%
Exfoliative rash930.01%
Coagulation time930.01%
Cardiac monitoring normal930.01%
Asthmatic crisis930.01%
Urobilinogen urine920.01%
Ultrasound abdomen abnormal920.01%
Suppressed lactation920.01%
Ophthalmic migraine920.01%
Metabolic acidosis920.01%
Mesenteric vein thrombosis920.01%
Increased upper airway secretion920.01%
Human rhinovirus test920.01%
Herpes simplex test920.01%
Aortic dissection920.01%
Vestibular disorder910.01%
Peripheral ischaemia910.01%
Lactic acidosis910.01%
Intestinal obstruction910.01%
Yellow skin900.01%
Protein C900.01%
Peroneal nerve palsy900.01%
Mononucleosis heterophile test negative900.01%
Lacunar infarction900.01%
Hypovolaemic shock900.01%
Herpes ophthalmic900.01%
Central nervous system lesion900.01%
Blood urine900.01%
Blood fibrinogen increased900.01%
Retinal detachment890.01%
Post herpetic neuralgia890.01%
Palatal swelling890.01%
Nitrite urine absent890.01%
Mean platelet volume increased890.01%
Lipids normal890.01%
Bacterial test negative890.01%
Ovarian cyst880.01%
Metabolic function test abnormal880.01%
Drug screen negative880.01%
Disseminated intravascular coagulation880.01%
CSF protein880.01%
Chlamydia test negative880.01%
Blood urea nitrogen/creatinine ratio880.01%
Joint lock870.01%
Generalised oedema870.01%
Gastroenteritis viral870.01%
Eye injury870.01%
Electrocardiogram ambulatory abnormal870.01%
Cerebral disorder870.01%
Cerebral artery occlusion870.01%
Blood immunoglobulin E870.01%
Atrioventricular block complete870.01%
Type 2 diabetes mellitus860.01%
SARS-CoV-2 RNA860.01%
Palatal oedema860.01%
Meningitis aseptic860.01%
Mean cell haemoglobin concentration decreased860.01%
Intestinal ischaemia860.01%
Atypical pneumonia860.01%
Appendicitis perforated860.01%
Angiogram pulmonary860.01%
Sudden cardiac death850.01%
Sleep apnoea syndrome850.01%
Skin discomfort850.01%
Sinus arrhythmia850.01%
Nail discolouration850.01%
Legionella test850.01%
Left ventricular hypertrophy850.01%
Joint dislocation850.01%
Injection site abscess850.01%
Consciousness fluctuating850.01%
Colitis ischaemic850.01%
Activated partial thromboplastin time normal850.01%
Red blood cell nucleated morphology840.01%
Protein total decreased840.01%
Premenstrual pain840.01%
Medical observation840.01%
Lip discolouration840.01%
Heart rate normal840.01%
Gastrointestinal sounds abnormal840.01%
Frustration tolerance decreased840.01%
Foetal heart rate abnormal840.01%
Conjunctival hyperaemia840.01%
Bilirubin urine840.01%
Serum ferritin normal830.01%
Loss of control of legs830.01%
Hepatic cytolysis830.01%
Drug screen830.01%
Thyroid disorder820.01%
Red blood cell count increased820.01%
Parkinson's disease820.01%
Facial bones fracture820.01%
Emergency care examination820.01%
VIth nerve paralysis810.01%
Tooth infection810.01%
Smear cervix810.01%
Quality of life decreased810.01%
Prothrombin time ratio810.01%
Irregular breathing810.01%
Pulmonary fibrosis800.01%
Pathology test800.01%
Mean cell haemoglobin increased800.01%
Intervertebral disc degeneration800.01%
Electrocardiogram ST segment depression800.01%
Antithrombin III800.01%
Accidental exposure to product800.01%
Vaccination site joint movement impairment790.01%
Thyroiditis subacute790.01%
Reaction to previous exposure to any vaccine790.01%
Intentional dose omission790.01%
Postictal state780.01%
Pharyngitis streptococcal780.01%
Mechanical urticaria780.01%
Maternal exposure before pregnancy780.01%
Injection site lymphadenopathy780.01%
Haemolytic anaemia780.01%
Coronary artery thrombosis780.01%
Cerebellar infarction780.01%
Bordetella test negative780.01%
Blood triglycerides increased780.01%
Ultrasound antenatal screen770.01%
Tooth fracture770.01%
Protein total increased770.01%
Peripheral venous disease770.01%
Noninfective gingivitis770.01%
Hiatus hernia770.01%
Gamma-glutamyltransferase increased770.01%
Diagnostic procedure770.01%
Culture negative770.01%
Blood urea decreased770.01%
Abnormal loss of weight770.01%
Type 1 diabetes mellitus760.01%
Skin odour abnormal760.01%
Sitting disability760.01%
Reticulocyte count760.01%
Optic ischaemic neuropathy760.01%
Nuchal rigidity760.01%
Monocyte count decreased760.01%
Magnetic resonance imaging brain abnormal760.01%
Foreign body sensation in eyes760.01%
Arterial occlusive disease760.01%
Anion gap normal760.01%
Albumin globulin ratio760.01%
Platelet disorder750.01%
Neutrophil percentage decreased750.01%
Nasal oedema750.01%
Hepatic failure750.01%
Haemoglobin increased750.01%
Bladder catheterisation750.01%
Beta-2 glycoprotein antibody750.01%
White blood cells urine positive740.01%
Radioisotope scan740.01%
Parvovirus B19 test740.01%
Increased tendency to bruise740.01%
Herpes virus test740.01%
Head titubation740.01%
Electrocardiogram ST segment abnormal740.01%
Cerebellar stroke740.01%
Back injury740.01%
Vaccination site irritation730.01%
Thyroid mass730.01%
Sjogren's syndrome730.01%
Oxygen saturation normal730.01%
Oxygen saturation abnormal730.01%
Optical coherence tomography730.01%
Muscle spasticity730.01%
Hip fracture730.01%
Trigger finger720.01%
Small intestinal obstruction720.01%
Retinal haemorrhage720.01%
Pneumonia viral720.01%
Oral mucosal erythema720.01%
Intraocular pressure test720.01%
Intracranial aneurysm720.01%
CSF cell count720.01%
Arteriogram coronary normal720.01%
Vitamin D deficiency710.01%
Varicella virus test710.01%
Subclavian vein thrombosis710.01%
Pulmonary physical examination710.01%
Polymerase chain reaction positive710.01%
Myoglobin blood710.01%
Jugular vein thrombosis710.01%
Eyelid irritation710.01%
Electrolyte imbalance710.01%
Electrocardiogram ambulatory normal710.01%
Dizziness exertional710.01%
Cardiac stress test abnormal710.01%
Bundle branch block left710.01%
Abnormal uterine bleeding710.01%
Thalamic infarction700.01%
Spinal osteoarthritis700.01%
Ophthalmological examination normal700.01%
Myocardial strain700.01%
Low density lipoprotein increased700.01%
Language disorder700.01%
Iron deficiency anaemia700.01%
Haematocrit increased700.01%
Epigastric discomfort700.01%
Cerebral small vessel ischaemic disease700.01%
Anti-platelet antibody700.01%
Uterine leiomyoma690.01%
Stress cardiomyopathy690.01%
Specific gravity urine normal690.01%
No reaction on previous exposure to drug690.01%
Neurological examination abnormal690.01%
Intracranial pressure increased690.01%
Cardiac tamponade690.01%
Carbon dioxide increased690.01%
Caesarean section690.01%
Blood ketone body690.01%
Blood culture positive690.01%
Blood creatine phosphokinase MB increased690.01%
Angiotensin converting enzyme690.01%
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis690.01%
Tongue eruption680.01%
Thrombocytopenic purpura680.01%
Retinal vein thrombosis680.01%
Premature labour680.01%
Maternal exposure timing unspecified680.01%
Increased viscosity of upper respiratory secretion680.01%
Corneal reflex decreased680.01%
Blood disorder680.01%
Bacterial test positive680.01%
Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia680.01%
Aspiration pleural cavity680.01%
Arteriosclerosis coronary artery680.01%
Alopecia areata680.01%
Abdominal rigidity680.01%
Abdomen scan680.01%
Scan myocardial perfusion670.01%
Pelvic venous thrombosis670.01%
Office visit670.01%
Microbiology test670.01%
Mammogram normal670.01%
Magnetic resonance imaging brain normal670.01%
Hepatic enzyme abnormal670.01%
Glucose urine absent670.01%
Gastrointestinal inflammation670.01%
Fluid overload670.01%
Exercise electrocardiogram670.01%
Blood magnesium decreased670.01%
Blood cholesterol normal670.01%
Albumin globulin ratio normal670.01%
Testicular swelling660.01%
Prenatal screening test660.01%
Occipital neuralgia660.01%
Heart injury660.01%
Functional gastrointestinal disorder660.01%
Epstein-Barr virus antibody positive660.01%
Coronary artery stenosis660.01%
Auditory disorder660.01%
Venogram abnormal650.01%
Vaccination site infection650.01%
Urine ketone body absent650.01%
Respiratory tract irritation650.01%
Red blood cells urine650.01%
pH urine normal650.01%
Nucleated red cells650.01%
Mucous stools650.01%
General physical condition abnormal650.01%
Biopsy liver650.01%
Anion gap decreased650.01%
Allergy test negative650.01%
Walking disability640.01%
Protein S640.01%
Pregnancy test positive640.01%
Lymph node palpable640.01%
International normalised ratio decreased640.01%
IIIrd nerve paralysis640.01%
Hepatitis viral test negative640.01%
Granulocyte count640.01%
Epstein-Barr virus test negative640.01%
Craniocerebral injury640.01%
Continuous positive airway pressure640.01%
Blood uric acid normal640.01%
Blood homocysteine640.01%
Blood folate normal640.01%
Arteriogram carotid abnormal640.01%
Vitamin B12 decreased630.01%
Visual field tests630.01%
Vaccination site hypersensitivity630.01%
Vaccination site discharge630.01%
Stevens-Johnson syndrome630.01%
Peripheral embolism630.01%
Non-cardiac chest pain630.01%
Impaired healing630.01%
Electrocardiogram T wave abnormal630.01%
Double stranded DNA antibody630.01%
Dermatologic examination630.01%
CSF culture negative630.01%
Back disorder630.01%
Procalcitonin normal620.01%
Premature delivery620.01%
Low density lipoprotein normal620.01%
Liver injury620.01%
Left ventricular failure620.01%
Injection site muscle weakness620.01%
Gallbladder disorder620.01%
Feeling of despair620.01%
Differential white blood cell count abnormal620.01%
Dermatitis atopic620.01%
CSF glucose normal620.01%
Stress echocardiogram610.01%
Splenic infarction610.01%
Skin erosion610.01%
Red blood cells urine positive610.01%
Platelet distribution width610.01%
Paranasal sinus hypersecretion610.01%
Otitis media610.01%
Bladder disorder610.01%
Biopsy lymph gland610.01%
Antinuclear antibody increased610.01%
Uterine pain600.01%
Transverse sinus thrombosis600.01%
Tonic convulsion600.01%
Protein urine absent600.01%
PO2 decreased600.01%
Oxygen therapy600.01%
Mean cell haemoglobin decreased600.01%
Injury associated with device600.01%
Hepatitis C antibody600.01%
Henoch-Schonlein purpura600.01%
Food intolerance600.01%
CSF test abnormal600.01%
Colonoscopy abnormal600.01%
Cardiac ablation600.01%
Autoimmune hepatitis600.01%
Wrong technique in device usage process590.01%
Toxic skin eruption590.01%
Stool analysis normal590.01%
Joint warmth590.01%
Inner ear disorder590.01%
Eye oedema590.01%
Extraocular muscle paresis590.01%
Drug interaction590.01%
Culture urine positive590.01%
Carotid artery stenosis590.01%
Brain stem infarction590.01%
Blood pressure diastolic increased590.01%
Blood gases abnormal590.01%
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody negative590.01%
Venogram normal580.01%
Urticaria chronic580.01%
Tooth abscess580.01%
Hypertensive urgency580.01%
Haemorrhage in pregnancy580.01%
Gastrointestinal examination580.01%
Breast enlargement580.01%
Blood pH decreased580.01%
Blood calcium increased580.01%
Blood bicarbonate decreased580.01%
Biliary colic580.01%
Autoantibody test580.01%
Ultrasound biliary tract570.01%
Tooth disorder570.01%
Sleep terror570.01%
Renal infarct570.01%
Metabolic encephalopathy570.01%
Life support570.01%
Hypertensive emergency570.01%
Hepatitis A virus test570.01%
General symptom570.01%
Coronavirus test negative570.01%
Conversion disorder570.01%
Circumoral swelling570.01%
Blood magnesium increased570.01%
Affect lability570.01%
White blood cell disorder560.01%
Thyroid function test abnormal560.01%
Renal cyst560.01%
Nasal injury560.01%
Laparoscopic surgery560.01%
Impaired gastric emptying560.01%
Hepatitis viral test560.01%
Facial nerve disorder560.01%
Coagulation test normal560.01%
Clostridium test560.01%
Breast cancer560.01%
Blood triglycerides normal560.01%
Blood smear test560.01%
Blood phosphorus normal560.01%
Blood osmolarity560.01%
Aortic arteriosclerosis560.01%
Adverse event following immunisation560.01%
Tongue movement disturbance550.01%
Tendon disorder550.01%
Pupil fixed550.01%
pH urine550.01%
Lower respiratory tract congestion550.01%
Limb immobilisation550.01%
Joint contracture550.01%
Inappropriate affect550.01%
Genital rash550.01%
Epstein-Barr virus infection550.01%
Electrocardiogram QT prolonged550.01%
Culture throat550.01%
Cerebral haematoma550.01%
Carotid artery occlusion550.01%
Varicella virus test positive540.01%
Urine ketone body present540.01%
Upper limb fracture540.01%
Ultrasound liver540.01%
Streptococcus test positive540.01%
Pigmentation disorder540.01%
Personality change540.01%
Pericardial drainage540.01%
Interleukin level540.01%
Injection site scab540.01%
Genital haemorrhage540.01%
Enterovirus test540.01%
Embolism venous540.01%
Blood iron normal540.01%
Blood immunoglobulin G normal540.01%
Arterial thrombosis540.01%
Ankylosing spondylitis540.01%
White blood cells urine530.01%
Varicella zoster virus infection530.01%
Tongue coated530.01%
Sexually transmitted disease test530.01%
Product reconstitution quality issue530.01%
Lymphocyte percentage increased530.01%
Lichen planus530.01%
Intraocular pressure increased530.01%
Injection site streaking530.01%
HIV antibody530.01%
High density lipoprotein decreased530.01%
Hepatitis acute530.01%
Culture stool negative530.01%
Cooling therapy530.01%
Bone swelling530.01%
Aortic valve incompetence530.01%
Transferrin saturation520.01%
Toxicologic test520.01%
Thyroxine normal520.01%
Spinal X-ray abnormal520.01%
Sense of oppression520.01%
Romberg test520.01%
Retinal migraine520.01%
Pregnancy test urine negative520.01%
Panic disorder520.01%
Muscle injury520.01%
Hepatitis C520.01%
Food aversion520.01%
Blood pressure systolic decreased520.01%
Blood lactic acid decreased520.01%
Blood cortisol520.01%
Vaccination site joint pain510.01%
Urine leukocyte esterase positive510.01%
Symptom recurrence510.01%
Radiculitis brachial510.01%
Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex test510.01%
Iron binding capacity total510.01%
Injection site papule510.01%
Imaging procedure abnormal510.01%
Disease progression510.01%
CSF red blood cell count positive510.01%
Coronavirus test positive510.01%
Cerebral atrophy510.01%
Cerebral artery thrombosis510.01%
Central venous catheterisation510.01%
Breath sounds510.01%
Atrial tachycardia510.01%
Aortic aneurysm510.01%
Ultrasound foetal abnormal500.01%
Tooth injury500.01%
Spinal myelogram500.01%
Small fibre neuropathy500.01%
Mononucleosis heterophile test500.01%
Hepatitis C test negative500.01%
Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis500.01%
Epstein-Barr virus antibody500.01%
CSF white blood cell count500.01%
Cardiac fibrillation500.01%
Blood pressure diastolic decreased500.01%
Blood bicarbonate normal500.01%
Varicella virus test negative490.01%
Haemodynamic test490.01%
Food refusal490.01%
Essential hypertension490.01%
Diabetes mellitus management490.01%
Dark circles under eyes490.01%
CSF glucose490.01%
Cranial nerve disorder490.01%
Coagulation factor490.01%
Capillary fragility490.01%
Blood creatine increased490.01%
Behaviour disorder490.01%
Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody negative490.01%
Urine output480.01%
Spinal stenosis480.01%
Sensation of blood flow480.01%
Respiratory depression480.01%
Product label confusion480.01%
Oropharyngeal blistering480.01%
Occupational exposure to SARS-CoV-2480.01%
Magnetic resonance imaging thoracic480.01%
Lymphadenopathy mediastinal480.01%
Lip exfoliation480.01%
Ill-defined disorder480.01%
Genital pain480.01%
Ear haemorrhage480.01%
Cerebral artery embolism480.01%
Cardiac dysfunction480.01%
Cardiac death480.01%
Brain scan normal480.01%
Atrial septal defect480.01%
Arteriogram coronary abnormal480.01%
Total complement activity test470.01%
Tendon rupture470.01%
Sleep paralysis470.01%
Skin plaque470.01%
Rheumatoid factor increased470.01%
Respiratory tract oedema470.01%
Reflex test470.01%
Reading disorder470.01%
Reaction to excipient470.01%
Peripheral artery occlusion470.01%
Facial neuralgia470.01%
Coronavirus infection470.01%
Clostridium difficile colitis470.01%
Breast inflammation470.01%
Blood sodium increased470.01%
Blood 25-hydroxycholecalciferol470.01%
Biopsy bone marrow abnormal470.01%
Balance test470.01%
Tumour marker test460.01%
Tri-iodothyronine free460.01%
Total cholesterol/HDL ratio460.01%
Sleep study460.01%
Sleep disorder due to general medical condition, insomnia type460.01%
Rheumatological examination460.01%
Reduced facial expression460.01%
Oesophageal pain460.01%
Nitrite urine460.01%
Nerve conduction studies abnormal460.01%
Neck injury460.01%
Mycoplasma test460.01%
Mean cell volume decreased460.01%
Magnetic resonance imaging abdominal460.01%
Hepatic cirrhosis460.01%
Fear of death460.01%
Eyelid margin crusting460.01%
Eosinophil percentage increased460.01%
Cardiac failure chronic460.01%
Breath odour460.01%
Atrioventricular block first degree460.01%
Vibratory sense increased450.01%
Ultrasound uterus450.01%
Superior sagittal sinus thrombosis450.01%
Skin texture abnormal450.01%
Red blood cell abnormality450.01%
Packed red blood cell transfusion450.01%
Oedema mouth450.01%
Meningitis viral450.01%
Mast cell activation syndrome450.01%
Lip haemorrhage450.01%
Lactation disorder450.01%
Induced labour450.01%
Hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode450.01%
Gastrointestinal tube insertion450.01%
Food poisoning450.01%
Factor V Leiden mutation450.01%
Decreased interest450.01%
CSF white blood cell count increased450.01%
Colonoscopy normal450.01%
Cardiac function test normal450.01%
Blood osmolarity decreased450.01%
Atrioventricular block second degree450.01%
Abortion missed450.01%
Vulvovaginal pruritus440.01%
Urine ketone body440.01%
Similar reaction on previous exposure to drug440.01%
Pre-existing condition improved440.01%
Plantar fasciitis440.01%
Peripheral sensory neuropathy440.01%
Menstrual discomfort440.01%
Lacunar stroke440.01%
Hepatitis B surface antigen440.01%
Fibrin degradation products440.01%
Femur fracture440.01%
Extremity contracture440.01%
External ear pain440.01%
Discoloured vomit440.01%
Blood uric acid increased440.01%
Streptococcal infection430.01%
Skin papilloma430.01%
Periorbital pain430.01%
Ophthalmic vein thrombosis430.01%
Laryngeal discomfort430.01%
Hemiplegic migraine430.01%
Gingival discomfort430.01%
Gastric ulcer430.01%
Dental discomfort430.01%
Cardiopulmonary failure430.01%
Carcinoembryonic antigen430.01%
Breast cyst430.01%
Brain death430.01%
Bone disorder430.01%
Blister rupture430.01%
Antibody test positive430.01%
Viral load420.01%
Vein discolouration420.01%
Ultrasound joint420.01%
Suture insertion420.01%
Spinal X-ray normal420.01%
Skin fissures420.01%
Right ventricular dysfunction420.01%
Rhinitis allergic420.01%
Product administration interrupted420.01%
Parotid gland enlargement420.01%
Oral blood blister420.01%
Oesophageal spasm420.01%
Nerve conduction studies normal420.01%
Muscle strength abnormal420.01%
Intraventricular haemorrhage420.01%
Herpes zoster reactivation420.01%
Hepatitis B420.01%
Heart valve incompetence420.01%
Foetal growth restriction420.01%
Fluid replacement420.01%
Epstein-Barr virus antibody negative420.01%
Dyshidrotic eczema420.01%
Diastolic dysfunction420.01%
Cryptococcus test420.01%
Congestive cardiomyopathy420.01%
Coma scale abnormal420.01%
Colitis microscopic420.01%
Chest injury420.01%
Cardiac assistance device user420.01%
Bloody discharge420.01%
Adrenocortical insufficiency acute420.01%
Acute myeloid leukaemia420.01%
Vaccination site scar410.01%
Troponin T normal410.01%
Trigeminal nerve disorder410.01%
Skin wrinkling410.01%
Skin hyperpigmentation410.01%
Retinal tear410.01%
Red blood cell analysis410.01%
Prostatic specific antigen increased410.01%
Glucose urine410.01%
Genital ulceration410.01%
Freezing phenomenon410.01%
Fraction of inspired oxygen410.01%
Flow cytometry410.01%
Drug reaction with eosinophilia and systemic symptoms410.01%
DNA antibody410.01%
Depersonalisation/derealisation disorder410.01%
CSF culture410.01%
Body height decreased410.01%
Blood pressure immeasurable410.01%
Blood phosphorus decreased410.01%
Blood count abnormal410.01%
Audiogram normal410.01%
Anti-thyroid antibody positive410.01%
Angina unstable410.01%
Amaurosis fugax410.01%
Administration site pain410.01%
Wound haemorrhage400.01%
Viral rash400.01%
Vestibular migraine400.01%
Urinary sediment present400.01%
Ultrasound kidney normal400.01%
Toxicologic test normal400.01%
Thirst decreased400.01%
Suicide attempt400.01%
Salivary gland enlargement400.01%
Rheumatic disorder400.01%
Pulmonary haemorrhage400.01%
Prothrombin level normal400.01%
Palmar erythema400.01%
New daily persistent headache400.01%
Nasal obstruction400.01%
Macular oedema400.01%
Human chorionic gonadotropin decreased400.01%
Enzyme level test400.01%
Catheter placement400.01%
Blood creatinine decreased400.01%
Biopsy breast400.01%
Ankle fracture400.01%
Vascular test390.01%
Ultrasound testes390.01%
Ultrasound pelvis normal390.01%
Right ventricular failure390.01%
Rheumatoid factor positive390.01%
Pupils unequal390.01%
Percutaneous coronary intervention390.01%
Peak expiratory flow rate390.01%
PCO2 increased390.01%
Morning sickness390.01%
Magnetic resonance imaging thoracic abnormal390.01%
Immune-mediated adverse reaction390.01%
Granuloma annulare390.01%
Gingival blister390.01%
Feeling of relaxation390.01%
Escherichia infection390.01%
Electrocardiogram repolarisation abnormality390.01%
Dementia Alzheimer's type390.01%
Coronary artery dissection390.01%
Cerebrovascular disorder390.01%
Cerebral mass effect390.01%
Breast discharge390.01%
Brain stem stroke390.01%
Blood lactate dehydrogenase normal390.01%
Blood bilirubin unconjugated390.01%
Bilirubin conjugated increased390.01%
Antiphospholipid syndrome390.01%
Antiphospholipid antibodies negative390.01%
Agonal respiration390.01%
Acute left ventricular failure390.01%
Vaginal ulceration380.01%
Uterine contractions during pregnancy380.01%
Tuberculin test380.01%
Thermal burns of eye380.01%
Spinal disorder380.01%
Soft tissue swelling380.01%
Retinal vascular thrombosis380.01%
Respiratory acidosis380.01%
Pruritus genital380.01%
Premature baby380.01%
Paranasal sinus inflammation380.01%
Ovulation pain380.01%
Noninfective encephalitis380.01%
Major depression380.01%
Joint instability380.01%
Increased bronchial secretion380.01%
Hip arthroplasty380.01%
Gastric dilatation380.01%
Foot fracture380.01%
Coombs direct test380.01%
Convalescent plasma transfusion380.01%
Complex regional pain syndrome380.01%
Carotid arteriosclerosis380.01%
Blood urine absent380.01%
Arthropod sting380.01%
Abscess limb380.01%
Upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage370.01%
Troponin abnormal370.01%
Tongue paralysis370.01%
Scan normal370.01%
Q fever370.01%
Pharyngeal ulceration370.01%
Pharyngeal disorder370.01%
Ocular vascular disorder370.01%
Neoplasm progression370.01%
Nasal disorder370.01%
Lack of spontaneous speech370.01%
Inner ear inflammation370.01%
Hepatitis C antibody negative370.01%
Haemorrhagic disorder370.01%
Eustachian tube dysfunction370.01%
Diet refusal370.01%
Deafness transitory370.01%
Computerised tomogram coronary artery370.01%
Completed suicide370.01%
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy370.01%
Cervical radiculopathy370.01%
Cerebellar haemorrhage370.01%
Cardiovascular function test370.01%
Carbohydrate antigen 19-9370.01%
C-reactive protein decreased370.01%
Blue toe syndrome370.01%
Blood follicle stimulating hormone370.01%
Blood bilirubin decreased370.01%
Altered visual depth perception370.01%
X-ray of pelvis and hip normal360.01%
Vaccination site dysaesthesia360.01%
Subdural haemorrhage360.01%
Spinal cord disorder360.01%
Psychogenic seizure360.01%
Occult blood360.01%
Mouth injury360.01%
Menopausal symptoms360.01%
Magnetic resonance imaging joint360.01%
Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography360.01%
Iron deficiency360.01%
Immature granulocyte count increased360.01%
Helicobacter test360.01%
Gram stain360.01%
Gingival erythema360.01%
Excessive eye blinking360.01%
EGFR status assay360.01%
Decubitus ulcer360.01%
Carotid artery thrombosis360.01%
Bone scan360.01%
Bone densitometry360.01%
Body temperature normal360.01%
Biopsy endometrium360.01%
White blood cells urine negative350%
Vulvovaginal swelling350%
Vocal cord paralysis350%
Vital functions abnormal350%
Urinary sediment350%
Toxicity to various agents350%
Terminal insomnia350%
Spinal compression fracture350%
Product availability issue350%
Lung neoplasm malignant350%
Libido decreased350%
Injection site pustule350%
Injection site joint movement impairment350%
Injection related reaction350%
Implantable defibrillator insertion350%
Excessive cerumen production350%
Endoscopy normal350%
CSF test normal350%
Cholecystitis acute350%
Anal haemorrhage350%
Abscess drainage350%
X-ray dental340%
Vitreous haemorrhage340%
Urological examination340%
Urinary tract disorder340%
Total lung capacity decreased340%
Subcutaneous abscess340%
Shock symptom340%
Serum ferritin decreased340%
Reactogenicity event340%
Prothrombin time shortened340%
Procedural pain340%
Premature separation of placenta340%
Physical examination normal340%
Phlebitis superficial340%
Parvovirus B19 test negative340%
Organ failure340%
Optic nerve disorder340%
Multiple allergies340%
Injection site scar340%
HIV antibody negative340%
Hepatitis B test negative340%
Haemorrhagic diathesis340%
Foetal hypokinesia340%
Failure to thrive340%
Faecal calprotectin340%
Demyelinating polyneuropathy340%
Complement factor340%
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia340%
Chest tube insertion340%
Cardiac ventricular thrombosis340%
Cardiac imaging procedure340%
Calcium ionised340%
Bronchial hyperreactivity340%
Blood immunoglobulin G increased340%
Aortic stenosis340%
Vulval ulceration330%
Vena cava thrombosis330%
Vascular injury330%
Ultrasound breast abnormal330%
Steroid therapy330%
Pharyngeal inflammation330%
On and off phenomenon330%
Normocytic anaemia330%
Non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol330%
High density lipoprotein normal330%
Haemodynamic instability330%
Foot deformity330%
Eye colour change330%
Epstein-Barr virus test positive330%
Electrocardiogram ST-T change330%
Electrocardiogram QT interval330%
Dermatitis exfoliative generalised330%
Breast cancer female330%
Blood pH normal330%
Blood loss anaemia330%
Blood creatine normal330%
Axillary vein thrombosis330%
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder330%
Anion gap increased330%
Allergy test positive330%
Wrong patient320%
Vulvovaginal mycotic infection320%
Vulvovaginal discomfort320%
Vulvovaginal burning sensation320%
Vitamin B12 deficiency320%
Vaginal infection320%
Toxoplasma serology320%
Tilt table test320%
Sputum culture320%
Skin hypertrophy320%
Scan abnormal320%
Right ventricular dilatation320%
Pulmonary arterial pressure320%
Premature rupture of membranes320%
Pregnancy test urine320%
PCO2 decreased320%
Otitis externa320%
Oesophagogastroduodenoscopy abnormal320%
Muscle rupture320%
Lower limb fracture320%
IVth nerve paralysis320%
Injection site injury320%
Hypoosmolar state320%
Foreign body in throat320%
Foetal exposure during pregnancy320%
Endoscopy abnormal320%
Electrocardiogram ST-T segment abnormal320%
Decreased immune responsiveness320%
CSF protein normal320%
Coronary artery bypass320%
Cardiolipin antibody negative320%
Brain stem haemorrhage320%
Blood count normal320%
Biopsy kidney abnormal320%
Aortic thrombosis320%
Amylase increased320%
Affective disorder320%
ADAMTS13 activity assay320%
Acute cardiac event320%
Venous occlusion310%
Vasculitic rash310%
Urine output increased310%
Tonsillar disorder310%
Staphylococcus test negative310%
Sleep disorder due to a general medical condition310%
Pulmonary function test normal310%
Psychiatric symptom310%
Prohormone brain natriuretic peptide310%
Oculomucocutaneous syndrome310%
Nonspecific reaction310%
Neurogenic shock310%
Nasal inflammation310%
Myocardial oedema310%
Lung assist device therapy310%
Immunisation anxiety related reaction310%
Eyelid sensory disorder310%
Epstein-Barr virus infection reactivation310%
Disseminated Bacillus Calmette-Guerin infection310%
Diagnostic aspiration310%
Cold-stimulus headache310%
Coeliac disease310%
Chlamydia test310%
Anxiety disorder310%
Vein rupture300%
Vaccination site joint erythema300%
Tonsillar inflammation300%
Thyroid pain300%
Skin injury300%
Serum sickness300%
Ruptured cerebral aneurysm300%
QRS axis abnormal300%
Pupillary reflex impaired300%
Product quality issue300%
Product dispensing issue300%
Micturition disorder300%
Lung hyperinflation300%
Intestinal haemorrhage300%
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension300%
Hepatobiliary scan300%
Heart sounds abnormal300%
Gestational diabetes300%
Dreamy state300%
Coxsackie virus test300%
Concomitant disease aggravated300%
Cervicobrachial syndrome300%
Cardiovascular insufficiency300%
Butterfly rash300%
Brain scan abnormal300%
Brain herniation300%
Blood testosterone300%
Blood prolactin300%
Blood fibrinogen decreased300%
Biopsy heart300%
Basilar artery thrombosis300%
Acute hepatic failure300%
Ventricular arrhythmia290%
Vaccination site hyperaesthesia290%
Thrombotic stroke290%
Specific gravity urine290%
Skin test negative290%
Skin indentation290%
Sick relative290%
Renal colic290%
Red blood cell sedimentation rate abnormal290%
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease290%
Neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder290%
Nerve stimulation test290%
Mucosal dryness290%
Mucosal disorder290%
Mouth breathing290%
Miller Fisher syndrome290%
Inflammatory bowel disease290%
Hepatic cyst290%
Hallucinations, mixed290%
Grip strength290%
Granulocyte percentage290%
Glomerulonephritis minimal lesion290%
Fungal test290%
Faeces pale290%
Eye haematoma290%
Endocrine test290%
Electrocardiogram PR segment depression290%
Drug level290%
Creatinine urine290%
Change of bowel habit290%
Blood parathyroid hormone290%
Bladder discomfort290%
Aortic aneurysm rupture290%
Anovulatory cycle290%
Acute sinusitis290%
Vitamin B12 increased280%
Use of accessory respiratory muscles280%
Ultrasound thyroid abnormal280%
Tri-iodothyronine normal280%
Tendon injury280%
Spontaneous haematoma280%
Sleep talking280%
Salivary gland pain280%
Renal function test abnormal280%
Reaction to preservatives280%
Pulmonary artery thrombosis280%
Phantom limb syndrome280%
Peripheral circulatory failure280%
Performance status decreased280%
Occult blood positive280%
Mucosal inflammation280%
Lymph node abscess280%
Injection site discharge280%
Inflammatory pain280%
Incisional drainage280%
IgA nephropathy280%
Hypersensitivity vasculitis280%
Glucose tolerance impaired280%
Gastrointestinal motility disorder280%
Gastric haemorrhage280%
Fungal test negative280%
Food craving280%
Febrile neutropenia280%
Ear, nose and throat examination abnormal280%
Dental examination280%
Clostridium difficile infection280%
Child maltreatment syndrome280%
Catheter directed thrombolysis280%
Cardiac telemetry normal280%
Brain operation280%
Biopsy artery280%
Wrong patient received product270%
Viral pericarditis270%
Vertebral artery dissection270%
Treatment noncompliance270%
Thrombin time270%
Thalamus haemorrhage270%
Sudden visual loss270%
Sudden onset of sleep270%
Subcutaneous haematoma270%
Sputum increased270%
Spinal fracture270%
SARS-CoV-2 RNA increased270%
Psychomotor skills impaired270%
Post-traumatic stress disorder270%
Positron emission tomogram abnormal270%
Perfusion brain scan270%
Mitral valve prolapse270%
Left atrial enlargement270%
Intermittent claudication270%
Impaired self-care270%
Hilar lymphadenopathy270%
Globulins increased270%
Erythroblast count270%
End stage renal disease270%
Dermal cyst270%
Culture positive270%
CSF glucose increased270%
C-reactive protein abnormal270%
Blood pH increased270%
Biopsy lung270%
Biopsy liver abnormal270%
Aspartate aminotransferase decreased270%
Antibody test abnormal270%
Antiacetylcholine receptor antibody270%
Acquired haemophilia270%
Acne cystic270%
Vulvovaginal candidiasis260%
Thyroxine free increased260%
Thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin260%
Shock haemorrhagic260%
Rectal examination260%
Pharyngeal mass260%
Oxygen consumption260%
Orthostatic intolerance260%
Oral contusion260%
Macular degeneration260%
Intervertebral disc disorder260%
Immunisation reaction260%
Hypertensive heart disease260%
Hand dermatitis260%
Haemorrhoids thrombosed260%
Gene sequencing260%
Gene mutation identification test260%
Fungal skin infection260%
Factor II mutation260%
Escherichia urinary tract infection260%
Electrocardiogram change260%
Ehrlichia test260%
Diverticulum intestinal260%
Cytokine storm260%
Clonic convulsion260%
Chronic left ventricular failure260%
Capillary leak syndrome260%
Brain neoplasm260%
Blood creatine phosphokinase decreased260%
Biopsy muscle260%
Basal ganglia infarction260%
Arrhythmia supraventricular260%
Aneurysm ruptured260%
Abortion induced260%
Urine protein/creatinine ratio250%
Ultrasound pelvis abnormal250%
Ultrasound antenatal screen normal250%
Type III immune complex mediated reaction250%
Thunderclap headache250%
Systolic dysfunction250%
Splenic vein thrombosis250%
Sickle cell anaemia with crisis250%
Product dose omission in error250%
Polycystic ovaries250%
Plasma cell myeloma250%
Otic examination250%
Oral mucosal exfoliation250%
Ocular icterus250%
Nitrite urine present250%
Neisseria test250%
Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex test negative250%
Mini mental status examination250%
Lip ulceration250%
Lichen sclerosus250%
Labile blood pressure250%
Hepatic lesion250%
Hallucination, olfactory250%
Genital swelling250%
Gene mutation250%
Gastrointestinal necrosis250%
Ear, nose and throat examination normal250%
Disseminated varicella zoster virus infection250%
Device malfunction250%
Dermal filler injection250%
Cytomegalovirus test positive250%
Cystitis interstitial250%
Coombs test250%
Contraindication to vaccination250%
Complication associated with device250%
Coagulation factor V level250%
Cervical spinal stenosis250%
Cardiac operation250%
Bronchoalveolar lavage250%
Blood albumin increased250%
Basal ganglia stroke250%
Babinski reflex test250%
Aspiration joint250%
Anti-ganglioside antibody250%
Anaesthesia oral250%
Wound secretion240%
White blood cell count abnormal240%
Vocal cord disorder240%
Vitamin B1240%
Vestibular function test240%
Ventricular hypertrophy240%
Vaccination site papule240%
Vaccination site coldness240%
Vaccination site anaesthesia240%
Vaccination site abscess240%
Thyroiditis acute240%
Tachycardia paroxysmal240%
Staphylococcal sepsis240%
Spider vein240%
Skull fracture240%
Shift to the left240%
Sensorimotor disorder240%
SARS-CoV-2 test false positive240%
Radial nerve palsy240%
Pulmonary function test abnormal240%
Pelvic fracture240%
Patient isolation240%
Paraesthesia ear240%
Myocardial fibrosis240%
Myelodysplastic syndrome240%
Injection site dryness240%
Influenza B virus test positive240%
Implantable cardiac monitor insertion240%
Herpes simplex reactivation240%
Hemianopia homonymous240%
Haematoma muscle240%
Glomerular filtration rate increased240%
Finger deformity240%
Embolism arterial240%
CSF lymphocyte count increased240%
Coagulation factor VIII level240%
Clostridium test positive240%
Cardiovascular symptom240%
Capillary nail refill test240%
Blood bicarbonate increased240%
Bladder dysfunction240%
Anembryonic gestation240%
Alpha 1 foetoprotein240%
Allergy to chemicals240%
X-ray of pelvis and hip abnormal230%
Visual brightness230%
Viral titre230%
Vertebral foraminal stenosis230%
Vena cava filter insertion230%
Vascular purpura230%
Urinary tract infection bacterial230%
Ultrasound scan vagina abnormal230%
Toxic encephalopathy230%
Tooth loss230%
Tongue injury230%
Submaxillary gland enlargement230%
Staphylococcus test positive230%
Speech disorder developmental230%
Smear cervix normal230%
Skull X-ray230%
Skin test positive230%
Skin atrophy230%
Repetitive speech230%
Organising pneumonia230%
Negative thoughts230%
Muscle mass230%
Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children230%
Mean platelet volume decreased230%
Loss of libido230%
Light chain analysis230%
Ligament rupture230%
Laryngeal pain230%
Knee arthroplasty230%
Iron binding capacity total normal230%
Influenza virus test positive230%
Histamine level230%
Herpes zoster cutaneous disseminated230%
Helicobacter test negative230%
Haemorrhagic transformation stroke230%
Guttate psoriasis230%
Focal dyscognitive seizures230%
Fluid balance assessment230%
Flat affect230%
Eustachian tube disorder230%
Essential tremor230%
Escherichia test positive230%
Escherichia bacteraemia230%
Embolic cerebral infarction230%
Electric shock230%
Drug screen positive230%
Culture throat negative230%
Carotid artery dissection230%
Cardiac electrophysiologic study230%
Bronchial disorder230%
Blood urea nitrogen/creatinine ratio increased230%
Blood methaemoglobin230%
Blood luteinising hormone230%
Blood immunoglobulin G decreased230%
Blood grouping230%
Bleeding time prolonged230%
Bacterial vaginosis230%
Atrial enlargement230%
Aplastic anaemia230%
Acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis230%
Viral myocarditis220%
Vaccination site scab220%
Urinary bladder haemorrhage220%
Ultrasound breast normal220%
Ultrasound bladder220%
Tri-iodothyronine increased220%
Stiff tongue220%
Somatic symptom disorder220%
Skin temperature220%
Reflux gastritis220%
Pulmonary alveolar haemorrhage220%
Physical disability220%
Nasal cavity packing220%
Monocyte percentage decreased220%
Mean arterial pressure220%
Magnetic resonance imaging thoracic normal220%
Lymph gland infection220%
Larynx irritation220%
Injection site coldness220%
Influenza A virus test positive220%
Ileus paralytic220%
Human chorionic gonadotropin positive220%
Hepatitis E virus test220%
Hepatitis B surface antigen negative220%
Hepatic mass220%
Hepatic encephalopathy220%
Hand deformity220%
General physical condition220%
Gallbladder enlargement220%
Femoral neck fracture220%
Face and mouth X-ray220%
Encephalitis autoimmune220%
Electrocardiogram ST segment220%
Ectopic pregnancy220%
CSF cell count normal220%
Critical illness220%
Connective tissue disorder220%
Cognitive test220%
Carbohydrate antigen 125220%
Breast oedema220%
Breast induration220%
Blood fibrinogen normal220%
Blood alcohol220%
Benign prostatic hyperplasia220%
Band sensation220%
Aortic dilatation220%
Angiogram retina220%
Amylase normal220%
Alcohol intolerance220%
Wrist fracture210%
West Nile virus test negative210%
Vitamin B6210%
Urine flow decreased210%
Urinary system X-ray210%
Tonsillar erythema210%
Stress echocardiogram normal210%
Still's disease210%
Staphylococcal bacteraemia210%
Skin wound210%
Skin necrosis210%
Sinonasal obstruction210%
SARS-CoV-1 test positive210%
Saliva altered210%
Respiratory fatigue210%
Respiratory alkalosis210%
Radial pulse abnormal210%
Purulent discharge210%
Pulmonary granuloma210%
Protein S normal210%
Palatal disorder210%
Ovulation delayed210%
Orthostatic hypertension210%
Numb chin syndrome210%
Nerve block210%
Mucosal haemorrhage210%
Meniscus injury210%
Medical diet210%
Ligament pain210%
Ischaemic hepatitis210%
Intentional product misuse210%
Immature granulocyte percentage increased210%
Hepatocellular injury210%
Haematology test normal210%
Gene mutation identification test negative210%
Gastrointestinal wall thickening210%
Faeces hard210%
Eye infarction210%
Exercise test210%
Endoscopy gastrointestinal210%
Eczema nummular210%
Eating disorder symptom210%
Drug-induced liver injury210%
Cor pulmonale acute210%
Chronic spontaneous urticaria210%
Chronic respiratory failure210%
Cerumen removal210%
Cardiac valve disease210%
Bronchoscopy abnormal210%
Brachial plexopathy210%
Blood pressure orthostatic210%
Blood gases normal210%
Bladder spasm210%
Bipolar disorder210%
Beta 2 microglobulin210%
Beta-2 glycoprotein antibody negative210%
Behcet's syndrome210%
Arteriospasm coronary210%
Application site pain210%
Anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positive vasculitis210%
Anorectal discomfort210%
Ammonia normal210%
Abdominal mass210%
Wound infection200%
Withdrawal syndrome200%
Water pollution200%
Vulval haemorrhage200%
Vaccination site extravasation200%
Urinary tract discomfort200%
Ultrasound kidney abnormal200%
Ulcerative keratitis200%
Tooth extraction200%
Time perception altered200%
Therapy partial responder200%
Tardive dyskinesia200%
Sticky skin200%
Staphylococcus test200%
Sputum purulent200%
Scintillating scotoma200%
Retinal disorder200%
Pulmonary arterial hypertension200%
Prostate cancer200%
Platelet count abnormal200%
Physical examination abnormal200%
Peritonsillar abscess200%
Peripheral paralysis200%
Pancreatic carcinoma200%
Orthopaedic examination200%
Oral lichen planus200%
Oral fungal infection200%
Mononucleosis heterophile test positive200%
Microcytic anaemia200%
Menstruation normal200%
Melanocytic naevus200%
Magnetic resonance imaging abdominal abnormal200%
Intestinal perforation200%
Intellectual disability200%
Insulin resistance200%
Incorrect product administration duration200%
Hypertonic bladder200%
Herpes zoster meningitis200%
Herpes simplex test positive200%
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia test positive200%
Heat illness200%
Gram stain negative200%
Gingival disorder200%
Generalised anxiety disorder200%
Gastrointestinal pathogen panel200%
Gastric emptying study200%
Folate deficiency200%
Dermatitis psoriasiform200%
CSF red blood cell count200%
CSF oligoclonal band200%
Conjunctival oedema200%
Blood phosphorus increased200%
Basal ganglia haemorrhage200%
Anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody positive200%
Anaemia macrocytic200%
Allergy to arthropod sting200%
Albumin globulin ratio decreased200%
Acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis200%
Acute abdomen200%
Weight fluctuation190%
Vulval disorder190%
Viral test positive190%
Viral pharyngitis190%
Ventricular dysfunction190%
Venous oxygen saturation190%
Vascular imaging190%
Transferrin saturation decreased190%
Systemic lupus erythematosus rash190%
Substance use190%
Sputum test190%
Slit-lamp examination190%
Skin oedema190%
Skin depigmentation190%
Severe acute respiratory syndrome190%
Scrotal swelling190%
Scan thyroid gland190%
Renal tubular necrosis190%
Pyelonephritis acute190%
Product dispensing error190%
Post procedural complication190%
Physical breast examination190%
Peripheral vein occlusion190%
Pelvic discomfort190%
Orthosis user190%
Orbital oedema190%
Oesophageal disorder190%
Occult blood negative190%
Migraine without aura190%
Live birth190%
Lipoprotein (a)190%
Left atrial dilatation190%
Large intestine perforation190%
Intracranial mass190%
Injection site ulcer190%
Immunology test normal190%
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia190%
Helicobacter infection190%
Hair disorder190%
Glucose urine present190%
Genital discomfort190%
Gastrointestinal oedema190%
Gastrointestinal infection190%
Fluorescence angiogram190%
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography190%
Endocrine ophthalmopathy190%
Emergency care190%
Double stranded DNA antibody positive190%
Depressive symptom190%
Computerised tomogram coronary artery normal190%
Cholecystitis infective190%
Cerebral congestion190%
Cardiac telemetry abnormal190%
Bundle branch block190%
Breast engorgement190%
Brain stem syndrome190%
Blood iron increased190%
Blood ethanol190%
Basophil percentage increased190%
Appendix disorder190%
Antiphospholipid antibodies positive190%
Anti factor VIII antibody test190%
Anaphylaxis prophylaxis190%
Analgesic drug level190%
Albumin urine190%
Adrenal insufficiency190%
Adjusted calcium190%
Acute stress disorder190%
Abnormal sleep-related event190%
Vocal cord dysfunction180%
Urinary tract inflammation180%
Urinary casts180%
Tubulointerstitial nephritis180%
Tri-iodothyronine free normal180%
Tri-iodothyronine decreased180%
Tonsillitis bacterial180%
Thrombotic cerebral infarction180%
Therapeutic product effect decreased180%
Spleen disorder180%
Sedative therapy180%
Reflexes abnormal180%
Red blood cell sedimentation rate decreased180%
Radial pulse180%
Pharyngeal haemorrhage180%
Pericardial fibrosis180%
Parasite blood test180%
Ovarian cyst ruptured180%
Oropharyngeal swelling180%
Myoglobin blood increased180%
Metastases to lymph nodes180%
Mesenteric artery thrombosis180%
Mass excision180%
Lumbar radiculopathy180%
Jaw clicking180%
Ischaemic cardiomyopathy180%
International normalised ratio abnormal180%
Inguinal hernia180%
Infrequent bowel movements180%
Hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy180%
Homans' sign180%
HLA-B*27 assay180%
Hepatitis B core antibody180%
Hepatitis B antibody180%
Heat stroke180%
Haptoglobin decreased180%
Haemoglobin distribution width180%
Explorative laparotomy180%
Drain placement180%
Dissociative disorder180%
Dental paraesthesia180%
Defaecation disorder180%
COVID-19 screening180%
Cortisol normal180%
Complicated appendicitis180%
Circumoral oedema180%
Circadian rhythm sleep disorder180%
Chondrocalcinosis pyrophosphate180%
Cerebral palsy180%
Cerebral artery stenosis180%
Central nervous system inflammation180%
Cardiac output180%
Cardiac imaging procedure normal180%
Canalith repositioning procedure180%
Blood smear test abnormal180%
Blood prolactin increased180%
Blood pressure inadequately controlled180%
Blood immunoglobulin A normal180%
Basophil count increased180%
B-cell lymphoma180%
Aspiration bone marrow180%
Arthritis bacterial180%
Arterial stenosis180%
Apnoeic attack180%
Aortic valve stenosis180%
Antimitochondrial antibody180%
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis180%
Alcohol use180%
Adrenal disorder180%
Acute leukaemia180%
Whole body scan170%
Vulvovaginal dryness170%
Visceral pain170%
Urticaria papular170%
Urticarial vasculitis170%
Urine cytology170%
Urinary tract pain170%
Ultrasound liver normal170%
Ultrasound eye170%
Tympanic membrane perforation170%
Tobacco user170%
Thyroxine increased170%
Thyroid hormones increased170%
Systolic hypertension170%
Superficial vein prominence170%
Squamous cell carcinoma170%
Spontaneous haemorrhage170%
Speech sound disorder170%
Skin striae170%
Sinus node dysfunction170%
Sinus arrest170%
Sensitivity to weather change170%
Scar pain170%
Retinal vascular occlusion170%
Pulpitis dental170%
Pulmonary function test decreased170%
Product leakage170%
Product container issue170%
Postpartum haemorrhage170%
PO2 increased170%
Parasite stool test negative170%
Oxygen saturation increased170%
Ovulation disorder170%
Oesophageal achalasia170%
Oedema mucosal170%
Nipple swelling170%
Neurologic neglect syndrome170%
Nasal herpes170%
Nail disorder170%
Mycobacterium test170%
Lymphocyte morphology abnormal170%
Loss of proprioception170%
Loss of bladder sensation170%
Left ventricular dilatation170%
Lactose intolerance170%
Klebsiella infection170%
Intentional self-injury170%
Inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion170%
Hypotensive crisis170%
Hypertensive encephalopathy170%
Human rhinovirus test positive170%
HIV antigen negative170%
High density lipoprotein increased170%
Heat exhaustion170%
Hearing aid user170%
Hand fracture170%
Halo vision170%
Hair texture abnormal170%
Haemorrhoidal haemorrhage170%
Haemoglobin abnormal170%
Gingival pruritus170%
Genital lesion170%
Extensor plantar response170%
Endodontic procedure170%
Dupuytren's contracture170%
Depression suicidal170%
Dependence on respirator170%
Dental caries170%
Cystitis haemorrhagic170%
CSF oligoclonal band present170%
Cranial nerve paralysis170%
Compression fracture170%
Chronic sinusitis170%
Chest crushing170%
Cell death170%
Burning mouth syndrome170%
Bronchial secretion retention170%
Bone contusion170%
Biliary dilatation170%
Barre test170%
Atrial thrombosis170%
AST/ALT ratio170%
Artery dissection170%
Allergic oedema170%
Adrenal mass170%
Administration site bruise170%
Acute vestibular syndrome170%
X-ray dental normal160%
Wall motion score index abnormal160%
Vulvovaginal rash160%
Viral upper respiratory tract infection160%
Vascular occlusion160%
Vaccination site joint swelling160%
Urobilinogen urine increased160%
Urine sodium160%
Ulcer haemorrhage160%
Transient aphasia160%
Tourette's disorder160%
Tongue spasm160%
Tongue haemorrhage160%
Thrombotic microangiopathy160%
Terminal state160%
Swallow study160%
Sputum abnormal160%
Splenic rupture160%
Skin bacterial infection160%
Sensory level abnormal160%
Right ventricular enlargement160%
Rhinovirus infection160%
Respirovirus test160%
Renal replacement therapy160%
Refusal of vaccination160%
Radicular pain160%
Pupillary light reflex tests160%
Psychiatric evaluation160%
Protein albumin ratio160%
Product colour issue160%
Preterm premature rupture of membranes160%
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome160%
Placental disorder160%
Pelvic haemorrhage160%
Parasite stool test160%
Orbital swelling160%
Oesophageal discomfort160%
Ocular hypertension160%
Mycobacterium test negative160%
Myasthenia gravis crisis160%
Malignant hypertension160%
Intranasal hypoaesthesia160%
Intra-abdominal fluid collection160%
Injection site macule160%
Injection site joint swelling160%
Increased insulin requirement160%
Humerus fracture160%
Hospice care160%
Hepatitis cholestatic160%
Hepatitis B core antibody negative160%
Hepatic vein thrombosis160%
Hand-eye coordination impaired160%
Haemorrhagic cerebral infarction160%
Haemoglobin urine160%
Gluten sensitivity160%
Genital burning sensation160%
Genital blister160%
Gastrointestinal tract irritation160%
Extrapyramidal disorder160%
External ear inflammation160%
Endometrial thickening160%
Electrocardiogram PR interval160%
Dyspnoea paroxysmal nocturnal160%
Continuous glucose monitoring160%
Conjunctivitis allergic160%
Computerised tomogram aorta160%
Complement factor normal160%
Coating in mouth160%
Coagulation test abnormal160%
Burns second degree160%
Burn oral cavity160%
Bronchitis chronic160%
Borrelia test positive160%
Blood prolactin normal160%
Blood oestrogen160%
Blood immunoglobulin E increased160%
Blood follicle stimulating hormone increased160%
Bladder scan160%
Biopsy skin normal160%
Biopsy breast abnormal160%
Bile duct stone160%
Application site erythema160%
Angular cheilitis160%
Anal pruritus160%
Ammonia increased160%
Allergic reaction to excipient160%
Acute polyneuropathy160%
Abortion threatened160%
Abnormal weight gain160%
Abdominal symptom160%
Abdominal infection160%
Withdrawal of life support150%
Vertebral artery stenosis150%
Ventricular drainage150%
Vascular headache150%
Urethral pain150%
Upper motor neurone lesion150%
Temperature difference of extremities150%
Spinal cord injury150%
Smooth muscle antibody150%
Small intestinal haemorrhage150%
Right ventricular hypertrophy150%
Right atrial dilatation150%
Retinal artery thrombosis150%
Reticulocyte count increased150%
Renal mass150%
Renal injury150%
Red blood cell scan150%
Rectal tenesmus150%
Pupillary light reflex tests abnormal150%
Pulmonary imaging procedure150%
Prohormone brain natriuretic peptide increased150%
Post procedural haemorrhage150%
Pneumothorax spontaneous150%
Pericardial haemorrhage150%
Pericardial excision150%
Penis disorder150%
Pelvic inflammatory disease150%
Patient elopement150%
Pancreatitis necrotising150%
Pancreatic disorder150%
Oxygen consumption decreased150%
Oxygenation index150%
Oropharyngeal oedema150%
Oral contraception150%
Optic nerve injury150%
Oesophagogastroduodenoscopy normal150%
Noninfective sialoadenitis150%
Nodal rhythm150%
Neurological decompensation150%
Mycoplasma test positive150%
Multiple use of single-use product150%
Metabolic disorder150%
Meningitis bacterial150%
Lymphatic disorder150%
Loose tooth150%
Liver abscess150%
Listeria test150%
Lipids increased150%
Intrusive thoughts150%
Intervertebral disc space narrowing150%
Immunoglobulins normal150%
Immune complex assay150%
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis150%
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy150%
HLA marker study150%
HIV antigen150%
Herpes dermatitis150%
Hepatitis B surface antibody150%
Hepatitis A antibody150%
Heat therapy150%
Head banging150%
Granulomatosis with polyangiitis150%
Gram stain positive150%
Gingival discolouration150%
Forced expiratory volume150%
Foetal monitoring150%
First trimester pregnancy150%
Feeding tube user150%
Facet joint syndrome150%
Eyelid skin dryness150%
Exposure to communicable disease150%
Epstein-Barr virus antigen positive150%
Encephalitis viral150%
Electrophoresis protein normal150%
Ear injury150%
Cytokine test150%
Cytogenetic analysis150%
Culture wound150%
Corrective lens user150%
Congenital anomaly150%
Colon cancer150%
Cold urticaria150%
Clostridium test negative150%
Clavicle fracture150%
Childhood asthma150%
CD4 lymphocytes150%
Carbon dioxide abnormal150%
Brain contusion150%
Blood osmolarity normal150%
Blood immunoglobulin M normal150%
Blood cholinesterase150%
Animal bite150%
Allergic respiratory symptom150%
Allergic cough150%
Acute psychosis150%
Abdominal hernia150%
Wound complication140%
Very low density lipoprotein140%
Vertebral artery occlusion140%
Vaccination site pustule140%
Uterine polyp140%
Urine potassium140%
Ultrasound uterus normal140%
Ultrasound thyroid normal140%
Traumatic lung injury140%
Toxic epidermal necrolysis140%
Tongue rough140%
Tibia fracture140%
Thyroxine free decreased140%
Thyroxine decreased140%
Sputum culture positive140%
Splenic thrombosis140%
Small intestinal resection140%
Sexual dysfunction140%
Scrotal pain140%
Scalloped tongue140%
SARS-CoV-2 RNA undetectable140%
Salivary gland disorder140%
Respiratory syncytial virus infection140%
Renal haemorrhage140%
Red blood cells urine negative140%
Putamen haemorrhage140%
Pruritus allergic140%
Positron emission tomogram normal140%
Portosplenomesenteric venous thrombosis140%
Pneumonia staphylococcal140%
Personality disorder140%
Out of specification product use140%
Optic neuropathy140%
Ophthalmic scan140%
Neoplasm skin140%
Nasal discharge discolouration140%
Myofascial pain syndrome140%
Multipathogen PCR test140%
Mixed connective tissue disease140%
Mean cell haemoglobin concentration increased140%
Lichenoid keratosis140%
Laryngeal obstruction140%
Large intestine polyp140%
Keratosis pilaris140%
Joint injection140%
Interleukin level increased140%
Insulin therapy140%
Human herpes virus 6 serology negative140%
Human chorionic gonadotropin normal140%
Horner's syndrome140%
HIV test false positive140%
HIV infection140%
Herpes zoster meningoencephalitis140%
Hepatitis A140%
Hair growth abnormal140%
Haemangioma of skin140%
Gestational hypertension140%
Gastrointestinal hypermotility140%
Gastritis erosive140%
Eye allergy140%
Escherichia test140%
Ejection fraction abnormal140%
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome140%
DNA antibody negative140%
Diaphragmatic spasm140%
Diaphragmatic disorder140%
CSF white blood cell count negative140%
Cortisol decreased140%
Cor pulmonale140%
Coronary angioplasty140%
Contraindicated product administered140%
Computerised tomogram kidney140%
Computerised tomogram intestine140%
Complication of pregnancy140%
Complement factor C4 decreased140%
Cerebrospinal fluid leakage140%
Cerebellar syndrome140%
Carbohydrate antigen 15-3140%
Burning feet syndrome140%
Breast disorder female140%
Bone marrow disorder140%
Blood thyroid stimulating hormone abnormal140%
Blood copper140%
Biopsy uterus140%
Biopsy lymph gland abnormal140%
Biopsy bone marrow normal140%
Bartonella test negative140%
Barium swallow140%
Bacille Calmette-Guerin scar reactivation140%
Axillary lymphadenectomy140%
Autism spectrum disorder140%
Auricular swelling140%
Asthma exercise induced140%
Antiplatelet therapy140%
Anti-muscle specific kinase antibody140%
Anti-aquaporin-4 antibody140%
Angle closure glaucoma140%
Allergy to arthropod bite140%
Allergy to animal140%
Abdomen scan normal140%
Wound closure130%
White coat hypertension130%
Ventilation/perfusion scan abnormal130%
Vasogenic cerebral oedema130%
Vascular rupture130%
Vagus nerve disorder130%
Vaginal lesion130%
Vaccination site streaking130%
Vaccination site necrosis130%
Vaccination site injury130%
Uterine contractions abnormal130%
Urine albumin/creatinine ratio130%
Urinary hesitation130%
Upper airway obstruction130%
Ultrasound uterus abnormal130%
Ultrasound skull130%
Ultrasound ovary130%
Ultrasound liver abnormal130%
Tracheal stenosis130%
Toxoplasma serology negative130%
Thoracic cavity drainage130%
Therapy change130%
Suprapubic pain130%
Spinal cord compression130%
Serum sickness-like reaction130%
Sensory overload130%
Self-injurious ideation130%
Scleral haemorrhage130%
Retinal vasculitis130%
Resting tremor130%
Renal scan130%
Red blood cell count abnormal130%
Psychomotor retardation130%
Pseudomonas infection130%
Premature menopause130%
Post concussion syndrome130%
Plasminogen activator inhibitor130%
Periorbital haematoma130%
Perfusion brain scan normal130%
Peak expiratory flow rate decreased130%
PCO2 normal130%
Pancreatic enzymes increased130%
Ovarian vein thrombosis130%
Oral mucosal roughening130%
Ophthalmic herpes simplex130%
Obsessive-compulsive disorder130%
Nocturnal dyspnoea130%
Night blindness130%
Neurosensory hypoacusis130%
Neuromuscular pain130%
Nasal mucosal blistering130%
Muscle haemorrhage130%
Multiple fractures130%
Meningoencephalitis herpetic130%
Medical induction of coma130%
Lower urinary tract symptoms130%
Lipids abnormal130%
Leg amputation130%
Jaundice cholestatic130%
Intestinal infarction130%
Injection site plaque130%
Injection site nerve damage130%
Injection site cyst130%
Incorrect dose administered by device130%
Hypoaesthesia teeth130%
Hyperdynamic left ventricle130%
Human herpes virus 6 serology130%
Histamine intolerance130%
Hair colour changes130%
Haemorrhagic ovarian cyst130%
Fundus autofluorescence130%
Free thyroxine index130%
Fear of falling130%
Faecal calprotectin increased130%
Eye symptom130%
Escherichia sepsis130%
Erection increased130%
Endoscopy upper gastrointestinal tract normal130%
Drug intolerance130%
Diverticulum intestinal haemorrhagic130%
Diabetic metabolic decompensation130%
Cytomegalovirus infection130%
Cystoid macular oedema130%
Cutaneous symptom130%
Cubital tunnel syndrome130%
CSF oligoclonal band absent130%
Cough variant asthma130%
Cortisol increased130%
Corneal opacity130%
Corneal graft rejection130%
Corneal abrasion130%
Conjunctivitis bacterial130%
Concomitant disease progression130%
Computerised tomogram liver130%
Coagulation time prolonged130%
Cerebral arteriosclerosis130%
Cardiolipin antibody positive130%
Capillary nail refill test abnormal130%
Breast discolouration130%
Blood follicle stimulating hormone normal130%
Blood folate decreased130%
Blood creatinine abnormal130%
Beta haemolytic streptococcal infection130%
Basilar artery occlusion130%
Bartonella test130%
Bacterial sepsis130%
Arnold-Chiari malformation130%
Apparent life threatening event130%
Aortic valve replacement130%
Anti-RNA polymerase III antibody130%
Anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody130%
Alcohol poisoning130%
Alanine aminotransferase decreased130%
Acquired diaphragmatic eventration130%
Abdominal abscess130%
Wound treatment120%
Wound drainage120%
West Nile virus test120%
Vitamin B6 normal120%
Visual evoked potentials120%
Vascular calcification120%
Urobilinogen urine decreased120%
Urinary occult blood positive120%
Ultrasound pancreas120%
Traumatic haematoma120%
Transplant rejection120%
Thrombosis mesenteric vessel120%
Testicular disorder120%
Tendon discomfort120%
Subacute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy120%
Status migrainosus120%
Spinal operation120%
Spinal fusion surgery120%
Spinal cord infarction120%
Social avoidant behaviour120%
Skin culture120%
Seizure cluster120%
Russell's viper venom time120%
Right atrial enlargement120%
Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome120%
Retinal oedema120%
Retinal exudates120%
Respiratory syncytial virus test positive120%
Renal vein thrombosis120%
Renal artery thrombosis120%
Pupillary disorder120%
Pulmonary arterial pressure increased120%
Progesterone decreased120%
Product complaint120%
Postoperative wound infection120%
Portal hypertension120%
Pneumonia mycoplasmal120%
Persistent postural-perceptual dizziness120%
Periorbital haemorrhage120%
Periorbital discomfort120%
Periorbital cellulitis120%
Peptic ulcer haemorrhage120%
Parasitic blood test negative120%
Paranasal sinus hyposecretion120%
Oesophageal stenosis120%
Ocular myasthenia120%
Occupational exposure to product120%
Neutrophil count abnormal120%
Muscle oedema120%
Monoclonal antibody unconjugated therapy120%
Mitral valve calcification120%
Metastatic neoplasm120%
Metamyelocyte count120%
Medial tibial stress syndrome120%
Lumbar spinal stenosis120%
Limb deformity120%
Knee operation120%
Joint fluid drainage120%
Jaw fracture120%
Intestinal resection120%
Intention tremor120%
Inspiratory capacity decreased120%
Injection site pallor120%
Infusion related reaction120%
Inflammation scan120%
Impaired reasoning120%
Histamine level increased120%
Herpes zoster infection neurological120%
Heart disease congenital120%
Hearing disability120%
Haptoglobin normal120%
Haemophilus test120%
Fibrin D dimer decreased120%
Eyelid infection120%
Eosinophilic oesophagitis120%
Endoscopy upper gastrointestinal tract abnormal120%
Electrocardiogram QRS complex prolonged120%
Electrocardiogram QRS complex120%
Duodenogastric reflux120%
Cystoscopy normal120%
Culture wound positive120%
CSF glucose decreased120%
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease120%
Creatinine renal clearance decreased120%
Contrast media allergy120%
Computerised tomogram coronary artery abnormal120%
Cerumen impaction120%
Carotid artery disease120%
Cardiopulmonary exercise test120%
Cardiac hypertrophy120%
Capillary disorder120%
Calcium ionised normal120%
Burning sensation mucosal120%
Bronchial wall thickening120%
Breast disorder120%
Breast abscess120%
Brain hypoxia120%
Brachial plexus injury120%
Body fluid analysis120%
Blood thromboplastin120%
Blood testosterone normal120%
Blood osmolarity increased120%
Blood immunoglobulin M increased120%
Blood electrolytes decreased120%
Blood creatine phosphokinase MB normal120%
Blood cholesterol decreased120%
Bleeding time120%
Biopsy uterus normal120%
Biopsy colon abnormal120%
Biopsy brain120%
Bilirubin urine present120%
Autoantibody negative120%
Arthritis infective120%
Arterial catheterisation120%
Arachnoid cyst120%
Apallic syndrome120%
Aortic valve calcification120%
Aortic disorder120%
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody positive120%
Allergic sinusitis120%
Alcohol test120%
Adverse food reaction120%
Abscess neck120%
White blood cell agglutination present110%
Von Willebrand's factor activity test110%
Ventricular assist device insertion110%
Vascular stent thrombosis110%
Vascular graft110%
Vascular dementia110%
Uterine hypertonus110%
Urinary occult blood110%
Traumatic haemorrhage110%
Transient acantholytic dermatosis110%
Tracheal pain110%
Tooth discolouration110%
Tongue geographic110%
T-lymphocyte count110%
Superinfection bacterial110%
Sulphur dioxide test110%
Sputum retention110%
Splinter haemorrhages110%
Spinal laminectomy110%
Specific gravity urine increased110%
Scleral discolouration110%
Retroperitoneal haemorrhage110%
Retrograde amnesia110%
Respiratory muscle weakness110%
Pupil dilation procedure110%
Pulmonary valve incompetence110%
Pulmonary artery dilatation110%
Product packaging quantity issue110%
Pregnancy test urine positive110%
Potentiating drug interaction110%
Post-traumatic neck syndrome110%
PO2 normal110%
Pneumonia pseudomonal110%
Pneumonia pneumococcal110%
Plicated tongue110%
Pharyngeal stenosis110%
Penile swelling110%
Penile pain110%
Penile haemorrhage110%
Pelvic girdle pain110%
Pancreatic failure110%
Pancreatic cyst110%
Palpable purpura110%
Palmar-plantar erythrodysaesthesia syndrome110%
Oropharyngeal spasm110%
Oral pustule110%
Oral infection110%
Oral dysaesthesia110%
Optical coherence tomography abnormal110%
Ophthalmic artery thrombosis110%
Obstructive pancreatitis110%
NIH stroke scale score increased110%
Necrotising fasciitis110%
N-terminal prohormone brain natriuretic peptide normal110%
Microvascular cranial nerve palsy110%
May-Thurner syndrome110%
Magnetic resonance imaging hepatobiliary110%
Macular hole110%
Lymphocyte count abnormal110%
Lumbar vertebral fracture110%
Lower gastrointestinal haemorrhage110%
Labia enlarged110%
Irritability postvaccinal110%
Intra-aortic balloon placement110%
Intra-abdominal haematoma110%
Infantile vomiting110%
Incorrect dosage administered110%
Hypertrophy of tongue papillae110%
Hypersensitivity pneumonitis110%
Hyperintensity in brain deep nuclei110%
Herpes simplex encephalitis110%
Hernia repair110%
Glycosylated haemoglobin decreased110%
Foetal disorder110%
Fear of disease110%
Eye ulcer110%
Extremity necrosis110%
Extraocular muscle disorder110%
Exertional headache110%
Exercise electrocardiogram abnormal110%
Evans syndrome110%
Epiglottic oedema110%
Enzyme level increased110%
Echovirus test110%
Ear irrigation110%
Drug specific antibody110%
Drug abuse110%
Drop attacks110%
Disturbance in sexual arousal110%
Delirium febrile110%
Dehydroepiandrosterone test110%
CSF virus no organisms observed110%
Cough decreased110%
Convulsions local110%
Conduction disorder110%
Chronic gastritis110%
Cervical vertebral fracture110%
Cerebellar ataxia110%
Cauda equina syndrome110%
Cardiac aneurysm110%
Breast milk discolouration110%
Borrelia infection110%
Blood testosterone decreased110%
Blood parathyroid hormone increased110%
Blood oestrogen increased110%
Bladder hypertrophy110%
Bladder dilatation110%
Biopsy colon110%
Band neutrophil percentage110%
Band neutrophil count110%
Arteriovenous malformation110%
Arterial disorder110%
Application site swelling110%
Antibody test normal110%
Antibiotic therapy110%
Antiacetylcholine receptor antibody positive110%
Anti-transglutaminase antibody110%
Anti-thyroid antibody negative110%
Anterograde amnesia110%
Anal sphincter atony110%
Activated protein C resistance test110%
Abnormal clotting factor110%
Abdominal wall haematoma110%
X-ray with contrast upper gastrointestinal tract100%
Vitreous disorder100%
Vitamin C100%
Visual snow syndrome100%
Visual field tests abnormal100%
Visual acuity tests normal100%
Vertebrobasilar stroke100%
Ventilation/perfusion scan normal100%
Vaccination site nerve damage100%
Ultrasound urinary system100%
Ultrasound scan vagina normal100%
Typical aura without headache100%
Tympanic membrane disorder100%
Tilt table test positive100%
Thyrotoxic crisis100%
Thyroid cancer100%
Therapeutic response shortened100%
Stress echocardiogram abnormal100%
Smear cervix abnormal100%
Seborrhoeic keratosis100%
Red blood cell schistocytes100%
Red blood cell morphology100%
Rectal discharge100%
Pulmonary sepsis100%
Prostatic specific antigen normal100%
Product supply issue100%
Prerenal failure100%
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder100%
Premature menarche100%
Positive airway pressure therapy100%
Poor feeding infant100%
Platelet morphology abnormal100%
Platelet-large cell ratio100%
Perivascular dermatitis100%
Peripheral vein thrombus extension100%
Peripheral sensorimotor neuropathy100%
Peripheral nerve palsy100%
Perineal pain100%
Patient uncooperative100%
Paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria100%
Parasitic test100%
Paraesthesia mucosal100%
PaO2/FiO2 ratio100%
Ovarian disorder100%
Olfactory nerve disorder100%
NYHA classification100%
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma100%
NIH stroke scale abnormal100%
Myocardial rupture100%
Multi-organ disorder100%
Monoclonal gammopathy100%
Mineral supplementation100%
Meningeal disorder100%
Mediastinal mass100%
Mean cell volume abnormal100%
Lupus-like syndrome100%
Lung cancer metastatic100%
Lung abscess100%
Liquid product physical issue100%
Lipaemic index score100%
Limb operation100%
Left ventricular end-diastolic pressure increased100%
LDL/HDL ratio100%
Large intestine infection100%
Judgement impaired100%
Joint hyperextension100%
Job dissatisfaction100%
In vitro fertilisation100%
Invasive ductal breast carcinoma100%
Inferior vena cava dilatation100%
Infected cyst100%
IIIrd nerve paresis100%
Hydrops foetalis100%
Human chorionic gonadotropin abnormal100%
Hepatitis A antibody negative100%
Gynaecological examination normal100%
Granulocyte count increased100%
Glucose tolerance test normal100%
Gingival abscess100%
Genital herpes simplex100%
Fibula fracture100%
Eye paraesthesia100%
Eye operation100%
Exercise lack of100%
Eustachian tube obstruction100%
Erythema annulare100%
Epiploic appendagitis100%
Epileptic aura100%
Enterococcal infection100%
Endoscopic ultrasound100%
Endometrial ablation100%
Device leakage100%
Dermatologic examination abnormal100%
Dermatitis exfoliative100%
Delusional perception100%
Decreased nasolabial fold100%
Cytology normal100%
Cystitis noninfective100%
CSF pressure100%
CSF lymphocyte count normal100%
CSF immunoglobulin increased100%
Coxsackie virus test negative100%
Coxiella test100%
Costovertebral angle tenderness100%
Corneal disorder100%
Compression garment application100%
Colour blindness100%
Circulating anticoagulant100%
Cholinergic syndrome100%
Central pain syndrome100%
Cartilage injury100%
Cardioactive drug level100%
Cardiac ventriculogram left100%
Cardiac pacemaker evaluation100%
Campylobacter infection100%
Calcium ionised decreased100%
Burnout syndrome100%
Bulbar palsy100%
Brachiocephalic vein thrombosis100%
Blood testosterone increased100%
Blood smear test normal100%
Blood potassium abnormal100%
Blood insulin100%
Blood corticotrophin100%
Blood bilirubin unconjugated increased100%
Blast cells100%
Bladder cancer100%
Bilirubin conjugated normal100%
Base excess increased100%
Basal cell carcinoma100%
Axonal neuropathy100%
AST/ALT ratio abnormal100%
Apnoea test100%
Anorectal disorder100%
Amnestic disorder100%
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome100%
Adrenal haemorrhage100%
Acute motor-sensory axonal neuropathy100%
Vocal cord inflammation90%
Venous injury90%
Vaginal disorder90%
Vaccination site thrombosis90%
Vaccination site plaque90%
Vaccination site exfoliation90%
Vaccination site dryness90%
Ultrasound spleen90%
Tuberculin test negative90%
Troponin decreased90%
Tongue exfoliation90%
Tissue injury90%
Tinea infection90%
Thyroid cyst90%
Throat lesion90%
Thought blocking90%
Thoracic outlet syndrome90%
Therapeutic product ineffective90%
Therapeutic hypothermia90%
Subcutaneous emphysema90%
Subchorionic haemorrhage90%
Subchorionic haematoma90%
Stress at work90%
Stool analysis abnormal90%
Status asthmaticus90%
Spinal deformity90%
Spinal cord injury cervical90%
Somatosensory evoked potentials90%
Soft tissue mass90%
Soft tissue disorder90%
Smooth muscle antibody positive90%
Skin lesion inflammation90%
Skin hypopigmentation90%
Skin discharge90%
Skin cancer90%
Single photon emission computerised tomogram90%
Simple partial seizures90%
Sight disability90%
Shoulder operation90%
Sexually transmitted disease90%
Serology negative90%
Second trimester pregnancy90%
Seborrhoeic dermatitis90%
Scan myocardial perfusion normal90%
Salt craving90%
Rubber sensitivity90%
Right ventricular ejection fraction decreased90%
Reversed hot-cold sensation90%
Restless arm syndrome90%
Respiratory tract haemorrhage90%
Renal atrophy90%
Reflux laryngitis90%
Red cell distribution width decreased90%
Radius fracture90%
Radial nerve injury90%
QRS axis90%
Pyoderma gangrenosum90%
Puncture site pain90%
Pulse pressure increased90%
Pulmonary vascular disorder90%
Pulmonary calcification90%
Prothrombin level increased90%
Product contamination physical90%
Procalcitonin decreased90%
Prinzmetal angina90%
Post vaccination syndrome90%
Postictal paralysis90%
Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia90%
Pneumococcal infection90%
Pleural thickening90%
Pityriasis rubra pilaris90%
Pituitary tumour benign90%
Pericarditis constrictive90%
Perfusion brain scan abnormal90%
Peptic ulcer90%
Ovarian cancer90%
Neutrophilic dermatosis90%
Neutralising antibodies90%
Neuropsychological test90%
Neurogenic bladder90%
Nasal polyps90%
Myoclonic epilepsy90%
Mucosal hypertrophy90%
Modified Rankin score90%
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene mutation90%
Measles antibody90%
Malignant melanoma90%
Lupus nephritis90%
Laryngeal disorder90%
Jugular vein distension90%
Joint vibration90%
Itching scar90%
Investigation normal90%
Interferon gamma release assay90%
Interferon gamma level90%
Infant irritability90%
Immunosuppressant drug therapy90%
Immunoglobulins increased90%
Iliac artery occlusion90%
HLA-B*27 positive90%
Hepatitis C RNA90%
Hepatic infarction90%
Helicobacter test positive90%
Haemangioma of liver90%
Glomerulonephritis membranous90%
Globulins decreased90%
Gingival ulceration90%
Giardia test negative90%
Gastrointestinal hypomotility90%
Gastric pH decreased90%
Free prostate-specific antigen90%
Foetal non-stress test90%
Foetal heart rate90%
Eyelid injury90%
Eyelid contusion90%
Eye laser surgery90%
Exploding head syndrome90%
Erythema induratum90%
Enterovirus test positive90%
Endotracheal intubation complication90%
Endolymphatic hydrops90%
Electrocardiogram QRS complex shortened90%
Electrocardiogram QRS complex abnormal90%
Ejaculation disorder90%
Diuretic therapy90%
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma90%
Diastolic hypertension90%
Diabetic coma90%
Device related infection90%
Dermatitis diaper90%
Dependence on oxygen therapy90%
Decreased eye contact90%
Decompressive craniectomy90%
Dairy intolerance90%
CSF neutrophil count increased90%
CSF lymphocyte count90%
CSF immunoglobulin G index90%
CSF immunoglobulin90%
CSF cell count increased90%
Cranial nerve palsies multiple90%
Coombs test positive90%
Coombs direct test positive90%
Congestive hepatopathy90%
Conductive deafness90%
Compartment syndrome90%
Chemical burn90%
Cerebral microhaemorrhage90%
Cerebral microangiopathy90%
Cerebral calcification90%
Central vision loss90%
Cautery to nose90%
Carotid endarterectomy90%
Cardiac pharmacologic stress test90%
Cardiac infection90%
Cardiac index90%
Cardiac asthma90%
Carcinoembryonic antigen increased90%
Bursa disorder90%
Bronchoscopy normal90%
Bronchial irritation90%
Breath sounds normal90%
Brain compression90%
Bone marrow failure90%
Body tinea90%
Blood zinc90%
Blood urea abnormal90%
Blood ethanol normal90%
Blood catecholamines90%
Blood beta-D-glucan90%
Blast cells present90%
Bipolar I disorder90%
Biopsy lymph gland normal90%
Biopsy endometrium normal90%
Benzodiazepine drug level90%
Benign lymph node neoplasm90%
Autonomic neuropathy90%
Autoantibody positive90%
Atrial pressure90%
Atonic seizures90%
Aspergillus test90%
Aspartate aminotransferase abnormal90%
Arterial rupture90%
Antimitochondrial antibody normal90%
Anticonvulsant drug level90%
Anti-RNA polymerase III antibody negative90%
Ankle brachial index90%
Anal abscess90%
Amylase decreased90%
Albumin globulin ratio increased90%
Acid base balance90%
Accelerated hypertension90%
Abdominal lymphadenopathy90%
Abdominal exploration90%
White blood cell analysis80%
Vitamin supplementation80%
Vitamin B12 absorption test80%
Visceral venous thrombosis80%
Viral labyrinthitis80%
Vertigo labyrinthine80%
Vertical infection transmission80%
Ventricular septal defect80%
Vaccination site dermatitis80%
Uterine inflammation80%
Urethral haemorrhage80%
Typhus rickettsia test80%
Twin pregnancy80%
Trisomy 2180%
Trigeminal neuritis80%
Traumatic intracranial haemorrhage80%
Thrombosis in device80%
Thoracic vertebral fracture80%
Third trimester pregnancy80%
Therapeutic embolisation80%
Suicidal behaviour80%
Subclavian artery thrombosis80%
Streptococcal sepsis80%
Splint application80%
Specific gravity urine decreased80%
Soft tissue injury80%
Smooth muscle antibody negative80%
Smear vaginal normal80%
Skull fractured base80%
Seronegative arthritis80%
Rubella antibody test80%
Romberg test positive80%
Right ventricular systolic pressure increased80%
Reflex test normal80%
Pulmonary artery occlusion80%
Protein total abnormal80%
Prostate examination80%
Prone position80%
Product label issue80%
Polymorphic light eruption80%
Pharyngeal enanthema80%
Pharyngeal abscess80%
Persistent depressive disorder80%
Perioral dermatitis80%
Peau d'orange80%
Parainfluenzae virus infection80%
Ovarian mass80%
Ovarian enlargement80%
Otitis media acute80%
Orthostatic heart rate test80%
Oropharyngeal plaque80%
Oral mucosal discolouration80%
Open reduction of fracture80%
Oedematous pancreatitis80%
Oculogyric crisis80%
Normochromic normocytic anaemia80%
Nodal arrhythmia80%
Neovascular age-related macular degeneration80%
Nasal septum deviation80%
Myocardial necrosis80%
Myasthenic syndrome80%
Muscle enzyme80%
Mumps antibody test80%
Mucosal discolouration80%
Mononuclear cell count80%
Mastoid disorder80%
Magnetic resonance imaging abdominal normal80%
Macular fibrosis80%
Liver scan80%
Limbic encephalitis80%
Light chain analysis normal80%
Light chain analysis increased80%
Leukoplakia oral80%
Lactation puerperal increased80%
Joint space narrowing80%
Irregular sleep wake rhythm disorder80%
Intra-abdominal haemorrhage80%
Intestinal dilatation80%
Intervertebral disc compression80%
Incision site pain80%
Inability to crawl80%
Idiopathic urticaria80%
Hypochromic anaemia80%
Hypnagogic hallucination80%
Hodgkin's disease80%
HIV test positive80%
High risk pregnancy80%
Hepatitis E80%
Hepatitis B antigen80%
Hepatitis B antibody negative80%
Hand-foot-and-mouth disease80%
Hand-arm vibration syndrome80%
Haemorrhagic infarction80%
Gynaecological examination abnormal80%
Gastric ulcer haemorrhage80%
Gallbladder oedema80%
Full blood count decreased80%
Follicular lymphoma80%
Foetal cardiac arrest80%
Fluorescence angiogram abnormal80%
Febrile infection80%
Fat tissue increased80%
Faecal vomiting80%
Eyelid cyst80%
Eye infection bacterial80%
Epinephrine increased80%
Enteral nutrition80%
Endometrial cancer80%
Emotional poverty80%
Electrocardiogram PR shortened80%
Duodenal ulcer haemorrhage80%
Duodenal ulcer80%
Drug specific antibody absent80%
Dilatation atrial80%
Diffuse alopecia80%
Diabetes insipidus80%
Dermatitis infected80%
Dental examination normal80%
Deja vu80%
Defect conduction intraventricular80%
Cytology abnormal80%
Cyclic vomiting syndrome80%
Culture wound negative80%
Culture stool positive80%
CSF monocyte count decreased80%
Croup infectious80%
Coagulation factor V level normal80%
Cerebral ventricle dilatation80%
Cerebral amyloid angiopathy80%
Central nervous system vasculitis80%
Cavernous sinus thrombosis80%
Cardiac ventriculogram80%
C1 esterase inhibitor test80%
Bursal fluid accumulation80%
Burns third degree80%
Bronchitis bacterial80%
Bronchial obstruction80%
Breath sounds absent80%
Breast conserving surgery80%
Breast cellulitis80%
Brain stem thrombosis80%
Blood pressure ambulatory80%
Blood immunoglobulin E normal80%
Blood immunoglobulin A increased80%
Blood homocysteine normal80%
Blood homocysteine increased80%
Blood copper normal80%
Blood cannabinoids80%
Blood bilirubin abnormal80%
Blister infected80%
Biopsy bone80%
Biopsy artery normal80%
Biopsy artery abnormal80%
Autoimmune pancreatitis80%
Autoimmune arthritis80%
Arterial stent insertion80%
Aortic occlusion80%
Antithrombin III decreased80%
Antipsychotic drug level80%
Antimicrobial susceptibility test80%
Antidepressant drug level80%
Anti-neuronal antibody80%
Anal rash80%
Alpha 1 globulin80%
Alpha 1 foetoprotein normal80%
Albumin urine absent80%
Albumin CSF80%
Adult failure to thrive80%
Acoustic neuroma80%
Abscess oral80%
Xeroderma pigmentosum70%
X-ray gastrointestinal tract abnormal70%
Wrong route70%
Wrong device used70%
Wall motion score index normal70%
Vulvovaginal ulceration70%
Vulvovaginal injury70%
Vulvovaginal erythema70%
Vulval abscess70%
Vocal cord paresis70%
VIth nerve disorder70%
Vital capacity70%
Violence-related symptom70%
Vestibular function test normal70%
Ventricular internal diameter70%
Ventricular enlargement70%
Venous oxygen saturation decreased70%
Venous haemorrhage70%
Vasopressive therapy70%
Vascular test normal70%
Vascular operation70%
Vascular encephalopathy70%
Varices oesophageal70%
Vaccination site joint inflammation70%
Vaccination site atrophy70%
Urine electrolytes70%
Ultrasound testes abnormal70%
Ultrasound eye abnormal70%
Tumour pain70%
Tumour marker increased70%
Tuberculin test positive70%
Trigeminal palsy70%
Tracheal inflammation70%
Tracheal aspirate culture70%
Toxic shock syndrome70%
Tonsillar ulcer70%
Thoracic operation70%
Terminal ileitis70%
Tenosynovitis stenosans70%
Target skin lesion70%
Tachycardia foetal70%
Systemic immune activation70%
Synovial rupture70%
Synovial fluid analysis70%
Spontaneous penile erection70%
Splenic haemorrhage70%
Splenic artery aneurysm70%
Solar lentigo70%
Soft tissue inflammation70%
Soft tissue infection70%
Social anxiety disorder70%
Skin laxity70%
Skeletal injury70%
Serotonin syndrome70%
Scan lymph nodes70%
Scan abdomen abnormal70%
SARS-CoV-1 test negative70%
Saline infusion sonogram70%
Rocky mountain spotted fever70%
Rheumatic fever70%
Retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy70%
Retroperitoneal haematoma70%
Retinal operation70%
Retinal artery embolism70%
Reticulocyte count decreased70%
Respiratory tract inflammation70%
Respiratory tract infection viral70%
Red ear syndrome70%
Red blood cell morphology normal70%
Pulmonary venous thrombosis70%
Protrusion tongue70%
Protein C increased70%
Prostate infection70%
Promyelocyte count70%
Progesterone receptor assay70%
Product use in unapproved indication70%
Product substitution70%
Procedural dizziness70%
Post thrombotic syndrome70%
Pneumonia fungal70%
Placenta praevia70%
Piriformis syndrome70%
Pharyngitis bacterial70%
Peripheral nerve lesion70%
Peripheral motor neuropathy70%
Pelvic abscess70%
Partial seizures with secondary generalisation70%
Paranasal cyst70%
Pancreatitis chronic70%
Orthopaedic examination abnormal70%
Optic atrophy70%
Omental infarction70%
Oesophageal varices haemorrhage70%
Oesophageal ulcer70%
Oesophageal rupture70%
Oculofacial paralysis70%
Obstruction gastric70%
Non-tobacco user70%
Nipple disorder70%
Neuropathic muscular atrophy70%
Neuritis cranial70%
Nerve stimulation test normal70%
Necrotic lymphadenopathy70%
Nasal crusting70%
Nail ridging70%
Myelocyte count70%
Murphy's sign test70%
Mucosal ulceration70%
Motor neurone disease70%
Middle ear inflammation70%
Microangiopathic haemolytic anaemia70%
Metastases to liver70%
Metastases to central nervous system70%
Metastases to bone70%
Medication dilution70%
Magnetic resonance imaging breast70%
Lymphocytic infiltration70%
Lymph nodes scan abnormal70%
Locked-in syndrome70%
Lip scab70%
Ligament disorder70%
Leptospira test70%
Left ventricular enlargement70%
Lateral medullary syndrome70%
Large intestinal ulcer70%
Labour induction70%
Kawasaki's disease70%
Irregular sleep phase70%
Iron binding capacity unsaturated70%
Iron binding capacity total decreased70%
Iodine uptake decreased70%
Investigation abnormal70%
Intranasal paraesthesia70%
Intervertebral discitis70%
Internal capsule infarction70%
Interleukin-2 receptor assay70%
Intercostal neuralgia70%
Insulin C-peptide70%
Injection site dermatitis70%
Injection site atrophy70%
Inhalation therapy70%
Inguinal mass70%
Hypermobility syndrome70%
Hyperglycaemic hyperosmolar nonketotic syndrome70%
Human herpesvirus 6 infection70%
Hip surgery70%
Hepatitis viral70%
Hepatitis E antibody70%
Heart rate variability test70%
Head lag70%
Haemoglobin urine present70%
Haemodynamic test normal70%
Haematoma evacuation70%
Genital paraesthesia70%
Gastrointestinal scan70%
Gastric infection70%
Gastric antral vascular ectasia70%
Foetal placental thrombosis70%
Foetal malformation70%
Foetal growth abnormality70%
Focal peritonitis70%
Fluorescent in situ hybridisation70%
Fibromuscular dysplasia70%
Feeling guilty70%
Fear of eating70%
Eyelid myoclonus70%
Extradural haematoma70%
Exposure to extreme temperature70%
Exaggerated startle response70%
Epidural injection70%
Epidural blood patch70%
Eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis70%
Enzyme abnormality70%
Enteritis infectious70%
Endocrine disorder70%
Electrocardiogram PR prolongation70%
Eczema eyelids70%
Ear canal erythema70%
Dose calculation error70%
Dissociative amnesia70%
Diaphragm muscle weakness70%
Diabetic neuropathy70%
Diabetic complication70%
Device use issue70%
Device occlusion70%
Decidual cast70%
Decerebrate posture70%
Dacryostenosis acquired70%
Cytokine release syndrome70%
Cytogenetic analysis normal70%
Cyst rupture70%
CSF white blood cell differential70%
CSF lactate70%
CSF electrophoresis70%
Crystal urine present70%
Computerised tomogram kidney abnormal70%
Coma scale normal70%
Claudication of jaw muscles70%
Chronic pigmented purpura70%
Chest wall mass70%
Cervical polyp70%
Cerebellar ischaemia70%
Central nervous system infection70%
CD4/CD8 ratio70%
Cardiothoracic ratio70%
Cardiac valve vegetation70%
Cardiac sarcoidosis70%
Cardiac resynchronisation therapy70%
Capsule endoscopy70%
Caffeine consumption70%
Bursa injury70%
Bullous haemorrhagic dermatosis70%
Brucella test negative70%
Breast cancer metastatic70%
Brain stem ischaemia70%
Brain natriuretic peptide decreased70%
Botulinum toxin injection70%
Blood pressure systolic abnormal70%
Blood HIV RNA70%
Blood heavy metal normal70%
Blood alkaline phosphatase decreased70%
Blood aldosterone70%
Blood alcohol increased70%
Bladder irritation70%
Biopsy thyroid gland70%
Biopsy soft tissue70%
Biopsy salivary gland70%
Binocular eye movement disorder70%
Biliary obstruction70%
Barium swallow abnormal70%
Band neutrophil count increased70%
Axonal and demyelinating polyneuropathy70%
Axillary web syndrome70%
Automatic positive airway pressure70%
Autoimmune demyelinating disease70%
Atrial natriuretic peptide70%
Asthma prophylaxis70%
Aortic valve sclerosis70%
Anticoagulation drug level above therapeutic70%
Anticoagulation drug level70%
Anti-transglutaminase antibody negative70%
Anti-GAD antibody70%
Angiogram peripheral abnormal70%
Androgenetic alopecia70%
Alpha tumour necrosis factor70%
Alpha 2 globulin70%
Alopecia universalis70%
Age-related macular degeneration70%
Adrenal adenoma70%
Acute macular outer retinopathy70%
Acute lymphocytic leukaemia70%
Activated protein C resistance70%
Accommodation disorder70%
Absence of immediate treatment response70%
X-ray therapy to lung60%
Withdrawal bleed60%
Von Willebrand's factor antigen test60%
Vitreous degeneration60%
Vitamin B12 abnormal60%
Visual perseveration60%
Visual acuity tests abnormal60%
Viral sepsis60%
VIIIth nerve injury60%
Vestibular function test abnormal60%
Very low density lipoprotein normal60%
Vertigo CNS origin60%
Vertebral osteophyte60%
Vertebral lesion60%
Vertebral artery thrombosis60%
Ventriculo-peritoneal shunt60%
Vein collapse60%
Vascular test abnormal60%
Vascular pseudoaneurysm60%
Vascular device user60%
Vascular compression60%
Vaginal odour60%
Vaginal cyst60%
Vaccination site ulcer60%
Vaccination site macule60%
Uterine disorder60%
Uterine dilation and evacuation60%
Urodynamics measurement60%
Urethritis noninfective60%
Ureteral stent insertion60%
Upper respiratory tract irritation60%
Upper respiratory tract inflammation60%
Umbilical hernia60%
Ultrasound eye normal60%
Ultrasound bladder normal60%
Ultrasound biliary tract normal60%
Ultrasonic angiogram60%
Ulnar neuritis60%
Ulnar nerve injury60%
Tympanometry normal60%
Tympanometry abnormal60%
Tri-iodothyronine free increased60%
Treponema test positive60%
Transferrin receptor assay60%
Tracheal obstruction60%
Tonic posturing60%
Tissue irritation60%
Thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin increased60%
Thyroid gland scan abnormal60%
Thrombosed varicose vein60%
Therapeutic response decreased60%
Therapeutic product effect incomplete60%
Systemic infection60%
Symmetrical drug-related intertriginous and flexural exanthema60%
Swallow study abnormal60%
Stress urinary incontinence60%
Stress fracture60%
Stiff leg syndrome60%
Steroid diabetes60%
Splenic artery thrombosis60%
Spinal cord oedema60%
Spinal cord ischaemia60%
Spinal claudication60%
Smear vagina60%
Sleep study abnormal60%
Skin operation60%
Sinusitis bacterial60%
Shortened cervix60%
Septic screen60%
Scleral disorder60%
Sciatic nerve neuropathy60%
Sciatic nerve injury60%
Salmonella test negative60%
Rhesus antigen negative60%
Reynold's syndrome60%
Retinal ischaemia60%
Reticulocyte count normal60%
Renal stone removal60%
Renal embolism60%
Refusal of treatment by relative60%
Pyruvate kinase60%
Puncture site bruise60%
Pulse waveform60%
Pulmonary sarcoidosis60%
Pulmonary imaging procedure abnormal60%
Psychotic symptom60%
Prostatic disorder60%
Progesterone normal60%
Product odour abnormal60%
Product contamination60%
Primary headache associated with sexual activity60%
Primary cough headache60%
Pressure of speech60%
Premature ovulation60%
Post lumbar puncture syndrome60%
Polycythaemia vera60%
Pneumocystis test60%
Platelet morphology60%
Platelet function test60%
Platelet aggregation test60%
Plasma viscosity60%
Plantar erythema60%
Persecutory delusion60%
Pernicious anaemia60%
Periportal oedema60%
Peripheral nerve injury60%
Peripheral artery stenosis60%
Peripheral artery aneurysm60%
Penile vein thrombosis60%
Penile rash60%
Penile oedema60%
Patient restraint60%
Pathogen resistance60%
Papilloma viral infection60%
Pancreatic mass60%
Organic erectile dysfunction60%
Orbital haematoma60%
Oral purpura60%
Normal pressure hydrocephalus60%
Nipple exudate bloody60%
Neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio60%
Neuropsychiatric symptoms60%
Near drowning60%
Nasal ulcer60%
Nasal odour60%
Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex test positive60%
Myalgia intercostal60%
Muscle strength normal60%
Muscle hypertrophy60%
Multiple injuries60%
Molluscum contagiosum60%
Mixed liver injury60%
Middle ear disorder60%
Microvascular coronary artery disease60%
Metastases to peritoneum60%
Metastases to lung60%
Mesenteric panniculitis60%
Mesenteric arterial occlusion60%
Meralgia paraesthetica60%
Menstrual cycle management60%
Meningitis herpes60%
Meibomian gland dysfunction60%
Medical counselling60%
Magnetic resonance imaging hepatobiliary abnormal60%
Lymphoproliferative disorder60%
Lung cyst60%
Loose body in joint60%
Lipase decreased60%
Lid sulcus deepened60%
Lhermitte's sign60%
Left ventricular end-diastolic pressure60%
Lasegue's test60%
Laryngeal stenosis60%
Large intestinal obstruction60%
Lacrimation decreased60%
Labile hypertension60%
Klebsiella test positive60%
Keloid scar60%
Janus kinase 2 mutation60%
Intraocular pressure test abnormal60%
Intraductal proliferative breast lesion60%
Intervertebral disc operation60%
Intentional overdose60%
Injury corneal60%
Injection site thrombosis60%
Injection site joint erythema60%
Injection site exfoliation60%
Inhibitory drug interaction60%
Infusion site warmth60%
Influenza immunisation60%
Infertility female60%
Infectious pleural effusion60%
Infection susceptibility increased60%
Infected skin ulcer60%
Incorrect disposal of product60%
Inappropriate release of product for distribution60%
Impulsive behaviour60%
Implant site pain60%
Idiosyncratic drug reaction60%
Icterus index60%
Hypergammaglobulinaemia benign monoclonal60%
Hormone therapy60%
HLA marker study positive60%
Hepatic haemorrhage60%
Heavy exposure to ultraviolet light60%
Heart rate variability decreased60%
Haptoglobin increased60%
Haemorrhoid operation60%
Habit cough60%
Glomerulonephritis rapidly progressive60%
Genitourinary symptom60%
Genital tract inflammation60%
Genital erythema60%
Gastrointestinal injury60%
Gamma-glutamyltransferase normal60%
Gallbladder operation60%
Foreign travel60%
Forced vital capacity60%
Foetal heart rate decreased60%
Fluid imbalance60%
Fixed eruption60%
Fibrocystic breast disease60%
Fibrin degradation products increased60%
FEV1/FVC ratio60%
Femoral artery embolism60%
Feelings of worthlessness60%
Factor V Leiden carrier60%
Factor VIII inhibition60%
Eyelid haematoma60%
Eye irrigation60%
Exposure to toxic agent60%
Exercise electrocardiogram normal60%
Escherichia test negative60%
Eosinophilic pneumonia60%
Endoscopy large bowel60%
Electronystagmogram normal60%
Electroconvulsive therapy60%
Electrocardiogram T wave peaked60%
Electrocardiogram ST segment normal60%
Electrocardiogram Q wave abnormal60%
Electrocardiogram QRS complex normal60%
Electrocardiogram PR segment elevation60%
Ejaculation failure60%
Eczema herpeticum60%
Ear infection viral60%
Distributive shock60%
Dilatation ventricular60%
Diaphragmatic paralysis60%
Device dislocation60%
Device breakage60%
Dental care60%
Dengue fever60%
Decreased vibratory sense60%
Deafness permanent60%
Cytogenetic abnormality60%
Cyst removal60%
Cystoscopy abnormal60%
Cystic lung disease60%
Cyst drainage60%
Cutaneous sarcoidosis60%
Cutaneous lupus erythematosus60%
CSF volume60%
CSF pressure increased60%
CSF neutrophil count60%
CSF monocyte count60%
Coronary artery embolism60%
Coronary artery dilatation60%
Corneal oedema60%
Coombs direct test negative60%
Collagen disorder60%
Coagulation factor IX level60%
Chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia60%
Chronic myeloid leukaemia60%
Chromosome analysis normal60%
Chromosomal analysis60%
Cholestatic liver injury60%
Cheyne-Stokes respiration60%
Chest wall haematoma60%
Cervical discharge60%
Cervical dilatation60%
Cerebrospinal fluid drainage60%
Carotid artery stent insertion60%
Carotid artery aneurysm60%
Cardio-respiratory distress60%
Cardiac ventricular disorder60%
Cardiac perfusion defect60%
Cardiac output decreased60%
Candida test60%
Buttock injury60%
Breech presentation60%
Breath holding60%
Breast scan60%
Breast operation60%
Breast haemorrhage60%
Breast haematoma60%
Breast cancer recurrent60%
Bradycardia foetal60%
Bone marrow oedema60%
Bone density abnormal60%
Blood triglycerides decreased60%
Blood pressure orthostatic abnormal60%
Blood pressure management60%
Blood oestrogen decreased60%
Blood luteinising hormone normal60%
Blood luteinising hormone increased60%
Blood insulin increased60%
Blood immunoglobulin M decreased60%
Blood heavy metal test60%
Blood folate increased60%
Blood electrolytes abnormal60%
Blood corticotrophin normal60%
Blood cholesterol abnormal60%
Blood beta-D-glucan negative60%
Blood alcohol normal60%
Biopsy stomach normal60%
Biopsy muscle abnormal60%
Biopsy lung abnormal60%
Biopsy cervix60%
Biliary tract disorder60%
Bickerstaff's encephalitis60%
Benign breast neoplasm60%
Base excess decreased60%
Axillary nerve injury60%
Autoinflammatory disease60%
Autoimmune neuropathy60%
Autoimmune encephalopathy60%
Arteriovenous fistula thrombosis60%
Appendiceal abscess60%
Aortic valve thickening60%
Aortic rupture60%
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody increased60%
Anticoagulation drug level therapeutic60%
Anticoagulation drug level below therapeutic60%
Anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein antibodies positive60%
Anti-ganglioside antibody positive60%
Anti-GAD antibody positive60%
Anti-aquaporin-4 antibody negative60%
Analgesic therapy60%
Anal fissure60%
Anaemia of chronic disease60%
Alpha 1 globulin normal60%
Allergy to plants60%
Aldolase increased60%
Alcohol test negative60%
Albumin urine present60%
Alanine aminotransferase abnormal60%
Agonal rhythm60%
Adnexal torsion60%
Administration site swelling60%
Administration site reaction60%
Addison's disease60%
Acute motor axonal neuropathy60%
Activated partial thromboplastin time abnormal60%
Actinic keratosis60%
ACTH stimulation test60%
X-ray gastrointestinal tract normal50%
X-ray gastrointestinal tract50%
X-ray dental abnormal50%
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome50%
White blood cell scan50%
Walking distance test50%
Waist circumference increased50%
Vulvovaginal inflammation50%
Von Willebrand's disease50%
Volume blood decreased50%
Vitamin K50%
Visual field tests normal50%
Viral titre increased50%
Viral cardiomyopathy50%
Vertebrobasilar insufficiency50%
Venous angioplasty50%
Vasculitis necrotising50%
Vascular graft thrombosis50%
Vascular endothelial growth factor assay50%
Vascular cauterisation50%
Valsalva maneuver50%
Vaccination site pallor50%
Vaccination site joint discomfort50%
Vaccination site eczema50%
Vaccination site calcification50%
Urine electrolytes normal50%
Urine amphetamine negative50%
Urinary tract obstruction50%
Urinary casts absent50%
Urge incontinence50%
Ultrasound therapy50%
Ultrasound ovary abnormal50%
Ulnar nerve palsy50%
Uhthoff's phenomenon50%
Trendelenburg position50%
Transcutaneous pacing50%
Tracheal oedema50%
Toxicologic test abnormal50%
Tooth avulsion50%
Tonsillar haemorrhage50%
Tongue haematoma50%
Tinel's sign50%
Tinea pedis50%
Therapy cessation50%
Tetanus immunisation50%
Temporal lobe epilepsy50%
Takayasu's arteritis50%
T-lymphocyte count increased50%
Systemic scleroderma50%
Synovial fluid analysis abnormal50%
Suspected counterfeit product50%
Supraventricular tachyarrhythmia50%
Superior vena cava syndrome50%
Subdural haematoma evacuation50%
Subclavian vein occlusion50%
Streptococcal bacteraemia50%
Stoma site haemorrhage50%
Stomach mass50%
Stiff person syndrome50%
Stasis dermatitis50%
Spinal retrolisthesis50%
Spinal epidural haematoma50%
Spinal column injury50%
Small cell lung cancer50%
Sleep attacks50%
Skull X-ray abnormal50%
Skin maceration50%
Skin candida50%
Shoulder deformity50%
Serum ferritin abnormal50%
Serology normal50%
Sensory processing disorder50%
Schellong test50%
Scarlet fever50%
Scan myocardial perfusion abnormal50%
Saliva discolouration50%
Saliva analysis50%
Root canal infection50%
Right ventricular systolic pressure50%
Rheumatoid factor quantitative50%
Retinogram abnormal50%
Retinal vascular disorder50%
Retinal injury50%
Renal cancer50%
Renal artery stenosis50%
Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis50%
Refusal of examination50%
Red blood cell schistocytes present50%
Red blood cell nucleated morphology present50%
Recalled product administered50%
Rash scarlatiniform50%
Radioallergosorbent test50%
Radial nerve compression50%
Pustular psoriasis50%
Puncture site oedema50%
Prothrombin level decreased50%
Prothrombin index50%
Protein C decreased50%
Product substitution issue50%
Product selection error50%
Product physical issue50%
Product formulation issue50%
Proctitis ulcerative50%
Procedural haemorrhage50%
Procedural complication50%
Premenstrual headache50%
Pregnancy with contraceptive device50%
Postural tremor50%
Post procedural infection50%
Postoperative wound complication50%
Postoperative thrombosis50%
Positive end-expiratory pressure50%
Poor venous access50%
Pneumonia streptococcal50%
Pneumonia klebsiella50%
Pleural fluid analysis50%
Pleural fibrosis50%
Peritonitis bacterial50%
Peripheral nerve paresis50%
Peripheral nerve decompression50%
Pelvic mass50%
Pelvic haematoma50%
Pelvic congestion50%
Patella fracture50%
Passive smoking50%
Parvovirus B19 test positive50%
Paratracheal lymphadenopathy50%
Panel-reactive antibody50%
Pancreatic pseudocyst50%
Palindromic rheumatism50%
Palate injury50%
Oxygen saturation immeasurable50%
Ovarian haemorrhage50%
Orthostatic heart rate response increased50%
Oral soft tissue biopsy50%
Oral discharge50%
Optic nerve infarction50%
Opiates negative50%
Oesophageal irritation50%
Oesophageal dilatation50%
Oedema genital50%
Obstructive shock50%
Norovirus test50%
Norepinephrine increased50%
Nerve stimulation test abnormal50%
Neoplasm recurrence50%
Neonatal disorder50%
Nail psoriasis50%
Musculoskeletal injury50%
Mucosal pain50%
Mouth cyst50%
Morbid thoughts50%
Mononeuropathy multiplex50%
Mixed anxiety and depressive disorder50%
Mitral valve stenosis50%
Milk allergy50%
Metamyelocyte percentage50%
Mallory-Weiss syndrome50%
Malignant ascites50%
Lymphatic obstruction50%
Lymphadenitis bacterial50%
Lung diffusion test50%
Lumbosacral radiculopathy50%
Long QT syndrome50%
Liver tenderness50%
Liver function test decreased50%
Libido increased50%
Leukaemia recurrent50%
Legionella infection50%
Laser therapy50%
Laryngoscopy abnormal50%
Laryngeal dyspnoea50%
Karyotype analysis50%
Jugular vein occlusion50%
Joint ankylosis50%
JC polyomavirus test50%
Ischaemic limb pain50%
Iris adhesions50%
Intrauterine contraception50%
Intracranial haematoma50%
Intra-ocular injection50%
Intestinal pseudo-obstruction50%
Intestinal mass50%
International normalised ratio fluctuation50%
Insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes mellitus50%
Injection site muscle atrophy50%
Injection site joint warmth50%
Injection site erosion50%
Ingrown hair50%
Infusion site pain50%
Infection reactivation50%
Infection parasitic50%
Infected dermal cyst50%
Infected bite50%
Incentive spirometry50%
Impulse-control disorder50%
Immunology test abnormal50%
Immunoglobulins decreased50%
Immunodeficiency common variable50%
IL-2 receptor assay50%
IIIrd nerve disorder50%
Hypokalaemic syndrome50%
Hypereosinophilic syndrome50%
Huntington's disease50%
Hunt and Hess scale50%
Human chorionic gonadotropin increased50%
Hormone replacement therapy50%
Histone antibody positive50%
Hepatorenal syndrome50%
Hepatocellular carcinoma50%
Hepatitis toxic50%
Hepatitis C virus core antigen50%
Hepatitis B surface antibody positive50%
Hepatitis B surface antibody negative50%
Hepatitis B core antibody positive50%
Hepatic necrosis50%
Hepatic cancer50%
Hepatic artery thrombosis50%
HELLP syndrome50%
Heat oedema50%
Hallucination, tactile50%
Haemorrhagic cyst50%
Haemophilus test positive50%
Haematoma infection50%
H1N1 influenza50%
Growing pains50%
Gross motor delay50%
Gravitational oedema50%
Granulocytes abnormal50%
Graft versus host disease50%
Gouty arthritis50%
Glossopharyngeal neuralgia50%
Genital herpes zoster50%
Gene mutation identification test positive50%
Gastrointestinal viral infection50%
Gastroenteritis Escherichia coli50%
Gait deviation50%
Fractured sacrum50%
Foetal monitoring normal50%
Female sex hormone level50%
Eye patch application50%
Eyelid thickening50%
Eyelid exfoliation50%
Eyelid bleeding50%
Extradural abscess50%
External compression headache50%
Exposure via eye contact50%
Exposure to vaccinated person50%
Executive dysfunction50%
Essential thrombocythaemia50%
Erythrodermic psoriasis50%
Enterovirus infection50%
Enterocolitis haemorrhagic50%
Endometrial hyperplasia50%
Endocarditis bacterial50%
Electrocardiogram ST-T segment elevation50%
Electrocardiogram Q waves50%
Early satiety50%
Ear infection bacterial50%
Drug withdrawal syndrome50%
Drug level decreased50%
Diffusion-weighted brain MRI abnormal50%
Diarrhoea infectious50%
Diaphragmatic hernia50%
Diabetic ketosis50%
Diabetic foot infection50%
Diabetic foot50%
Device function test50%
Dermatitis herpetiformis50%
Dental examination abnormal50%
Delusional disorder, unspecified type50%
Cytomegalovirus infection reactivation50%
Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma50%
Culture tissue specimen50%
CSF protein abnormal50%
CSF lymphocyte count abnormal50%
CSF culture positive50%
Cryoglobulins absent50%
Creatinine renal clearance increased50%
Coombs negative haemolytic anaemia50%
Contrast media reaction50%
Conjunctivitis viral50%
Conjunctival irritation50%
Computerised tomogram pancreas normal50%
Complement factor C3 increased50%
Complement factor C3 decreased50%
Colour vision tests50%
Cold agglutinins50%
Coagulation time shortened50%
Coagulation factor increased50%
Clinically isolated syndrome50%
Cirrhosis alcoholic50%
Choroidal neovascularisation50%
Change in sustained attention50%
Cervix haemorrhage uterine50%
Cervicogenic headache50%
Ceruloplasmin normal50%
Cerebral ventricular rupture50%
Cerebellar haematoma50%
Cerebellar atrophy50%
Cephalin flocculation50%
Central nervous system stimulation50%
Cells in urine50%
CD8 lymphocytes50%
CD4 lymphocytes decreased50%
Catecholamines urine50%
Cast application50%
Carotid pulse abnormal50%
Carotid pulse50%
Cardiac septal hypertrophy50%
Cardiac function test abnormal50%
Cardiac amyloidosis50%
Candida test negative50%
Campylobacter test positive50%
Calculus bladder50%
C1 esterase inhibitor test normal50%
Burn of internal organs50%
Burn oesophageal50%
Bone neoplasm50%
Bone lesion50%
Bone density decreased50%
Blood sodium abnormal50%
Blood pressure orthostatic decreased50%
Blood pressure ambulatory increased50%
Blood parathyroid hormone normal50%
Blood magnesium abnormal50%
Blood ketone body increased50%
Blood group A50%
Blood donation50%
Blood creatine phosphokinase MB decreased50%
Blood creatine phosphokinase abnormal50%
Blood chromium50%
Bladder sphincter atony50%
Bladder obstruction50%
Biopsy heart abnormal50%
Biopsy endometrium abnormal50%
Biopsy bone abnormal50%
Bilirubin conjugated decreased50%
Bile acid malabsorption50%
Beta globulin50%
Beta 2 globulin50%
Barrett's oesophagus50%
Barium swallow normal50%
Band neutrophil percentage increased50%
Autonomic dysreflexia50%
Autoimmune inner ear disease50%
Auditory nerve disorder50%
Asymptomatic bacteriuria50%
Aspergillus test negative50%
Arteriovenous fistula50%
Arteriogram abnormal50%
Arterial haemorrhage50%
Application site discolouration50%
Aortic embolus50%
Antisynthetase syndrome50%
Anti factor VIII antibody positive50%
Anticonvulsant drug level therapeutic50%
Anti-thrombin antibody50%
Anti-Muellerian hormone level50%
Anti-glomerular basement membrane disease50%
Anti-ganglioside antibody negative50%
Anti-complement antibody50%
Anamnestic reaction50%
Analgesic drug level therapeutic50%
Anaemia vitamin B12 deficiency50%
Amniotic cavity infection50%
Amniocentesis normal50%
Amino acid level increased50%
Amino acid level50%
Aldolase normal50%
Airway burns50%
Agglutination test50%
Administration site warmth50%
Administration site oedema50%
Administration site movement impairment50%
Adjustment disorder with depressed mood50%
Adenovirus infection50%
Adenosine deaminase50%
ADAMTS13 activity decreased50%
Acne pustular50%
Accident at home50%
Abscess jaw50%
Abdominal operation50%
Abdominal adhesions50%
Yersinia test40%
X-ray with contrast40%
Wrong dose40%
Wrong dosage formulation40%
Writer's cramp40%
Wrist deformity40%
Wound dehiscence40%
Withdrawal hypertension40%
Wisdom teeth removal40%
Winged scapula40%
Weight abnormal40%
Wall motion score index40%
Walking distance test normal40%
Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease40%
Vocal cord thickening40%
Vitamin E40%
Vitamin B complex deficiency40%
Visuospatial deficit40%
Visual acuity reduced transiently40%
Ventricular dyskinesia40%
Ventricular cisternostomy40%
Venous angioma of brain40%
Vasoplegia syndrome40%
Vascular stenosis40%
Vascular insufficiency40%
Vascular graft occlusion40%
Vascular catheterisation40%
Vaccination site hypertrophy40%
Uterine cyst40%
Uterine cancer40%
Urticaria thermal40%
Urine protein/creatinine ratio normal40%
Urine osmolarity40%
Urine electrophoresis40%
Urine chloride40%
Urinary tract infection enterococcal40%
Urinary occult blood negative40%
Upper respiratory tract endoscopy40%
Undifferentiated connective tissue disease40%
Umbilical cord abnormality40%
Ultrasound penis40%
Tyrosine kinase mutation assay40%
Type II hypersensitivity40%
Tympanic membrane hyperaemia40%
Tumour excision40%
Truncus coeliacus thrombosis40%
Troponin I decreased40%
Trisomy 1840%
Triple negative breast cancer40%
Trigeminal nerve paresis40%
Traumatic haemothorax40%
Transverse sinus stenosis40%
Transient lingual papillitis40%
Transferrin normal40%
Transferrin decreased40%
Transcranial electrical motor evoked potential monitoring40%
Total lung capacity40%
Total complement activity increased40%
Total cholesterol/HDL ratio normal40%
Total bile acids40%
Torsade de pointes40%
Tonsillitis streptococcal40%
Tongue pigmentation40%
Tongue cyst40%
Tolosa-Hunt syndrome40%
Toe amputation40%
Tinea versicolour40%
Tinea cruris40%
Tilt table test normal40%
Tidal volume40%
Thyroxine free abnormal40%
Thyroid hormones decreased40%
Thyroid calcification40%
Thrombin-antithrombin III complex40%
Threatened labour40%
Therapy interrupted40%
Therapeutic response delayed40%
Testicular torsion40%
Testicular mass40%
Temperature perception test increased40%
Teeth brittle40%
T-lymphocyte count decreased40%
Synovial fluid white blood cells positive40%
Synovial fluid crystal present40%
Swollen joint count40%
Sweat discolouration40%
Surgical procedure repeated40%
Supine position40%
Stroke volume40%
Streptococcal urinary tract infection40%
Streptobacillus infection40%
Sternal fracture40%
Squamous cell carcinoma of skin40%
Spirometry normal40%
Spinal cord injury thoracic40%
Spinal cord haemorrhage40%
Soluble fibrin monomer complex40%
Solar dermatitis40%
Smear site unspecified normal40%
Small airways disease40%
Sleep study normal40%
Sleep inertia40%
Skin turgor decreased40%
Skin graft40%
Sigmoidoscopy abnormal40%
Serratia infection40%
Seroconversion test negative40%
Sepsis syndrome40%
Sensory level40%
Sensory integrative dysfunction40%
Senile dementia40%
Seizure anoxic40%
Secondary transmission40%
Scrotal oedema40%
Scrotal erythema40%
Salmonella test40%
Russell's viper venom time normal40%
Rhesus antigen positive40%
Rhesus antigen40%
Rhesus antibodies positive40%
Rhesus antibodies40%
Retroplacental haematoma40%
Retinal pigment epitheliopathy40%
Retinal infarction40%
Retinal function test abnormal40%
Retinal degeneration40%
Reticulocyte percentage increased40%
Reticulocyte percentage40%
Retained placenta or membranes40%
Renal vascular thrombosis40%
Renal tubular injury40%
Renal scan normal40%
Reflex test abnormal40%
Rectal injury40%
Rectal examination abnormal40%
Reaction to colouring40%
Rash papulosquamous40%
Radial pulse increased40%
Quantitative sudomotor axon reflex test40%
Quantitative sensory testing40%
Pulse volume decreased40%
Pulse pressure decreased40%
Pulmonary microemboli40%
Pulmonary contusion40%
Pulmonary arterial pressure abnormal40%
Pubic pain40%
Psychological trauma40%
Pseudomonal bacteraemia40%
Pseudomembranous colitis40%
Prothrombin time abnormal40%
Prosthetic cardiac valve thrombosis40%
Prostatic specific antigen decreased40%
Prostate cancer metastatic40%
Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy40%
Product prescribing error40%
Procedural site reaction40%
Procedural nausea40%
Primary biliary cholangitis40%
Prenatal screening test abnormal40%
Pregnancy on contraceptive40%
Pregnancy after post coital contraception40%
Precancerous skin lesion40%
Porphyria acute40%
Polyarteritis nodosa40%
Pneumonia legionella40%
Pneumatosis intestinalis40%
Platelet morphology normal40%
Pilonidal cyst40%
Phlebitis deep40%
Peroneal nerve injury40%
Peripheral vein stenosis40%
Peripheral pulse decreased40%
Periodic acid Schiff stain40%
Percussion test40%
Penile discomfort40%
Pelvic fluid collection40%
Pelvic floor dysfunction40%
Pectus excavatum40%
Paroxysmal arrhythmia40%
Paresis cranial nerve40%
Paranasal sinus haemorrhage40%
Paralysis recurrent laryngeal nerve40%
Paradoxical embolism40%
Pancreatic enzymes40%
Pancreatic enlargement40%
Pancreatic atrophy40%
Palliative care40%
Pain threshold decreased40%
Pain management40%
Pacemaker generated rhythm40%
Oxygen consumption increased40%
Oropharyngeal candidiasis40%
Oromandibular dystonia40%
Organic brain syndrome40%
Oral viral infection40%
Oral surgery40%
Oral allergy syndrome40%
Optic perineuritis40%
Optical coherence tomography normal40%
Oestradiol normal40%
Oestradiol increased40%
Oedema blister40%
Ocular ischaemic syndrome40%
Occupational therapy40%
Nose deformity40%
Non-pitting oedema40%
Neutropenic sepsis40%
Nerve root injury40%
Nerve degeneration40%
Neonatal respiratory distress40%
Neonatal insufficient breast milk syndrome40%
Necrotising retinitis40%
Nasal turbinate hypertrophy40%
Nasal abscess40%
Nail bed disorder40%
Nail bed bleeding40%
Myeloid leukaemia40%
Mycotic allergy40%
Muscular dystrophy40%
Muscle necrosis40%
Muscle abscess40%
Mucosa vesicle40%
Mitral valve thickening40%
Microscopic polyangiitis40%
Methylmalonic aciduria40%
Metamyelocyte count increased40%
Mesenteric haemorrhage40%
Meningitis pneumococcal40%
Medical device removal40%
Mastoid effusion40%
Mandibular mass40%
Malaria antigen test40%
Magnetic therapy40%
Magnetic resonance elastography40%
Macrophage count40%
Lymphoblast count40%
Lung transplant rejection40%
Lung hypoinflation40%
Low density lipoprotein decreased40%
Lip and/or oral cavity cancer40%
Ligament injury40%
Learning disability40%
Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults40%
Laryngoscopy normal40%
Knee deformity40%
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis40%
Joint laxity40%
IVth nerve paresis40%
Iodine uptake40%
Iodine allergy40%
Intracardiac mass40%
Intra-uterine contraceptive device insertion40%
Intoxication by breast feeding40%
Intestinal angioedema40%
Interventricular septum rupture40%
Intentional underdose40%
Insulin resistant diabetes40%
Instillation site paraesthesia40%
Injection site necrosis40%
Injection site joint discomfort40%
Inflammatory marker decreased40%
Inflammatory carcinoma of the breast40%
Inflammation of wound40%
Infertility tests40%
Infective exacerbation of chronic obstructive airways disease40%
Infection in an immunocompromised host40%
Increased viscosity of bronchial secretion40%
Incorrect dose administered by product40%
Inadequate aseptic technique in use of product40%
Inadequate analgesia40%
Impaired fasting glucose40%
Immunoglobulins abnormal40%
Immune-mediated myositis40%
Illogical thinking40%
Iliotibial band syndrome40%
Idiopathic orbital inflammation40%
Idiopathic angioedema40%
Hysteroscopy normal40%
Hypothalamo-pituitary disorder40%
Hypnopompic hallucination40%
Hyperemesis gravidarum40%
Human ehrlichiosis40%
HTLV test40%
Hernia pain40%
Hereditary angioedema40%
Hepatojugular reflux40%
Hepatobiliary scan abnormal40%
Hepatitis C antibody positive40%
Hepatitis B virus test positive40%
Hepatitis A antigen negative40%
Hepatic cancer metastatic40%
Helicobacter gastritis40%
Heat cramps40%
Heart sounds normal40%
Heart alternation40%
Haemorrhagic pneumonia40%
Haemophilus infection40%
Haemolytic uraemic syndrome40%
Haematology test abnormal40%
Haematocrit abnormal40%
Gun shot wound40%
Groin abscess40%
Granulomatous lymphadenitis40%
Granulocyte count decreased40%
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency40%
Glomerulonephritis acute40%
Glomerular filtration rate abnormal40%
Gingivitis ulcerative40%
Genital hypoaesthesia40%
Genital discolouration40%
General physical condition normal40%
Generalised onset non-motor seizure40%
Gastrointestinal ulcer40%
Gastrointestinal surgery40%
Gastrointestinal carcinoma40%
Gastrointestinal bacterial overgrowth40%
Gallbladder rupture40%
Gallbladder polyp40%
Gallbladder hypofunction40%
Fundoscopy normal40%
Full blood count increased40%
Frontal sinus operation40%
Foreign body in gastrointestinal tract40%
Forced expiratory volume increased40%
Foot operation40%
Foetal heart rate increased40%
Foetal cystic hygroma40%
Foetal chromosome abnormality40%
Foetal cardiac disorder40%
Fluorescence angiogram normal40%
Flight of ideas40%
Fever neonatal40%
Fat necrosis40%
Family stress40%
Familial mediterranean fever40%
False positive investigation result40%
Fallopian tube operation40%
Faecal volume increased40%
Factor VIII deficiency40%
Factor V deficiency40%
Factitious disorder40%
Face and mouth X-ray normal40%
Eye abscess40%
External ear disorder40%
Exploratory operation40%
Ex-tobacco user40%
Escherichia pyelonephritis40%
Erythema migrans40%
Epidural haemorrhage40%
Eosinophilic myocarditis40%
Enterobacter infection40%
Enema administration40%
Endoscopy small intestine40%
Encephalitis brain stem40%
Electronystagmogram abnormal40%
Electrolyte depletion40%
Electrocardiogram T wave normal40%
Electrocardiogram T wave amplitude decreased40%
Electrocardiogram QT interval normal40%
Electrocardiogram low voltage40%
Eczema asteatotic40%
Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status40%
Ear tube insertion40%
Dural arteriovenous fistula40%
Drug resistance40%
Drug dispensed to wrong patient40%
Dressler's syndrome40%
Diverticular perforation40%
Diffuse vasculitis40%
Diffuse alveolar damage40%
Diabetic nephropathy40%
Device failure40%
Device expulsion40%
Dermoid cyst40%
Dermatologic examination normal40%
Dental restoration failure40%
Dehydroepiandrosterone decreased40%
Deformity thorax40%
Decreased embryo viability40%
Death of relative40%
Cytotoxic oedema40%
Cytomegalovirus viraemia40%
CSF white blood cell count positive40%
CSF pressure normal40%
CSF myelin basic protein normal40%
Coxsackie virus test positive40%
Counterfeit product administered40%
Corticosteroid binding globulin test40%
Coronary artery aneurysm40%
Coombs test negative40%
Coombs indirect test40%
Contraindicated product prescribed40%
Constricted affect40%
Conjunctival disorder40%
Computerised tomogram pancreas abnormal40%
Computerised tomogram liver abnormal40%
Complement factor increased40%
Complement factor C4 increased40%
Colon cancer metastatic40%
Coagulation factor VII level40%
Coagulation factor VIII level increased40%
Citrobacter infection40%
Cholangitis sclerosing40%
Chlamydia test positive40%
Chemical burn of skin40%
Cervix disorder40%
Cervical dysplasia40%
Cerebral hypoperfusion40%
Cerebral endovascular aneurysm repair40%
Cerebral cavernous malformation40%
Cerebellar artery occlusion40%
Cellulitis staphylococcal40%
Catheter management40%
Catheterisation venous40%
Cataract operation40%
Castleman's disease40%
Cardiothoracic ratio increased40%
Cardiac ventriculogram left abnormal40%
Capsular contracture associated with breast implant40%
Candida test positive40%
Cancer surgery40%
Calculus urinary40%
Caffeine allergy40%
Bundle branch block bilateral40%
Bronchoalveolar lavage normal40%
Bronchial oedema40%
Breakthrough pain40%
Brain stem auditory evoked response40%
Bone tuberculosis40%
Bone cyst40%
Body mass index increased40%
Blood zinc normal40%
Blood thrombin40%
Blood lead40%
Blood lactic acid abnormal40%
Blood lactate dehydrogenase decreased40%
Blood lactate dehydrogenase abnormal40%
Blood iron abnormal40%
Blood HIV RNA below assay limit40%
Blood ethanol increased40%
Blood creatine abnormal40%
Blood chromogranin A40%
Blood calcium abnormal40%
Blood calcitonin normal40%
Blood acid phosphatase40%
Blood 25-hydroxycholecalciferol decreased40%
Bleeding varicose vein40%
Biopsy vagina40%
Biopsy tonsil40%
Biopsy stomach40%
Biopsy prostate abnormal40%
Biopsy lung normal40%
Biopsy kidney normal40%
Biopsy breast normal40%
Biliary cyst40%
Beta-2 glycoprotein antibody positive40%
Benign neoplasm of thyroid gland40%
Benign neoplasm40%
Benign hydatidiform mole40%
Bartholin's cyst40%
Barbiturates negative40%
Bacterial disease carrier40%
B-lymphocyte count40%
Autoimmune thyroid disorder40%
Autoimmune neutropenia40%
Autoimmune anaemia40%
Aspiration joint abnormal40%
Aspergillus infection40%
Arterial injury40%
Arterial catheterisation abnormal40%
Application site reaction40%
Aplasia pure red cell40%
Aortic valve disease40%
Aortic aneurysm repair40%
Antiviral treatment40%
Antithrombin III deficiency40%
Anti factor Xa assay normal40%
Antiallergic therapy40%
Anogenital warts40%
Ankle operation40%
Angiogram retina abnormal40%
Angiogram peripheral40%
Amniotic fluid volume decreased40%
Alpha-1 anti-trypsin40%
Allergy to metals40%
Allergic respiratory disease40%
Alice in wonderland syndrome40%
Alcohol interaction40%
Albumin CSF increased40%
Airway secretion clearance therapy40%
Agitated depression40%
Adnexa uteri mass40%
Adenopathy syphilitic40%
Adenoma benign40%
Adenoidal hypertrophy40%
ADAMTS13 activity normal40%
Acute phase reaction40%
Acute haemorrhagic ulcerative colitis40%
Acute chest syndrome40%
Acute aseptic arthritis40%
Action tremor40%
Acoustic neuritis40%
Accident at work40%
Abstains from alcohol40%
Abdominal wall oedema40%
X-ray with contrast lower gastrointestinal tract30%
Wrong schedule30%
Wound necrosis30%
Weight gain poor30%
Weber tuning fork test30%
Warm type haemolytic anaemia30%
Vulval oedema30%
Vocal cord atrophy30%
Vitreoretinal traction syndrome30%
Vitamin B6 increased30%
Vitamin B230%
Visual tracking test abnormal30%
Visual pathway disorder30%
Viral sinusitis30%
Vestibular ataxia30%
Ventricular tachyarrhythmia30%
Ventricular failure30%
Venous stent insertion30%
Venous pressure jugular30%
Venous pressure30%
Vascular stent stenosis30%
Vascular procedure complication30%
Varicose vein ruptured30%
Vaginal mucosal blistering30%
Vaccination site phlebitis30%
Vaccination site abscess sterile30%
Urticarial dermatitis30%
Urticaria cholinergic30%
Urogram abnormal30%
Urine phosphorus normal30%
Urine cannabinoids increased30%
Urinary tract infection fungal30%
Urinary tract candidiasis30%
Urinary straining30%
Urethral spasm30%
Ureteric stenosis30%
Ureteric dilatation30%
Ureteral disorder30%
Urea urine30%
Urea renal clearance30%
Upper respiratory tract infection bacterial30%
Umbilical cord prolapse30%
Ultrasound pancreas normal30%
Ultrasound biliary tract abnormal30%
Ulna fracture30%
Tumefactive multiple sclerosis30%
Tryptase increased30%
Troponin C30%
Tri-iodothyronine free decreased30%
Treatment failure30%
Traumatic fracture30%
Transplant failure30%
Transitional cell carcinoma30%
Transferrin increased30%
Transcription medication error30%
Tracheal disorder30%
Topography corneal30%
Tonsillar exudate30%
Tonsillar cyst30%
Tonsil cancer30%
Tissue rupture30%
Thyroglossal cyst30%
Thyroglobulin increased30%
Thrombophlebitis septic30%
Thromboangiitis obliterans30%
Thrombin-antithrombin III complex normal30%
Therapeutic product effect delayed30%
Therapeutic procedure30%
Thalassaemia minor30%
Testis discomfort30%
Testis cancer30%
Synovial fluid cell count30%
Superficial injury of eye30%
Substance-induced psychotic disorder30%
Subretinal fluid30%
Subdural hygroma30%
Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus30%
Stroke in evolution30%
Stool DNA test30%
Stoma site rash30%
Stoma site discharge30%
Squamous cell carcinoma of lung30%
Sports injury30%
Splenic varices30%
Splenic lesion30%
Splenic cyst30%
Spirometry abnormal30%
Spinal myelogram normal30%
Spinal myelogram abnormal30%
Specific gravity urine abnormal30%
Specific gravity body fluid30%
Somatotropin stimulation test30%
Somatic symptom disorder of pregnancy30%
Soft tissue haemorrhage30%
Social problem30%
Smear vaginal abnormal30%
Smear buccal30%
Sinoatrial block30%
Single functional kidney30%
Sigmoidoscopy normal30%
Shoulder arthroplasty30%
Serum serotonin30%
Serology positive30%
Septic embolus30%
Semen volume decreased30%
Self-induced vomiting30%
Segmented hyalinising vasculitis30%
Secondary hypertension30%
Secondary adrenocortical insufficiency30%
Scrotal dermatitis30%
Scar inflammation30%
Scan spleen30%
Satoyoshi syndrome30%
SARS-CoV-2 test false negative30%
SARS-CoV-2 sepsis30%
SARS-CoV-2 RNA fluctuation30%
Salmonella test positive30%
Salivary gland neoplasm30%
Salivary gland mass30%
Rinne tuning fork test30%
Right ventricular diastolic collapse30%
Right hemisphere deficit syndrome30%
Rhythm idioventricular30%
Rheumatoid factor decreased30%
Retinal toxicity30%
Reticulocyte haemoglobin equivalent30%
Reticular cell count30%
Retained placenta operation30%
Restrictive pulmonary disease30%
Restrictive cardiomyopathy30%
Respiratory tract infection bacterial30%
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia magnitude abnormal30%
Residual urine volume30%
Renal transplant30%
Renal necrosis30%
Renal cell carcinoma30%
Renal cancer metastatic30%
Renal artery stent placement30%
Relapsing multiple sclerosis30%
Relapsing fever30%
Reduction of increased intracranial pressure30%
Red blood cell elliptocytes present30%
Red blood cell anisocytes present30%
Rectal examination normal30%
Rectal abscess30%
Recall phenomenon30%
Reaction to food additive30%
Rash maculovesicular30%
Rapid eye movements sleep abnormal30%
Radial pulse decreased30%
Pyramidal tract syndrome30%
Purpura non-thrombocytopenic30%
Puncture site haemorrhage30%
Punctate keratitis30%
Pulmonary venous hypertension30%
Pulmonary sensitisation30%
Pulmonary necrosis30%
Pulmonary hilar enlargement30%
Pulmonary cavitation30%
Pulmonary arterial pressure normal30%
Psychotic behaviour30%
Pseudomonas test positive30%
Pseudomonas test30%
Prostatic pain30%
Prostatic operation30%
Prophylaxis of nausea and vomiting30%
Prolonged pregnancy30%
Prolonged expiration30%
Product use complaint30%
Product taste abnormal30%
Product monitoring error30%
Product lot number issue30%
Product expiration date issue30%
Product administered by wrong person30%
Procedure aborted30%
Premature ejaculation30%
Pregnancy test false positive30%
Precancerous condition30%
Preauricular cyst30%
Poverty of speech30%
Post procedural contusion30%
Postprandial hypoglycaemia30%
Post polio syndrome30%
Postpartum state30%
Postoperative ileus30%
Post laminectomy syndrome30%
Post inflammatory pigmentation change30%
Post-tussive vomiting30%
Positron emission tomography-magnetic resonance imaging30%
Portal vein occlusion30%
Pneumonia necrotising30%
Pneumococcal sepsis30%
Pneumococcal bacteraemia30%
Pleural disorder30%
Platelet function test normal30%
Platelet factor 4 increased30%
Platelet anisocytosis30%
Platelet aggregation abnormal30%
Plasma cell count30%
Placenta praevia haemorrhage30%
Pityriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta30%
Pituitary haemorrhage30%
Pineal gland cyst30%
Physical examination of joints30%
Physical capacity evaluation30%
Pernio-like erythema30%
Peripheral nerve neurostimulation30%
Peripheral artery bypass30%
Periorbital inflammation30%
Perinatal depression30%
Pericarditis infective30%
Pericardial rub30%
Pericardial disease30%
Perfume sensitivity30%
Penile erythema30%
Paternal exposure before pregnancy30%
Patellofemoral pain syndrome30%
Paroxysmal atrioventricular block30%
Parenteral nutrition30%
Pancreatitis relapsing30%
Pancreatic carcinoma metastatic30%
Palpatory finding abnormal30%
Palmoplantar pustulosis30%
Palatal ulcer30%
Painful ejaculation30%
Overgrowth fungal30%
Ovarian operation30%
Otic examination normal30%
Osteonecrosis of jaw30%
Osteomyelitis acute30%
Oropharyngeal cobble stone mucosa30%
Organ donor30%
Oral mucosa haematoma30%
Oral lichenoid reaction30%
Oral administration complication30%
Optic nerve sheath haemorrhage30%
Optic disc disorder30%
Opiates positive30%
Oesophageal oedema30%
Oesophageal haemorrhage30%
Oesophageal cancer metastatic30%
Ocular rosacea30%
Obsessive thoughts30%
Nutritional assessment30%
Normochromic anaemia30%
Noninfective oophoritis30%
Non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol increased30%
Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis30%
Nipple inflammation30%
Nikolsky's sign30%
Neuropathic arthropathy30%
Neurogenic bowel30%
Neuroendocrine tumour30%
Neurodegenerative disorder30%
Nephrological examination30%
Nephritic syndrome30%
Neisseria test positive30%
Needle track marks30%
Necrotising colitis30%
Neck surgery30%
Natural killer T cell count30%
Nasal mucosal disorder30%
Nail growth abnormal30%
Myocardial bridging30%
Myelocyte percentage30%
Myelocyte count increased30%
Moyamoya disease30%
Morton's neuralgia30%
Morganella infection30%
Mood disorder due to a general medical condition30%
Monofilament pressure perception test30%
Monocyte count abnormal30%
Monoclonal immunoglobulin increased30%
Monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis30%
Monoblast count30%
Mole excision30%
Mitral valve disease30%
Mineral deficiency30%
Microbiology test normal30%
Metastatic lymphoma30%
Metastases to spine30%
Metastases to meninges30%
Metanephrine urine30%
Metabolic syndrome30%
Metabolic alkalosis30%
Mesenteric artery embolism30%
Mental disability30%
Mediastinal disorder30%
Maxillofacial operation30%
Matrix metalloproteinase-330%
Masticatory pain30%
Manufacturing product shipping issue30%
Manual lymphatic drainage30%
Mantle cell lymphoma30%
Manic symptom30%
Magnetic resonance imaging whole body30%
Magnetic resonance imaging renal30%
Magnetic resonance imaging breast abnormal30%
Macular rupture30%
Lymphoid tissue hyperplasia30%
Lymphocyte stimulation test30%
Lymphocyte morphology30%
Lymph node rupture30%
Lymphadenitis viral30%
Lung operation30%
Lung carcinoma cell type unspecified stage IV30%
Lumbosacral plexopathy30%
Low cardiac output syndrome30%
Low birth weight baby30%
Liver transplant rejection30%
Liver scan normal30%
Listeria test positive30%
Linear IgA disease30%
Limb crushing injury30%
Lichen planopilaris30%
Leucine aminopeptidase30%
Left atrial appendage closure implant30%
LE cells30%
Laryngitis viral30%
Laryngeal inflammation30%
Large intestinal stenosis30%
Large intestinal polypectomy30%
Large intestinal haemorrhage30%
Lactobacillus test positive30%
Lacrimation disorder30%
Lacrimal disorder30%
Labour pain30%
Knuckle pads30%
Kidney fibrosis30%
Kidney enlargement30%
Kernig's sign30%
Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy30%
Joint stabilisation30%
Joint range of motion measurement30%
Joint dislocation reduction30%
Ischaemic skin ulcer30%
Iron binding capacity total increased30%
Iris discolouration30%
Intraosseous access placement30%
Intraocular pressure decreased30%
Intra-uterine contraceptive device removal30%
Intra-abdominal pressure increased30%
Intestinal mucosal tear30%
Intervertebral disc annular tear30%
Interventional procedure30%
Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis30%
Internal fixation of fracture30%
Interleukin-2 receptor increased30%
Interferon gamma release assay positive30%
Intercepted product dispensing error30%
Intercepted product administration error30%
Intensive care unit acquired weakness30%
Injection site granuloma30%
Injection site eczema30%
Inguinal hernia repair30%
Infusion site extravasation30%
Infective tenosynovitis30%
Inadequate diet30%
Immunosuppressant drug level30%
Immunoglobulin G4 related disease30%
Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome30%
Immune-mediated hepatitis30%
Immobilisation syndrome30%
Iliac artery embolism30%
Hyponatraemic syndrome30%
Hypoglycaemic seizure30%
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy30%
Hyperactive pharyngeal reflex30%
Hydrogen breath test normal30%
Human papilloma virus test negative30%
Human papilloma virus test30%
Human herpes virus 8 test30%
HTLV-2 test30%
HTLV-1 test30%
Homans' sign positive30%
Holmes-Adie pupil30%
Hoffmann's sign30%
Histology abnormal30%
Histamine abnormal30%
Hippocampal atrophy30%
Herpes zoster meningoradiculitis30%
Hereditary ataxia30%
Hepatitis infectious mononucleosis30%
Hepatitis fulminant30%
Hepatitis D virus test30%
Hepatitis C virus test positive30%
Hepatitis B surface antigen positive30%
Hepatitis B core antigen30%
Hepatitis A virus test positive30%
Hepatitis alcoholic30%
Hepatic vascular thrombosis30%
Hepatic neoplasm30%
Hepatic infection30%
Hepatic haematoma30%
Heart valve replacement30%
Heart transplant30%
Heart rate variability increased30%
Hair injury30%
Haemorrhage subepidermal30%
Haemoglobin electrophoresis30%
Haematological malignancy30%
Growth disorder30%
Gouty tophus30%
Goodpasture's syndrome30%
Gingival recession30%
Gingival oedema30%
Giardia test30%
Geriatric assessment30%
Genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder30%
Genetic counselling30%
Gastrointestinal stoma complication30%
Gastrointestinal perforation30%
Gastrointestinal obstruction30%
Gastrointestinal neoplasm30%
Gastrointestinal fistula30%
Gastrointestinal bacterial infection30%
Gastric varices30%
Gastric polyps30%
Gastric lavage30%
Gait spastic30%
Fungal test positive30%
Francisella test30%
Fracture pain30%
Fractured coccyx30%
Fractional exhaled nitric oxide30%
Foreign body in eye30%
Forced expiratory volume decreased30%
Foetal non-stress test abnormal30%
Foetal heart rate normal30%
Foetal biophysical profile score abnormal30%
Fluid intake restriction30%
Floppy eyelid syndrome30%
Flavivirus test30%
Femoroacetabular impingement30%
Feminisation acquired30%
Female reproductive tract disorder30%
Female orgasmic disorder30%
Fear-related avoidance of activities30%
Familial risk factor30%
Faecal disimpaction30%
Factor Xa activity test30%
Eyelash discolouration30%
Eye infection viral30%
Eyeglasses therapy30%
Extravasation blood30%
Extranodal marginal zone B-cell lymphoma (MALT type)30%
External vagal nerve stimulation30%
External ear cellulitis30%
Exposure to noise30%
Exposure to allergen30%
Expanded disability status scale30%
Exercise test normal30%
Excessive granulation tissue30%
Epstein-Barr viraemia30%
Epidermal necrosis30%
Eosinophil count abnormal30%
Eosinophil cationic protein30%
Enzyme level abnormal30%
Enzyme activity normal30%
Enterovesical fistula30%
Enterococcus test positive30%
Enterobacter test positive30%
Enterobacter bacteraemia30%
Endothelial dysfunction30%
Endometrial disorder30%
Encephalitis post immunisation30%
Emphysematous cystitis30%
Electrophoresis normal30%
Electrocardiogram S1-S2-S3 pattern30%
Electrocardiogram RR interval30%
Electrocardiogram QT interval abnormal30%
Electrocardiogram P wave abnormal30%
ECG signs of myocardial infarction30%
ECG P wave inverted30%
Ear infection fungal30%
Drug exposure before pregnancy30%
Drug effect less than expected30%
Drug administered in wrong device30%
Drain of cerebral subdural space30%
Disturbance in social behaviour30%
Disease risk factor30%
Disease complication30%
Dilatation intrahepatic duct acquired30%
Digestive enzyme abnormal30%
Diffusion-weighted brain MRI30%
Diarrhoea neonatal30%
Diabetic hyperosmolar coma30%
Diabetic diet30%
Device use error30%
Device issue30%
Developmental delay30%
Dental operation30%
Dementia with Lewy bodies30%
Delusion of grandeur30%
Degenerative bone disease30%
Decreased insulin requirement30%
Decreased gait velocity30%
Death neonatal30%
Cytokine increased30%
Cytokine abnormal30%
Cystitis escherichia30%
Cystitis bacterial30%
Cystitis-like symptom30%
Cystic lymphangioma30%
Cystatin C30%
CYP2C19 gene status assay30%
Cyanosis central30%
Culture tissue specimen negative30%
CSF white blood cell count decreased30%
CSF protein decreased30%
CSF neutrophil count positive30%
CSF mononuclear cell count increased30%
CSF monocyte count increased30%
Crystal urine absent30%
Crystal urine30%
Creatinine renal clearance normal30%
Creatine urine increased30%
Cranial nerve injury30%
Cranial nerve infection30%
Cramp-fasciculation syndrome30%
Coxsackie viral infection30%
Corneal irritation30%
Corneal dystrophy30%
Corneal bleeding30%
Contraceptive implant30%
Contact lens intolerance30%
Congenital uterine anomaly30%
Congenital cystic kidney disease30%
Confusional arousal30%
Complement factor decreased30%
Combined immunodeficiency30%
Colorectal cancer30%
Colloid brain cyst30%
Cold type haemolytic anaemia30%
Coital bleeding30%
Cognitive linguistic deficit30%
Coagulation time abnormal30%
Coagulation factor X level normal30%
Coagulation factor XI level30%
Coagulation factor inhibitor assay30%
Clot retraction30%
Cleft palate30%
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia recurrent30%
Chronic disease30%
Chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection30%
Chromosome analysis abnormal30%
Chordae tendinae rupture30%
Cholangitis acute30%
Chlamydial infection30%
Change in seizure presentation30%
Cervical cord compression30%
Cerebrovascular insufficiency30%
Cerebral ventricle collapse30%
Cerebral vasoconstriction30%
Cerebral cyst30%
Cell marker30%
Cat scratch disease30%
Catheter site haemorrhage30%
Carpal tunnel decompression30%
Carotid bruit30%
Cardiovascular deconditioning30%
Cardiovascular autonomic function test30%
Cardiorenal syndrome30%
Cardiopulmonary exercise test normal30%
Cardiopulmonary bypass30%
Cardiac ventriculogram left normal30%
Cardiac pacemaker replacement30%
Cardiac electrophysiologic study abnormal30%
Carbohydrate antigen 125 increased30%
Carbohydrate antigen 19-9 increased30%
Campylobacter gastroenteritis30%
Bursitis infective30%
Bursal haematoma30%
Brugada syndrome30%
Brudzinski's sign30%
Brucella test30%
Bronchopulmonary aspergillosis30%
Bronchoalveolar lavage abnormal30%
Bronchitis viral30%
Breast prosthesis user30%
Brain stem auditory evoked response normal30%
Brain natriuretic peptide abnormal30%
Brain abscess30%
Bordetella test positive30%
Bordetella test30%
Bone scan abnormal30%
Bone marrow myelogram abnormal30%
Bone marrow myelogram30%
Bone cancer30%
Blood viscosity increased30%
Blood urea nitrogen/creatinine ratio decreased30%
Blood triglycerides abnormal30%
Blood pressure systolic normal30%
Blood pressure orthostatic normal30%
Blood pressure orthostatic increased30%
Blood pressure ambulatory abnormal30%
Blood pH abnormal30%
Blood parathyroid hormone decreased30%
Blood oestrogen abnormal30%
Blood immunoglobulin A decreased30%
Blood fibrinogen abnormal30%
Blood donor30%
Blood creatine decreased30%
Blood catecholamines normal30%
Blood bilirubin unconjugated normal30%
Blood antidiuretic hormone30%
Blood albumin abnormal30%
Blood 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol30%
Blindness cortical30%
Bladder neoplasm30%
Bladder neck operation30%
Bladder hydrodistension30%
Biopsy thyroid gland normal30%
Biopsy thyroid gland abnormal30%
Biopsy stomach abnormal30%
Biopsy small intestine30%
Biopsy prostate30%
Biopsy pharynx30%
Biopsy peripheral nerve30%
Biopsy chorionic villous30%
Biopsy bronchus30%
Biopsy bladder30%
Biochemical pregnancy30%
Binge eating30%
Biliary sepsis30%
Biliary catheter insertion30%
Bifascicular block30%
Biernacki's sign30%
Bicuspid aortic valve30%
Bence Jones protein urine30%
B-lymphocyte count decreased30%
Axial spondyloarthritis30%
Autonomic seizure30%
Autoimmune hypothyroidism30%
Autoimmune colitis30%
Atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome30%
Atherosclerotic plaque rupture30%
Aspiration joint normal30%
Aspiration bursa30%
Aspiration bone marrow abnormal30%
Arthritis viral30%
Arthritis enteropathic30%
Arterial spasm30%
Arterial revascularisation30%
Arrested labour30%
Application site warmth30%
Application site rash30%
Application site pruritus30%
Application site coldness30%
Aortic bruit30%
Antiribosomal P antibody30%
Antipsychotic drug level below therapeutic30%
Antigliadin antibody30%
Anti factor VIII antibody increased30%
Anti factor V antibody30%
Anticonvulsant drug level decreased30%
Anti-prothrombin antibody positive30%
Anti-platelet antibody positive30%
Anti-NMDA antibody30%
Anti-islet cell antibody30%
Anti-HLA antibody test30%
Anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody positive30%
Anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody negative30%
Anorectal swelling30%
Ankyloglossia congenital30%
Angina bullosa haemorrhagica30%
Anaphylactoid shock30%
Anal hypoaesthesia30%
Anal examination30%
Anaesthetic complication30%
Amphetamines positive30%
Amniotic fluid volume increased30%
Amniotic fluid index decreased30%
Amniotic fluid index30%
Amniocentesis abnormal30%
Alpha tumour necrosis factor increased30%
Alpha 2 globulin normal30%
Alpha 1 foetoprotein increased30%
Alopecia totalis30%
Allen's test30%
Alcohol problem30%
Alcoholic hangover30%
Airway patency device insertion30%
African trypanosomiasis30%
Aerococcus urinae infection30%
Adrenocorticotropic hormone deficiency30%
Adrenal neoplasm30%
Administration site rash30%
Administration site joint movement impairment30%
Adenovirus test positive30%
Adenocarcinoma of colon30%
ADAMTS13 inhibitor screen assay30%
Acute promyelocytic leukaemia30%
Acute monocytic leukaemia30%
Acute aortic syndrome30%
Activated partial thromboplastin time ratio decreased30%
Acquired epidermolysis bullosa30%
Achenbach syndrome30%
Acetabulum fracture30%
Abscess of eyelid30%
Abscess intestinal30%
Abortion spontaneous complete30%
Abortion early30%
Abdominal wall haemorrhage30%
Abdominal rebound tenderness30%
Abdominal neoplasm30%
Abdominal cavity drainage30%
X-ray therapy to blood20%
Wound infection staphylococcal20%
White blood cells stool positive20%
White blood cells stool negative20%
West Nile virus test positive20%
Wernicke's encephalopathy20%
Weight loss poor20%
Weaning failure20%
Water intoxication20%
Vth nerve injury20%
Von Willebrand's factor antigen increased20%
Von Willebrand's factor antibody20%
Vomiting psychogenic20%
Volvulus of small bowel20%
Vitreous opacities20%
Vitreous haze20%
VIth nerve paresis20%
Vitello-intestinal duct remnant20%
Vitamin K decreased20%
Vitamin D increased20%
Vital capacity normal20%
Visual agnosia20%
Visceral congestion20%
Virologic failure20%
Viral titre decreased20%
Viral load increased20%
Viral diarrhoea20%
Victim of abuse20%
Vibration test20%
Vessel harvesting20%
Very low density lipoprotein increased20%
Vertebral wedging20%
Vertebral artery hypoplasia20%
Vertebral artery arteriosclerosis20%
Ventricular internal diameter abnormal20%
Ventricular dyssynchrony20%
Venous valve ruptured20%
Venous recanalisation20%
Venous oxygen saturation normal20%
Venous oxygen partial pressure20%
Vena cava filter removal20%
Vena cava embolism20%
Vasodilation procedure20%
Vasculitis gastrointestinal20%
Vascular stent occlusion20%
Vascular stent insertion20%
Vascular skin disorder20%
Vascular malformation20%
Vascular dissection20%
Vascular device infection20%
Vascular access site thrombosis20%
Vascular access site bruising20%
Varicose ulceration20%
Varicella post vaccine20%
Vaccine associated enhanced disease20%
Vaccination site vasculitis20%
Vaccination site ischaemia20%
Vaccination site granuloma20%
Vaccination site cyst20%
Uterine tenderness20%
Uterine prolapse20%
Uterine mass20%
Uterine enlargement20%
Uterine cervical pain20%
Urticaria vesiculosa20%
Urogram normal20%
Urogenital haemorrhage20%
Urine sodium normal20%
Urine sodium decreased20%
Urine protein/creatinine ratio increased20%
Urine potassium decreased20%
Urine porphobilinogen increased20%
Urine osmolarity normal20%
Urine osmolarity increased20%
Urine osmolarity decreased20%
Urine copper20%
Urine calcium/creatinine ratio20%
Urine bilirubin decreased20%
Urine barbiturates20%
Urine alcohol test negative20%
Urine albumin/creatinine ratio increased20%
Urinary tract toxicity20%
Urinary tract infection pseudomonal20%
Urinary system x-ray abnormal20%
Urinary stone analysis20%
Urinary casts present20%
Urethral stenosis20%
Urethral disorder20%
Ureteric obstruction20%
Umbilical erythema20%
Umbilical cord thrombosis20%
Ultrasound testes normal20%
Ultrasound prostate20%
Ultrasound pancreas abnormal20%
Ulcerative gastritis20%
Type V hyperlipidaemia20%
Type IIa hyperlipidaemia20%
Tumour haemorrhage20%
Tubulointerstitial nephritis and uveitis syndrome20%
Trunk injury20%
Trousseau's sign20%
Troponin I abnormal20%
Trisomy 1320%
Tri-iodothyronine free abnormal20%
Trematode infection20%
Transvalvular pressure gradient20%
Transplant evaluation20%
Transaminases decreased20%
Transaminases abnormal20%
Tracheobronchitis bacterial20%
Tracheal injury20%
Tracheal haemorrhage20%
Tracheal compression20%
Toxic nodular goitre20%
Total cholesterol/HDL ratio decreased20%
Tooth erosion20%
Tooth development disorder20%
Tongue thrust20%
Tongue induration20%
Tongue fungal infection20%
Tongue abscess20%
Tissue infiltration20%
Tinea capitis20%
Tidal volume decreased20%
Thyroxin binding globulin20%
Thyroid releasing hormone challenge test20%
Thyroid neoplasm20%
Thyroid gland scan normal20%
Thymus disorder20%
Thrombosis prophylaxis20%
Thrombopoietin level abnormal20%
Thrombin time prolonged20%
Thrombin time normal20%
Thiopurine methyltransferase20%
Therapeutic response increased20%
Therapeutic response changed20%
Therapeutic product effect increased20%
Therapeutic aspiration20%
Thecal sac compression20%
Testicular oedema20%
Tensor fasciae latae syndrome20%
Tensilon test20%
Tendon calcification20%
Temporary mechanical circulatory support20%
Temperature perception test normal20%
Temperature perception test abnormal20%
Tachycardia induced cardiomyopathy20%
T-lymphocyte count abnormal20%
T-cell lymphoma20%
Systemic candida20%
Synovial disorder20%
Symptom masked20%
Swollen tear duct20%
Sweat gland infection20%
Sweat gland disorder20%
Suspected product contamination20%
Susac's syndrome20%
Surgical stapling20%
Supportive care20%
Superior mesenteric artery syndrome20%
Superficial vein thrombosis20%
Suicide threat20%
Subclavian vein stenosis20%
Subclavian artery stenosis20%
Subclavian artery occlusion20%
Subclavian artery embolism20%
Subclavian artery aneurysm20%
Subcapsular renal haematoma20%
Subarachnoid haematoma20%
Stroke volume decreased20%
Streptobacillus test positive20%
Strawberry tongue20%
Stoma site pain20%
Stoma site hypergranulation20%
Stomach scan20%
Steroid dependence20%
Stereotactic electroencephalography20%
Stem cell transplant20%
Stem cell therapy20%
Staphylococcal skin infection20%
Sputum normal20%
Splenic injury20%
Splenic infection20%
Splenic granuloma20%
Splenic artery embolisation20%
Spleen scan normal20%
Spine malformation20%
Spinal stroke20%
Spinal nerve stimulator implantation20%
Spinal flattening20%
Spinal cord neoplasm20%
Spinal cord injury cauda equina20%
Spinal cord infection20%
Spinal cord haematoma20%
Spinal cord drainage20%
Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction20%
Spherocytic anaemia20%
Sperm concentration decreased20%
Speech rehabilitation20%
Somatic dysfunction20%
Solar urticaria20%
Soft tissue necrosis20%
Small intestine carcinoma20%
Small intestinal perforation20%
Small intestinal anastomosis20%
Slit-lamp tests abnormal20%
SLE arthritis20%
Skull X-ray normal20%
Skin ulcer haemorrhage20%
Skin neoplasm excision20%
Skin fragility20%
Skin culture positive20%
Skin cosmetic procedure20%
Sinus polyp20%
Single umbilical artery20%
Silent thyroiditis20%
Silent myocardial infarction20%
Sigmoid-shaped ventricular septum20%
Sickle cell disease20%
Sex hormone binding globulin20%
Seroconversion test20%
Septic pulmonary embolism20%
Septic encephalopathy20%
Sensory neuropathy hereditary20%
Sense of a foreshortened future20%
Semen discolouration20%
Self esteem decreased20%
Seizure prophylaxis20%
Second primary malignancy20%
Secondary syphilis20%
Secondary cerebellar degeneration20%
Scrotal cellulitis20%
Scleral oedema20%
Scleral buckling surgery20%
Sciatic nerve palsy20%
Scan parathyroid20%
Scan bone marrow normal20%
Scan bone marrow20%
SARS-CoV-2 carrier20%
SAPHO syndrome20%
Salt intoxication20%
Salmonella sepsis20%
Salivary gland mucocoele20%
Salivary duct obstruction20%
Saccadic eye movement20%
Russell's viper venom time abnormal20%
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy20%
Rubivirus test positive20%
Rotavirus test20%
Rotavirus infection20%
Robotic surgery20%
Right atrial pressure increased20%
Reversible ischaemic neurological deficit20%
Reversible airways obstruction20%
Revascularisation procedure20%
Retinitis pigmentosa20%
Retinal scar20%
Retinal function test normal20%
Retinal fovea disorder20%
Respiratory therapy20%
Respiratory disorder neonatal20%
Respiratory depth decreased20%
Repetitive strain injury20%
Renin normal20%
Renal vasculitis20%
Renal surgery20%
Renal neoplasm20%
Renal hypertrophy20%
Renal haematoma20%
Renal fusion anomaly20%
Renal cyst haemorrhage20%
Rehabilitation therapy20%
Refraction disorder20%
Red blood cell microcytes present20%
Recurrent cancer20%
Rectal spasm20%
Rectal cancer20%
Rebound effect20%
Rash rubelliform20%
Radioactive iodine therapy20%
QRS axis normal20%
Puncture site swelling20%
Puncture site reaction20%
Puncture site haematoma20%
Pulmonary vasculitis20%
Pulmonary valve disease20%
Pulmonary tuberculosis20%
Pulmonary resection20%
Pulmonary hypoperfusion20%
Pulmonary hilum mass20%
Pulmonary artery wall hypertrophy20%
Pulmonary artery compression20%
Pulmonary arterial wedge pressure20%
Pulmonary amyloidosis20%
Pulmonary air leakage20%
Pudendal canal syndrome20%
Psychiatric investigation20%
Proteus infection20%
Protein S increased20%
Protein S deficiency20%
Protein S decreased20%
Protein C deficiency20%
Protein albumin ratio normal20%
Prolonged labour20%
Progressive supranuclear palsy20%
Progressive macular hypomelanosis20%
Progesterone abnormal20%
Product substitution error20%
Product origin unknown20%
Product intolerance20%
Product delivery mechanism issue20%
Product container seal issue20%
Primary familial brain calcification20%
Premature ageing20%
Pregnancy with advanced maternal age20%
Pregnancy on oral contraceptive20%
Precancerous cells present20%
Poverty of thought content20%
Potassium chloride sensitivity test abnormal20%
Potassium chloride sensitivity test20%
Postpartum venous thrombosis20%
Postictal headache20%
Posthaemorrhagic hydrocephalus20%
Posterior fossa decompression20%
Posterior capsule opacification20%
Post-traumatic neuralgia20%
Post-traumatic amnestic disorder20%
Positive expiratory pressure therapy20%
Portal venous gas20%
Portal vein embolism20%
Portal fibrosis20%
Poor personal hygiene20%
Polyglandular autoimmune syndrome type I20%
POEMS syndrome20%
PO2 abnormal20%
Pneumothorax traumatic20%
Pneumonia respiratory syncytial viral20%
Pneumonia chlamydial20%
Pneumococcal immunisation20%
Pleurisy viral20%
Pleural rub20%
Pleural decortication20%
Pleural calcification20%
Pleomorphic adenoma20%
Platelet function test abnormal20%
Plasminogen normal20%
Plasma cells increased20%
Plasma cell myeloma recurrent20%
Plantar fascial fibromatosis20%
Picornavirus infection20%
pH urine increased20%
Phrenic nerve injury20%
Phospholipase A2 activity increased20%
Philadelphia chromosome positive20%
Pharyngeal pustule20%
Pharyngeal neoplasm20%
Pharyngeal cyst20%
Phantom vibration syndrome20%
Phalen's test positive20%
Peyronie's disease20%
Peritoneal fluid analysis abnormal20%
Peritoneal disorder20%
Peritoneal dialysis20%
Peripheral artery stent insertion20%
Peripartum cardiomyopathy20%
Peripancreatic fluid collection20%
Periorbital irritation20%
Periodontal disease20%
Periodic limb movement disorder20%
Perineal rash20%
Perineal injury20%
Perineal disorder20%
Perihepatic discomfort20%
Pericardial mass20%
Pericardial drainage test20%
Penile curvature20%
Penile burning sensation20%
Penile blister20%
Penetrating aortic ulcer20%
Pelvic floor muscle weakness20%
Pelvi-ureteric obstruction20%
Peak nasal inspiratory flow test20%
Peak expiratory flow rate abnormal20%
Pathological fracture20%
Paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity20%
Parotid duct obstruction20%
Parietal cell antibody normal20%
Parasitic gastroenteritis20%
Paraneoplastic syndrome20%
Paraneoplastic arthritis20%
Paralytic lagophthalmos20%
Paraganglion neoplasm20%
Paradoxical pressor response20%
Paradoxical drug reaction20%
Papillary thyroid cancer20%
Pancreatitis haemorrhagic20%
Pancreatic steatosis20%
Pancreatic neoplasm20%
Pancreatic injury20%
Pancreatic enzyme abnormality20%
Pancreatic duct dilatation20%
Painful erection20%
Paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infection20%
Pacemaker generated arrhythmia20%
Overgrowth bacterial20%
Ovarian failure20%
Otoscopy normal20%
Ostomy bag placement20%
Orchitis noninfective20%
Orbital space occupying lesion20%
Orbital myositis20%
Oral mucosa erosion20%
Optic nerve cupping20%
Optic nerve compression20%
Optic disc haemorrhage20%
Opportunistic infection20%
Ophthalmoplegic migraine20%
Ophthalmic fluid drainage20%
Open globe injury20%
Open angle glaucoma20%
Oestrogen receptor assay20%
Oesophageal perforation20%
Oesophageal motility test20%
Oesophageal motility disorder20%
Oesophageal manometry20%
Oesophageal food impaction20%
Oesophageal carcinoma20%
Oedema due to cardiac disease20%
Oculomotor study20%
Ocular dysmetria20%
Obturator hernia20%
Nutritional condition abnormal20%
Notalgia paraesthetica20%
Norovirus test positive20%
Norovirus infection20%
Normal labour20%
Noninfective myringitis20%
Noninfectious myelitis20%
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease20%
Nodular rash20%
Nitrate compound therapy20%
NIH stroke scale score decreased20%
Nicotine dependence20%
Neutrophil toxic granulation present20%
Neutrophil percentage abnormal20%
Neuropsychiatric syndrome20%
Neurone-specific enolase20%
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome20%
Neurodevelopment test20%
Neuro-ophthalmological test20%
Neonatal asphyxia20%
Neonatal anoxia20%
Neglect of personal appearance20%
Necrotising ulcerative gingivostomatitis20%
Necrotising myositis20%
Necrosis ischaemic20%
Neck exploration20%
Neck deformity20%
Neck crushing20%
Natural killer cell count20%
Nasal vestibulitis20%
Nasal septum disorder20%
Nasal mucosal discolouration20%
Nail pigmentation20%
Nail injury20%
Nail infection20%
Nail avulsion20%
Myoglobin urine present20%
Myoclonic dystonia20%
Myocarditis infectious20%
Myocardial hypoxia20%
Myeloproliferative neoplasm20%
Myeloblast count20%
Mycobacterium avium complex infection20%
Mycetoma mycotic20%
Multiple system atrophy20%
Multiple sclerosis relapse prophylaxis20%
Multiple chemical sensitivity20%
Multifocal motor neuropathy20%
Mucosal hyperaemia20%
Mucosal erosion20%
MPL gene mutation20%
Montreal cognitive assessment abnormal20%
Mononucleosis syndrome20%
Mononuclear cell count increased20%
Monocyte percentage abnormal20%
Monoclonal immunoglobulin present20%
Monoclonal antibody immunoconjugate therapy20%
Mixed incontinence20%
Mixed deafness20%
Mitral valve replacement20%
Mitral valve repair20%
Mitogen stimulation test20%
Mite allergy20%
Minimum inhibitory concentration20%
Mini mental status examination abnormal20%
Minimal residual disease20%
Mineral metabolism disorder20%
Migraine prophylaxis20%
Methaemoglobin urine absent20%
Metastatic malignant melanoma20%
Metastatic carcinoid tumour20%
Metal poisoning20%
Mesenteric vascular occlusion20%
Mesenteric haematoma20%
Mesenteric artery aneurysm20%
Menopause delayed20%
Meningoencephalitis viral20%
Meningioma benign20%
Melanoma recurrent20%
Meige's syndrome20%
Medical procedure20%
Medical device pain20%
Mediastinal haemorrhage20%
Meconium aspiration syndrome20%
Measles antibody positive20%
Measles antibody negative20%
Mean arterial pressure increased20%
Mean arterial pressure decreased20%
Maximum heart rate20%
Maximal voluntary ventilation20%
Maternal death during childbirth20%
Mast cell degranulation test20%
Mast cell degranulation present20%
Marrow hyperplasia20%
Manufacturing issue20%
Mantle cell lymphoma recurrent20%
Malignant pleural effusion20%
Malignant peritoneal neoplasm20%
Malignant neoplasm removal20%
Malignant neoplasm progression20%
Malformation venous20%
Malaria antibody test negative20%
Magnetic resonance neurography20%
Magnetic resonance imaging pancreas20%
Magnetic resonance imaging breast normal20%
Macula thickness measurement20%
Macular detachment20%
Macrophages increased20%
Lymphomatoid papulosis20%
Lymphocytic leukaemia20%
Lymph node calcification20%
Lymphatic system neoplasm20%
Lymphatic mapping20%
Lymphatic insufficiency20%
Lung transplant20%
Lung lobectomy20%
Lung carcinoma cell type unspecified recurrent20%
Lung adenocarcinoma20%
Lower motor neurone lesion20%
Low density lipoprotein abnormal20%
Loss of employment20%
Long thoracic nerve palsy20%
Local anaesthesia20%
Liver transplant20%
Liver scan abnormal20%
Lip neoplasm20%
Lip infection20%
Lip haematoma20%
Lip erosion20%
Lipase abnormal20%
Limb amputation20%
Limbal swelling20%
Ligament operation20%
Life expectancy shortened20%
Lid lag20%
Lichen striatus20%
Lichen nitidus20%
Libido disorder20%
Leukocyte alkaline phosphatase20%
Lesion excision20%
Leriche syndrome20%
Left-to-right cardiac shunt20%
Learning disorder20%
LDL/HDL ratio decreased20%
Latent tuberculosis20%
Laryngitis allergic20%
Laryngeal haemorrhage20%
Laryngeal erythema20%
Lactobacillus infection20%
Lacrimal haemorrhage20%
Lack of vaccination site rotation20%
Lack of injection site rotation20%
Labour complication20%
Laboratory test interference20%
Labelled drug-drug interaction issue20%
Klebsiella sepsis20%
Kidney transplant rejection20%
Kidney small20%
Kidney contusion20%
Joint position sense decreased20%
Joint microhaemorrhage20%
Joint arthroplasty20%
Joint adhesion20%
Joint abscess20%
IVth nerve disorder20%
Isocitrate dehydrogenase gene mutation20%
Iron binding capacity total abnormal20%
Iris disorder20%
Iodine uptake increased20%
Invasive lobular breast carcinoma20%
Invasive breast carcinoma20%
Intraocular pressure test normal20%
Intracranial hypotension20%
Intracerebral haematoma evacuation20%
Intra-cerebral aneurysm operation20%
Intestinal congestion20%
Intestinal atony20%
Intestinal angina20%
Intestinal adhesion lysis20%
Internal carotid artery deformity20%
Interleukin therapy20%
Interferon gamma normal20%
Intercepted medication error20%
Insurance issue20%
Insulin C-peptide decreased20%
Instillation site pain20%
Instillation site exfoliation20%
Inspiratory capacity20%
Injection site laceration20%
Injection site hypertrophy20%
Injection site hyperaesthesia20%
Injection site fibrosis20%
Inhibiting antibodies positive20%
Infusion related hypersensitivity reaction20%
Infective thrombosis20%
Infective spondylitis20%
Infectious disease carrier20%
Infected seroma20%
Infantile spitting up20%
Incorrect drug administration rate20%
Inclusion body myositis20%
Incision site swelling20%
Incision site impaired healing20%
Incision site erythema20%
Incision site abscess20%
Incarcerated umbilical hernia20%
Implant site warmth20%
Implant site swelling20%
Implant site extravasation20%
Immune agglutinins20%
Immune-mediated neuropathy20%
Immobilisation prolonged20%
Imaging procedure artifact20%
Iliac vein occlusion20%
Iliac artery stenosis20%
Ileal perforation20%
Hysteroscopy abnormal20%
Hypotony of eye20%
Hypoglycaemic unconsciousness20%
Hypoglycaemic coma20%
Hypoglossal nerve paresis20%
Hypoglossal nerve disorder20%
Hypocoagulable state20%
Hyperviscosity syndrome20%
Hypertensive end-organ damage20%
Hypertensive cardiomyopathy20%
Hypertensive angiopathy20%
Hypersomnia-bulimia syndrome20%
Hyperresponsive to stimuli20%
Hyperosmolar state20%
Hyperchromic anaemia20%
Hypercapnic coma20%
Hydrogen breath test20%
Human anaplasmosis20%
Hookworm infection20%
Histone antibody negative20%
Histamine release test20%
Histamine normal20%
Hippocampal sclerosis20%
High foetal head20%
High-pitched crying20%
Hereditary spherocytosis20%
Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies20%
Hepatobiliary scan normal20%
Hepatitis C RNA negative20%
Hepatitis C core antibody negative20%
Hepatitis B immunisation20%
Hepatitis B DNA increased20%
Hepatitis B DNA assay negative20%
Hepatitis B antigen positive20%
Hepatic vein dilatation20%
Hepatic perfusion disorder20%
Hepatic ischaemia20%
Hepatic hypertrophy20%
Hepatic fibrosis20%
Hepatic enzyme decreased20%
Hepatic embolisation20%
Helminthic infection20%
Heliotrope rash20%
Heart valve stenosis20%
Heart valve calcification20%
Heart transplant rejection20%
Head deformity20%
HCoV-OC43 infection20%
Hair growth rate abnormal20%
Haemorrhagic vasculitis20%
Haemorrhagic urticaria20%
Haemorrhagic arteriovenous malformation20%
Haemoglobin urine absent20%
Haemoglobin E20%
Haemoglobin C20%
Group B streptococcus neonatal sepsis20%
Grief reaction20%
Granulomatous liver disease20%
Granulomatous dermatitis20%
Granuloma skin20%
Good syndrome20%
Gomori methenamine silver stain20%
Glycated albumin20%
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase normal20%
Glaucoma drainage device placement20%
Gingival injury20%
Gilbert's syndrome20%
Giant papillary conjunctivitis20%
Genital infection fungal20%
Genital disorder20%
Genital discharge20%
Genital cyst20%
Genital abscess20%
Gastrointestinal stromal tumour20%
Gastrointestinal polyp haemorrhage20%
Gastrointestinal malformation20%
Gastrointestinal arteriovenous malformation20%
Gastroenteritis norovirus20%
Gastroenteritis bacterial20%
Gastric volvulus20%
Gastric varices haemorrhage20%
Gastric cancer20%
Gastric aspiration procedure20%
Gas gangrene20%
Gardnerella test negative20%
Fracture treatment20%
Fractional exhaled nitric oxide abnormal20%
Fractional excretion of sodium20%
Fowler's position20%
Foreign body reaction20%
Foreign body in ear20%
Forceps delivery20%
Forced expiratory flow20%
Foot amputation20%
Foetal movement disorder20%
Foetal macrosomia20%
Foetal distress syndrome20%
Foetal anaemia20%
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis20%
Fluid wave test20%
Flavivirus test negative20%
Fistula discharge20%
Finger amputation20%
Fibronectin normal20%
Fibronectin decreased20%
Fibroadenoma of breast20%
Fibrin increased20%
Fertility increased20%
Female sterilisation20%
Female sexual dysfunction20%
Female genital tract fistula20%
Feeding intolerance20%
Febrile bone marrow aplasia20%
Familial hemiplegic migraine20%
False negative investigation result20%
False labour20%
Failed induction of labour20%
Faecal elastase test20%
Faecal elastase concentration decreased20%
Factor VII deficiency20%
Face crushing20%
Face and mouth X-ray abnormal20%
Eye pH test20%
Eye opacity20%
Eyelid retraction20%
Eyelid myokymia20%
Eyelid cyst removal20%
Eyelid boil20%
Exposure via partner20%
Exposure to contaminated water20%
Exposure to contaminated device20%
Exercise adequate20%
Excessive exercise20%
Erythrocyte osmotic fragility test20%
Erythema marginatum20%
Erosive oesophagitis20%
Epileptic encephalopathy20%
Epidural lipomatosis20%
Eosinophilic pustular folliculitis20%
Eosinophilic pneumonia chronic20%
Eosinophilic pneumonia acute20%
Eosinophilic cellulitis20%
Eosinophilic bronchitis20%
Enzyme activity assay20%
Environmental exposure20%
Enterococcus test20%
Enterococcal bacteraemia20%
Endoscopy small intestine abnormal20%
Endoscopy gastrointestinal normal20%
Endoscopy gastrointestinal abnormal20%
Endoscopic ultrasound abnormal20%
Endoscopic swallowing evaluation20%
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography abnormal20%
Endocarditis noninfective20%
Endobronchial ultrasound20%
End-tidal CO220%
Enamel anomaly20%
Embolic cerebellar infarction20%
Elliptocytosis hereditary20%
Electrophoresis protein abnormal20%
Electrophoresis abnormal20%
Electronic cigarette user20%
Electrolyte substitution therapy20%
Electrocardiogram delta waves abnormal20%
Elective procedure20%
Elbow operation20%
Elbow deformity20%
Ejaculation delayed20%
EGFR gene mutation20%
Eczema vesicular20%
Eczema infected20%
Eczema infantile20%
Ectopic pregnancy with contraceptive device20%
Ectopic pregnancy termination20%
Echovirus test negative20%
Early retirement20%
Dysaesthesia pharynx20%
Duodenal ulcer perforation20%
Dumping syndrome20%
Dry weight evaluation20%
Dry skin prophylaxis20%
Dry lung syndrome20%
Dry gangrene20%
Drug trough level20%
Drug tolerance20%
Drug therapy20%
Drug provocation test20%
Drug monitoring procedure incorrectly performed20%
Drug dose omission by device20%
Drug dependence20%
Dropped head syndrome20%
Drain removal20%
Diverticulitis intestinal perforated20%
Diverticulitis intestinal haemorrhagic20%
Disseminated tuberculosis20%
Disability assessment scale20%
Directional Doppler flow tests normal20%
Directional Doppler flow tests20%
Dilated pores20%
Diet failure20%
Dialysis related complication20%
Dialysis device insertion20%
Diabetic retinopathy20%
Dexamethasone suppression test20%
Device use confusion20%
Device temperature issue20%
Device infusion issue20%
Device embolisation20%
Device defective20%
Detachment of retinal pigment epithelium20%
Detachment of macular retinal pigment epithelium20%
Dengue virus test negative20%
Delusional disorder, persecutory type20%
Delusional disorder, erotomanic type20%
Delayed recovery from anaesthesia20%
Degenerative mitral valve disease20%
Deficiency of bile secretion20%
Decorticate posture20%
Cytomegalovirus syndrome20%
Cytomegalovirus colitis20%
Cystic fibrosis20%
Cyst aspiration20%
Cyclothymic disorder20%
Culture throat positive20%
Culture cervix negative20%
CT hypotension complex20%
CSF polymorphonuclear cell count increased20%
CSF myelin basic protein increased20%
CSF myelin basic protein20%
CSF cell count decreased20%
Crystal arthropathy20%
Cryoglobulins present20%
CREST syndrome20%
Creatinine urine decreased20%
Creatine urine20%
Cranial nerve decompression20%
COVID-19 treatment20%
Cortisol free urine20%
Cortisol abnormal20%
Cortical laminar necrosis20%
Coronary ostial stenosis20%
Coronary artery reocclusion20%
Corneal transplant20%
Corneal infiltrates20%
Corneal infection20%
Corneal erosion20%
Corneal epithelium defect20%
Corneal degeneration20%
Coombs positive haemolytic anaemia20%
Conus medullaris syndrome20%
Contraindication to medical treatment20%
Contraceptive diaphragm20%
Connective tissue inflammation20%
Conjunctival scar20%
Conjunctival pallor20%
Conjoined twins20%
Congenital skin dimples20%
Congenital central nervous system anomaly20%
Computerised tomogram pancreas20%
Computerised tomogram of gallbladder20%
Computerised tomogram kidney normal20%
Computed tomographic abscessogram20%
Complement fixation test positive20%
Colon operation20%
Colon neoplasm20%
Colon injury20%
Colonic lavage20%
Colonic fistula20%
Colonic abscess20%
Collateral circulation20%
Cold burn20%
Cogwheel rigidity20%
Coeliac artery compression syndrome20%
Cochlea implant20%
Coagulation time normal20%
Coagulation factor X level20%
Coagulation factor XII level20%
Coagulation factor VIII level normal20%
CNS ventriculitis20%
Clinical dementia rating scale20%
Cleft lip20%
Clamping of blood vessel20%
Chronic leukaemia20%
Chronic hepatitis C20%
Chronic hepatic failure20%
Chronic cutaneous lupus erythematosus20%
Chronic allograft nephropathy20%
Cholestasis of pregnancy20%
Chest wall abscess20%
Cervicogenic vertigo20%
Cervical neuritis20%
Cervical incompetence20%
Ceruloplasmin decreased20%
Cerebral microinfarction20%
Cerebral microembolism20%
Cerebral haemorrhage foetal20%
Cerebral artery stent insertion20%
Cerebellar tonsillar ectopia20%
Cerebellar embolism20%
Cerebellar artery thrombosis20%
Central venous pressure increased20%
Central venous pressure20%
Central venous catheter removal20%
Central nervous system injury20%
Central cord syndrome20%
Cellulitis orbital20%
CD4 lymphocytes increased20%
Catheter site thrombosis20%
Catheter site erythema20%
Carotid revascularisation20%
Carotid angioplasty20%
Cardiovascular function test normal20%
Cardiopulmonary exercise test abnormal20%
Cardiomyopathy acute20%
Cardiac valve rupture20%
Cardiac valve fibroelastoma20%
Cardiac septal defect20%
Cardiac procedure complication20%
Cardiac pacemaker adjustment20%
Cardiac device reprogramming20%
Carcinoembryonic antigen normal20%
Carbon monoxide poisoning20%
Capillary permeability increased20%
Candida sepsis20%
Cancer pain20%
CALR gene mutation20%
Calcium phosphate product20%
Calcium embolism20%
C3 glomerulopathy20%
Burkitt's lymphoma20%
Bunion operation20%
Brow ptosis20%
Brown-Sequard syndrome20%
Bronchial neoplasm20%
Brief psychotic disorder with marked stressors20%
Breast reconstruction20%
Breast prosthesis removal20%
Breast neoplasm20%
Breast injury20%
Breast hyperplasia20%
Breast cancer male20%
Breast calcifications20%
Branchial cyst20%
Brain tumour operation20%
Brain stem auditory evoked response abnormal20%
Brain neoplasm malignant20%
Brain midline shift20%
Brain cancer metastatic20%
BRAF gene mutation20%
Bowel preparation20%
Bone scan normal20%
Bone marrow transplant20%
Bone marrow infiltration20%
Bone hypertrophy20%
Bone fragmentation20%
Bone density increased20%
Blunted affect20%
Blood uric acid decreased20%
Blood uric acid abnormal20%
Blood thromboplastin normal20%
Blood testosterone free increased20%
Blood pressure diastolic abnormal20%
Blood mercury abnormal20%
Blood mercury20%
Blood luteinising hormone abnormal20%
Blood loss assessment20%
Blood lead normal20%
Blood ketone body present20%
Blood insulin abnormal20%
Blood heavy metal abnormal20%
Blood group O20%
Blood group B20%
Blood gonadotrophin20%
Blood follicle stimulating hormone decreased20%
Blood follicle stimulating hormone abnormal20%
Blood folate abnormal20%
Blood erythropoietin20%
Blood creatine phosphokinase MB abnormal20%
Blood copper increased20%
Blood copper decreased20%
Blood chromium increased20%
Blood cholinesterase increased20%
Blood carbon monoxide20%
Blood cannabinoids normal20%
Blood calcitonin20%
Blood caffeine decreased20%
Blood cadmium20%
Blood bilirubin unconjugated decreased20%
Blood bicarbonate abnormal20%
Blood beta-D-glucan positive20%
Blood bactericidal activity20%
Blood aldosterone normal20%
Blood 1,25-dihydroxycholecalciferol decreased20%
Bleeding time abnormal20%
Blastocystis infection20%
Bladder stenosis20%
Bladder mass20%
Birth mark20%
Biopsy vulva abnormal20%
Biopsy tongue abnormal20%
Biopsy tongue20%
Biopsy testes20%
Biopsy small intestine normal20%
Biopsy site unspecified abnormal20%
Biopsy pleura20%
Biopsy placenta20%
Biopsy pericardium20%
Biopsy pancreas20%
Biopsy oesophagus normal20%
Biopsy liver normal20%
Biopsy intestine abnormal20%
Biopsy gingival20%
Biopsy cervix normal20%
Biopsy brain normal20%
Biopsy brain abnormal20%
Biopsy blood vessel abnormal20%
Biopsy blood vessel20%
Biopsy abdominal wall normal20%
Biopsy abdominal wall20%
Binge drinking20%
Biliary dyskinesia20%
Bile output abnormal20%
Bile duct stent insertion20%
Bile duct cancer20%
Beta globulin normal20%
Beta globulin increased20%
Beta globulin decreased20%
Benign tumour excision20%
Benign ovarian tumour20%
Benign hepatic neoplasm20%
Behavioural therapy20%
Basophil count abnormal20%
Basilar artery aneurysm20%
Base excess negative20%
Basal ganglia haematoma20%
Bartonella test positive20%
Bacteroides bacteraemia20%
Bacterial pyelonephritis20%
Bacterial diarrhoea20%
B-lymphocyte count increased20%
B-cell small lymphocytic lymphoma20%
Avulsion fracture20%
Autoimmune myocarditis20%
Autoimmune dermatitis20%
Atypical mycobacterial infection20%
Atrophic vulvovaginitis20%
Atrioventricular node dysfunction20%
Atrial septal defect repair20%
Atonic urinary bladder20%
Artificial insemination20%
Artificial crown procedure20%
Arteriovenous fistula site haemorrhage20%
Arteriovenous fistula operation20%
Arteriovenous fistula aneurysm20%
Arteriosclerotic retinopathy20%
Arteriogram renal20%
Arteriogram normal20%
Arterial repair20%
Arterial puncture20%
Arrhythmia neonatal20%
Arachnoid web20%
Application site vesicles20%
Application site vasculitis20%
Application site nodule20%
Application site necrosis20%
Application site haemorrhage20%
Application site discomfort20%
Application site burn20%
Application site acne20%
Apical granuloma20%
Apgar score20%
Aortic elongation20%
Antithrombin III increased20%
Antisocial behaviour20%
Antipsychotic drug level increased20%
Antioxidant capacity test20%
Antimitochondrial antibody positive20%
Anti factor X antibody20%
Anti factor X activity20%
Antiendomysial antibody test20%
Anticonvulsant drug level increased20%
Anticipatory anxiety20%
Antibiotic level20%
Anti-VGCC antibody negative20%
Anti-saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody20%
Anti-platelet antibody negative20%
Anti-NMDA antibody positive20%
Anti-NMDA antibody negative20%
Anti-muscle specific kinase antibody negative20%
Anti-Muellerian hormone level decreased20%
Anti-melanoma differentiation-associated protein 5 antibody positive20%
Anti-IA2 antibody20%
Anti-glycyl-tRNA synthetase antibody20%
Anti-erythrocyte antibody20%
Anti-aquaporin-4 antibody positive20%
Angiotensin converting enzyme increased20%
Aneurysm repair20%
Anaphylaxis treatment20%
Anal inflammation20%
Anal erythema20%
Anal candidiasis20%
Anaemia megaloblastic20%
Anaemia folate deficiency20%
Amphetamines negative20%
Amniotic membrane rupture test positive20%
Amino acid level normal20%
Amegakaryocytic thrombocytopenia20%
Alveolar lung disease20%
Alveolar-arterial oxygen gradient20%
Altered pitch perception20%
Alpha 2 globulin decreased20%
Alpha 1 foetoprotein amniotic fluid20%
Alpha-1 anti-trypsin normal20%
Alpha-1 anti-trypsin increased20%
Allergy to surgical sutures20%
Allergic bronchitis20%
Alcoholic seizure20%
Albumin CSF normal20%
Airway peak pressure20%
Airway complication of anaesthesia20%
Administration site pruritus20%
Administration site nerve damage20%
Administration site irritation20%
Administration site inflammation20%
Administration site indentation20%
Administration site haematoma20%
Administration site discomfort20%
Administration site discolouration20%
Adiposis dolorosa20%
Adenocarcinoma pancreas20%
Adenocarcinoma metastatic20%
ADAMTS13 activity abnormal20%
Acute megakaryocytic leukaemia20%
Acute interstitial pneumonitis20%
Acute hepatitis B20%
Activated protein C resistance test positive20%
Actinomyces test positive20%
Acquired Von Willebrand's disease20%
Acquired oesophageal web20%
Acquired dysfibrinogenaemia20%
Acinetobacter test20%
Achromotrichia acquired20%
Abscess rupture20%
Abscess of salivary gland20%
Abortion incomplete20%
Aborted pregnancy20%
Aberrant aortic arch20%
Abdominal wall operation20%
Abdominal sepsis20%
Zoonotic bacterial infection10%
Zika virus infection10%
Yolk sac tumour site unspecified10%
Yersinia infection10%
Yersinia bacteraemia10%
Yergason's test10%
Yellow fever10%
X-ray with contrast upper gastrointestinal tract normal10%
Wrist surgery10%
Wound sepsis10%
Wound haematoma10%
Wound decomposition10%
Wound contamination10%
Wound abscess10%
Williams syndrome10%
Wig wearer10%
White blood cells stool10%
White blood cell morphology abnormal10%
White blood cell analysis normal10%
Whipple's disease10%
Wheat-free diet10%
Weight loss diet10%
Weight control10%
Wean from ventilator10%
Warty dyskeratoma10%
Wandering pacemaker10%
Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia stage III10%
Waldenstrom's macroglobulinaemia10%
Waist circumference10%
Vulvovaginitis trichomonal10%
Vulvovaginal exfoliation10%
Vulvar erosion10%
Vulva cyst10%
Von Willebrand's factor multimers normal10%
Von Willebrand's factor antigen normal10%
Von Willebrand's factor antigen abnormal10%
Von Willebrand's factor activity normal10%
Von Willebrand's factor activity decreased10%
Volvulus repair10%
Volume blood increased10%
Volume blood10%
Vocal cord scarring10%
Vocal cord polypectomy10%
Vocal cord nodule removal10%
Vocal cord augmentation10%
Vitritis infective10%
Vitamin K deficiency10%
Vitamin D abnormal10%
Vitamin C normal10%
Vitamin C increased10%
Vitamin C deficiency10%
Vitamin B6 deficiency10%
Vitamin B6 decreased10%
Vitamin B6 abnormal10%
Vitamin B1 deficiency10%
Vitamin A normal10%
Vitamin A10%
Vital capacity abnormal10%
Visual tracking test10%
Visual evoked potentials normal10%
Visual evoked potentials abnormal10%
Visceral oedema10%
Viral tonsillitis10%
Viral skin infection10%
Viral parotitis10%
Viral myelitis10%
Viral keratouveitis10%
Viral hepatitis carrier10%
Viral corneal ulcer10%
VIIth nerve injury10%
VIIIth nerve lesion10%
Vestibulocerebellar syndrome10%
Vestibular paroxysmia10%
Vestibular nystagmus10%
Vessel puncture site haematoma10%
Vessel puncture site bruise10%
Vesicoureteric reflux10%
Very long-chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase deficiency10%
Vertebral lateral recess stenosis10%
Vertebral end plate inflammation10%
Vertebral artery aneurysm10%
Ventricular remodelling10%
Ventricular internal diameter normal10%
Ventricular flutter10%
Ventricle rupture10%
Ventilation perfusion mismatch10%
Venous thrombosis in pregnancy10%
Venous stenosis10%
Venous repair10%
Venous pressure jugular increased10%
Venous pressure increased10%
Venous oxygen saturation increased10%
Venous oxygen saturation abnormal10%
Venous operation10%
Venous bruit10%
Venous arterialisation10%
Venous aneurysm10%
Venoocclusive liver disease10%
Vena cava injury10%
Vasomotor rhinitis10%
Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide test10%
Vasculitic ulcer10%
Vascular shunt10%
Vascular resistance systemic increased10%
Vascular parkinsonism10%
Vascular graft infection10%
Vascular graft complication10%
Vascular cognitive impairment10%
Vascular anastomosis10%
Vascular access malfunction10%
Varicose veins of abdominal wall10%
Varicose vein operation10%
Varicella zoster pneumonia10%
Varicella zoster oesophagitis10%
Varicella immunisation10%
Vanishing twin syndrome10%
Valvuloplasty cardiac10%
Vaginitis gardnerella10%
Vaginal prolapse10%
Vaginal pH abnormal10%
Vaginal haematoma10%
Vaginal erosion10%
Vaginal dilation procedure10%
Vaginal abscess10%
Vagal nerve stimulator implantation10%
Vacuum extractor delivery10%
Vacuum aspiration10%
Vaccine virus shedding10%
Vaccine bacteria shedding10%
Vaccination site recall reaction10%
Vaccination site photosensitivity reaction10%
Vaccination site laceration10%
Vaccination site joint warmth10%
Vaccination site joint infection10%
Vaccination site joint effusion10%
UV light therapy10%
Uveitis-glaucoma-hyphaema syndrome10%
Uveitic glaucoma10%
Uterine rupture10%
Uterine obstruction10%
Uterine neoplasm10%
Uterine leiomyoma embolisation10%
Uterine irritability10%
Uterine infection10%
Uterine cervix stenosis10%
Uterine cervix hyperplasia10%
Uterine abscess10%
Urticaria pressure10%
Urticaria pigmentosa10%
Urticaria physical10%
Urticaria contact10%
Urticaria aquagenic10%
Urogenital infection bacterial10%
Urine uric acid normal10%
Urine uric acid increased10%
Urine uric acid decreased10%
Urine uric acid10%
Urine transitional cells present10%
Urine sodium increased10%
Urine retinol binding protein increased10%
Urine protein/creatinine ratio decreased10%
Urine protein/creatinine ratio abnormal10%
Urine phosphorus10%
Urine oxalate10%
Urine organic acid test10%
Urine nitrogen10%
Urine homocystine10%
Urine electrophoresis normal10%
Urine electrolytes decreased10%
Urine delta aminolevulinate normal10%
Urine chromium increased10%
Urine cannabinoids decreased10%
Urine calcium10%
Urine bilirubin increased10%
Urine amphetamine positive10%
Urine alcohol test10%
Urinary tract stoma complication10%
Urinary tract operation10%
Urinary tract infection viral10%
Urinary tract infection staphylococcal10%
Urinary system x-ray normal10%
Urinary nitrogen increased10%
Urinary lipids present10%
Urinary cystectomy10%
Urinary bladder toxicity10%
Urinary bladder rupture10%
Urinary bladder haematoma10%
Urinary assistance device user10%
Urethral ulcer10%
Urethral repair10%
Urethral meatus stenosis10%
Urethral injury10%
Urethral fistula10%
Urethral cyst10%
Urethral bulking agent injection10%
Urethral atrophy10%
Urethral atresia10%
Ureteric injury10%
Ureteric haemorrhage10%
Ureteral stent removal10%
Urea urine decreased10%
Urea urine abnormal10%
Unintended pregnancy10%
Unhealthy diet10%
Unevaluable investigation10%
Umbilical hernia repair10%
Umbilical haematoma10%
Umbilical cord blood pH10%
Ultrasound skull normal10%
Ultrasound head normal10%
Ultrasound bladder abnormal10%
Ultrasonic angiogram normal10%
Ulnar tunnel syndrome10%
Turner's syndrome10%
Tumour ulceration10%
Tumour thrombosis10%
Tumour rupture10%
Tumour pseudoprogression10%
Tumour perforation10%
Tumour necrosis factor receptor-associated periodic syndrome10%
Tumour marker abnormal10%
Tumour lysis syndrome10%
Tumour inflammation10%
Tumour flare10%
Tuberous sclerosis complex10%
Tuberculous pleurisy10%
Tuberculin test false positive10%
Tryptase decreased10%
TRPV4 gene mutation10%
Trisomy 2210%
Triple positive breast cancer10%
Trigeminal nerve injection10%
Tricuspid valve prolapse10%
Tricuspid valve disease10%
Tri-iodothyronine uptake increased10%
Tri-iodothyronine uptake10%
Tri-iodothyronine abnormal10%
Treatment delayed10%
Traumatic spinal cord compression10%
Traumatic renal injury10%
Transurethral prostatectomy10%
Transurethral incision of prostate10%
Transposition of the great vessels10%
Transplant dysfunction10%
Transmembrane receptor tyrosine kinase assay10%
Transitional cell carcinoma metastatic10%
Transient elastography10%
Transfusion reaction10%
Transferrin saturation increased10%
Transferrin abnormal10%
Transfer factor reduced10%
Transcranial magnetic stimulation10%
Tracheostomy malfunction10%
Tracheostomy infection10%
Tracheo-oesophageal fistula10%
Tracheal diverticulum10%
Tracheal deviation10%
Tracheal aspiration procedure10%
Trace element deficiency10%
Toxoplasma serology positive10%
Toxic neuropathy10%
Toxic leukoencephalopathy10%
Toxic anterior segment syndrome10%
Total lung capacity abnormal10%
Total complement activity decreased10%
Total cholesterol/HDL ratio abnormal10%
Total bile acids increased10%
Topography corneal abnormal10%
Tooth resorption10%
Tooth repair10%
Tooth impacted10%
Tooth demineralisation10%
Tongue atrophy10%
Toe walking10%
Tobacco abuse10%
Tissue expansion procedure10%
Tinetti test10%
Tidal volume abnormal10%
Tick paralysis10%
Thyroid therapy10%
Thyroid operation10%
Thyroid hormones test10%
Thyroid cancer stage IV10%
Thyroid atrophy10%
Thyroglobulin present10%
Thymus enlargement10%
Thrombosis corpora cavernosa10%
Thrombin time shortened10%
Throat cancer10%
Thoracic spinal stenosis10%
Third stage postpartum haemorrhage10%
Thermometry abnormal10%
Therapeutic product effect prolonged10%
Therapeutic gargle10%
Testicular retraction10%
Testicular neoplasm10%
Testicular infarction10%
Testicular failure10%
Testicular cyst10%
Testicular atrophy10%
Testicular appendage torsion10%
Term birth10%
Term baby10%
Tendon laxity10%
Tendon dislocation10%
Tender joint count10%
Temporomandibular joint surgery10%
TEMPI syndrome10%
Temperature perception test decreased10%
Tear discolouration10%
Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase increased10%
Tandem gait test10%
T-cell receptor gene rearrangement test10%
Systemic mastocytosis10%
Systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity index increased10%
Systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity index decreased10%
Systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity index abnormal10%
Syphilis genital10%
Synovial fluid white blood cells10%
Synovial fluid red blood cells positive10%
Synovial fluid protein10%
Synovial fluid crystal10%
Synovial biopsy abnormal10%
Swollen joint count increased10%
Sweat test abnormal10%
Swan ganz catheter placement10%
Suture rupture10%
Suture removal10%
Sustained viral response10%
Suspected product tampering10%
Surgical failure10%
Supernumerary rib10%
Sunscreen sensitivity10%
SUNCT syndrome10%
Sudden infant death syndrome10%
Substance use disorder10%
Substance abuse10%
Subretinal haematoma10%
Subperiosteal abscess10%
Subgaleal haematoma10%
Subcutaneous drug absorption impaired10%
Subcorneal pustular dermatosis10%
Subclavian artery dissection10%
Subchondral insufficiency fracture10%
Subcapsular splenic haematoma10%
Subcapsular hepatic haematoma10%
Subacute hepatic failure10%
Subacute endocarditis10%
Strongyloides test positive10%
Stroke-like migraine attacks after radiation therapy10%
Streptococcal endocarditis10%
Streptococcal abscess10%
Strangulated hernia10%
Stomatocytes present10%
Stoma site irritation10%
Stoma site extravasation10%
Stoma site erythema10%
Stoma complication10%
Stoma closure10%
Stomach scan normal10%
Stiff skin syndrome10%
Steroid activity10%
Sterile pyuria10%
Stent removal10%
Stenotrophomonas test positive10%
Stenotrophomonas infection10%
Stasis syndrome10%
Staphylococcal abscess10%
Stab wound10%
Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity10%
Squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck10%
Sputum decreased10%
Spousal abuse10%
Spontaneous intrahepatic portosystemic venous shunt10%
Spontaneous ejaculation10%
Spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak syndrome10%
Splenic vein occlusion10%
Splenic necrosis10%
Splenic embolism10%
Splenic calcification10%
Spleen atrophy10%
Spirochaetal infection10%
Spindle cell sarcoma10%
Spinal vascular disorder10%
Spinal subdural haemorrhage10%
Spinal subdural haematoma10%
Spinal subarachnoid haemorrhage10%
Spinal shock10%
Spinal meningeal cyst10%
Spinal manipulation10%
Spinal ligament ossification10%
Spinal instability10%
Spinal fusion acquired10%
Spinal epidural haemorrhage10%
Spinal decompression10%
Spinal cord lipoma10%
Spinal cord injury lumbar10%
Spinal cord abscess10%
Spinal artery thrombosis10%
Spinal artery embolism10%
Spina bifida10%
Spider naevus10%
Sperm concentration10%
Spermatozoa abnormal10%
Spermatic cord haemorrhage10%
Specific gravity body fluid normal10%
Spasmodic dysphonia10%
Somatosensory evoked potentials abnormal10%
Soluble fibrin monomer complex increased10%
Soft tissue atrophy10%
Social fear10%
Social alcohol drinker10%
Social (pragmatic) communication disorder10%
Snapping hip syndrome10%
Smoking cessation therapy10%
Smear buccal abnormal10%
Small intestine gangrene10%
Small intestine adenocarcinoma10%
Small intestinal ulcer haemorrhage10%
Small intestinal intussusception reduction10%
Small for dates baby10%
Small cell lung cancer metastatic10%
Small cell carcinoma10%
Slit-lamp tests normal10%
Slipping rib syndrome10%
Sleep disorder due to general medical condition, hypersomnia type10%
Sleep-related eating disorder10%
Skin malformation10%
Skin lesion removal10%
Skin implant10%
Skin adhesion10%
Skeletal survey10%
Skeletal muscle enzymes10%
Single photon emission computerised tomogram normal10%
Single component of a two-component product administered10%
Sickle cell trait10%
Sickle cell anaemia10%
Shunt thrombosis10%
Shunt occlusion10%
Shoulder dystocia10%
Shock hypoglycaemic10%
Shift to the right10%
Shared psychotic disorder10%
Sexually inappropriate behaviour10%
Sexual inhibition10%
Sex hormone binding globulin increased10%
Severe invasive streptococcal infection10%
Serum colour abnormal10%
Serum amyloid A protein10%
Serratia test positive10%
Serpiginous choroiditis10%
Serous retinopathy10%
Seroma drainage10%
Serology abnormal10%
Septum pellucidum agenesis10%
Septic rash10%
Septic arthritis staphylococcal10%
Semen volume abnormal10%
Semen analysis10%
Selenium deficiency10%
Selective IgG subclass deficiency10%
Selective eating disorder10%
Sedation complication10%
Secondary thrombocytosis10%
Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis10%
Secondary hypothyroidism10%
Sebaceous hyperplasia10%
Scrotal inflammation10%
Scrotal haemorrhage10%
Scrotal exploration10%
Scrotal exfoliation10%
Scrotal disorder10%
Scleroderma renal crisis10%
Scleroderma associated digital ulcer10%
Scleritis allergic10%
School refusal10%
Schizophreniform disorder10%
Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type10%
Schizoaffective disorder10%
Schistosoma test negative10%
Schistosoma test10%
Schirmer's test10%
Scedosporium infection10%
Scar excision10%
Scapula fracture10%
Scan gallium10%
Scan bone marrow abnormal10%
Salpingo-oophorectomy unilateral10%
Salivary gland cyst10%
Salivary gland calculus10%
Salivary gland adenoma10%
Saliva alcohol test10%
Sacroiliac joint dysfunction10%
Sacroiliac fusion10%
Sacroiliac fracture10%
Rubulavirus test positive10%
Rubella in pregnancy10%
Routine health maintenance10%
Rotavirus test negative10%
Rotator cuff repair10%
Roseolovirus test positive10%
Rosai-Dorfman syndrome10%
Robust take following exposure to vaccinia virus10%
Risk of future pregnancy miscarriage10%
Right ventricular systolic pressure decreased10%
Right ventricular hypertension10%
Right-to-left cardiac shunt10%
Richter's syndrome10%
Rib deformity10%
Rhinitis perennial10%
Rheumatoid vasculitis10%
Rhesus incompatibility10%
Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment10%
Reversible splenial lesion syndrome10%
Reversal of opiate activity10%
Retroperitoneal oedema10%
Retroperitoneal fibrosis10%
Retroperitoneal effusion10%
Retracted nipple10%
Retinopathy hypertensive10%
Retinogram normal10%
Retinitis viral10%
Retinal pallor10%
Retinal fibrosis10%
Retinal drusen10%
Retinal deposits10%
Retinal aneurysm10%
Reticuloendothelial system stimulated10%
Reticulocyte percentage normal10%
Retention cyst10%
Retained products of conception10%
Respirovirus test positive10%
Respiratory sinus arrhythmia magnitude10%
Respiratory gas exchange disorder10%
Respiratory fume inhalation disorder10%
Respiratory fremitus10%
Resorption bone increased10%
Reproductive hormone10%
Renin abnormal10%
Renal vein occlusion10%
Renal tubular disorder10%
Renal tubular atrophy10%
Renal transplant failure10%
Renal ischaemia10%
Renal graft infection10%
Renal exploration10%
Renal dysplasia10%
Renal artery stent removal10%
Renal artery occlusion10%
Renal artery arteriosclerosis10%
Renal arteriosclerosis10%
Renal aplasia10%
Renal abscess10%
Removal of foreign body from oesophagus10%
Removal of external fixation10%
Regressive behaviour10%
Refractory cytopenia with unilineage dysplasia10%
Red man syndrome10%
Red blood cell vacuolisation10%
Red blood cell spherocytes present10%
Red blood cell rouleaux formation present10%
Red blood cell poikilocytes present10%
Red blood cell morphology abnormal10%
Red blood cell microcytes10%
Red blood cell macrocytes present10%
Red blood cell enzymes abnormal10%
Red blood cell burr cells present10%
Red blood cell analysis abnormal10%
Red blood cell agglutination10%
Recurrent subareolar breast abscess10%
Rectourethral fistula10%
Rectosigmoid cancer10%
Rectal ultrasound10%
Rectal ulcer10%
Rectal tube insertion10%
Rectal prolapse10%
Rectal polypectomy10%
Rectal lesion10%
Rectal fissure10%
Rectal cancer metastatic10%
Recalled product10%
Reactive gastropathy10%
Reactive capillary endothelial proliferation10%
Reactive airways dysfunction syndrome10%
Rash neonatal10%
Rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder10%
Rapid alternating movement test abnormal10%
Radiotherapy to lymph nodes10%
Radiologically isolated syndrome10%
Radioisotope uptake increased10%
Radioallergosorbent test negative10%
Radiation pneumonitis10%
Radiation injury10%
Radial head dislocation10%
Pyloric sphincter insufficiency10%
Pus in stool10%
Purulent pericarditis10%
Purpura senile10%
Purple glove syndrome10%
Puncture site pruritus10%
Puncture site discharge10%
Punctate basophilia10%
Punctal plug insertion10%
Pulse waveform abnormal10%
Pulse pressure abnormal10%
Pulmonary valve stenosis10%
Pulmonary toxicity10%
Pulmonary pneumatocele10%
Pulmonary physical examination normal10%
Pulmonary physical examination abnormal10%
Pulmonary malformation10%
Pulmonary interstitial emphysema syndrome10%
Pulmonary imaging procedure normal10%
Pulmonary hypertensive crisis10%
Pulmonary haematoma10%
Pulmonary function challenge test10%
Pulmonary endarterectomy10%
Pulmonary artery stenosis10%
Pulmonary artery aneurysm10%
Pulmonary arteriopathy10%
PTEN gene mutation10%
Psychotic disorder due to a general medical condition10%
Psychomotor disadaptation syndrome10%
Psychological factor affecting medical condition10%
Psychogenic movement disorder10%
Psychiatric decompensation10%
Psoriasis area severity index10%
Pseudomonal sepsis10%
Pseudodiverticular disease10%
Prothrombin time ratio increased10%
Prothrombin time ratio abnormal10%
Prothrombin level abnormal10%
Prothrombin fragment 1.210%
Prothrombin consumption time prolonged10%
Proteus test positive10%
Protein S abnormal10%
Protein induced by vitamin K absence or antagonist II10%
Protein deficiency10%
Protein albumin ratio increased10%
Protein albumin ratio abnormal10%
Prostatic obstruction10%
Prostatic calcification10%
Prostatic adenoma10%
Prostatic abscess10%
Prostate tenderness10%
Prostate examination normal10%
Prostate examination abnormal10%
Prostate cancer recurrent10%
Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal ulcer10%
Promotion of peripheral circulation10%
Prohormone brain natriuretic peptide decreased10%
Progressive multiple sclerosis10%
Progressive bulbar palsy10%
Product residue present10%
Product prescribing issue10%
Product packaging issue10%
Product packaging confusion10%
Product identification number issue10%
Product design issue10%
Product communication issue10%
Product barcode issue10%
Proctitis haemorrhagic10%
Procoagulant therapy10%
Procedural anxiety10%
Procalcitonin abnormal10%
Primitive reflex test10%
Primary progressive multiple sclerosis10%
Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma10%
Primary hyperthyroidism10%
Primary hyperaldosteronism10%
Primary gastrointestinal follicular lymphoma10%
Prevertebral soft tissue swelling of cervical space10%
Prescribed overdose10%
Preoperative care10%
Premature baby death10%
Preictal state10%
Pregnancy with implant contraceptive10%
Precerebral artery thrombosis10%
Prealbumin decreased10%
Pre-existing disease10%
Potassium hydroxide preparation negative10%
Potassium hydroxide preparation10%
Post vaccination autoinoculation10%
Post stroke seizure10%
Post stroke epilepsy10%
Post stroke depression10%
Post procedural swelling10%
Post procedural stroke10%
Post procedural oedema10%
Post procedural fistula10%
Post procedural discomfort10%
Post procedural discharge10%
Postpartum thrombosis10%
Postpartum disorder10%
Postpartum anxiety10%
Postoperative abscess10%
Posterior tibial nerve injury10%
Posterior interosseous syndrome10%
Posterior fossa syndrome10%
Posterior cortical atrophy10%
Post cardiac arrest syndrome10%
Post abortion haemorrhage10%
Post-traumatic pain10%
Post-traumatic headache10%
Post-traumatic epilepsy10%
Positive dose response relationship10%
Portal vein phlebitis10%
Portal vein dilatation10%
Portal shunt procedure10%
Portal shunt10%
Portal hypertensive gastropathy10%
Portal hypertensive colopathy10%
Porphyrins urine normal10%
Porphyria non-acute10%
Popliteal pulse increased10%
Popliteal pulse decreased10%
Popliteal artery entrapment syndrome10%
Poor sucking reflex10%
Poor milk ejection reflex10%
Poor dental condition10%
Polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy10%
Polyomavirus test10%
Polyneuropathy in malignant disease10%
Polyneuropathy idiopathic progressive10%
Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy10%
Polychromic red blood cells present10%
Pneumonitis chemical10%
Pneumonia moraxella10%
Pneumonia escherichia10%
Pneumonia cytomegaloviral10%
Pneumonia cryptococcal10%
Pneumocystis test negative10%
Pneumocystis jirovecii infection10%
Pneumatic compression therapy10%
Pleural mass10%
Pleural fluid analysis abnormal10%
Platelet storage pool deficiency10%
Platelet rich plasma therapy10%
Platelet production decreased10%
Platelet factor 4 decreased10%
Platelet distribution width decreased10%
Platelet destruction increased10%
Plateletcrit decreased10%
Platelet aggregation normal10%
Platelet aggregation increased10%
Platelet aggregation decreased10%
Plastic surgery to the face10%
Plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 deficiency10%
Plasminogen activator inhibitor polymorphism10%
Plasmin inhibitor10%
Plasma viscosity abnormal10%
Plasma cell mastitis10%
Plasma cell leukaemia10%
Plaque shift10%
Placental transfusion syndrome10%
Placental insufficiency10%
Placental infarction10%
Placental calcification10%
Placenta accreta10%
Pituitary tumour10%
Pituitary scan10%
Pituitary gland operation10%
Pituitary enlargement10%
Pituitary cancer metastatic10%
Pituitary apoplexy10%
Pituitary-dependent Cushing's syndrome10%
Pilonidal sinus repair10%
Pigmentary glaucoma10%
Physical thyroid examination10%
Physical product label issue10%
Physical fitness training10%
Physical examination of joints abnormal10%
Physical breast examination normal10%
Physical breast examination abnormal10%
Physical assault10%
pH urine abnormal10%
Phobia of driving10%
pH body fluid increased10%
pH body fluid abnormal10%
Pharyngeal operation10%
Pharyngeal lesion10%
Pharyngeal haematoma10%
Phantom shocks10%
Persistent generalised lymphadenopathy10%
Periventricular leukomalacia10%
Periumbilical abscess10%
Peritoneal perforation10%
Peritoneal lavage10%
Peritoneal fluid analysis10%
Peritoneal fibrosis10%
Peritoneal catheter insertion10%
Peritoneal adhesions10%
Perirectal abscess10%
Periprosthetic fracture10%
Peripheral T-cell lymphoma unspecified10%
Peripheral nervous system function test abnormal10%
Peripheral nervous system function test10%
Peripheral nerve operation10%
Peripheral nerve destruction10%
Peripheral endarterectomy10%
Peripheral artery dissection10%
Peripheral artery angioplasty10%
Peripheral arteriogram10%
Peripancreatic varices10%
Periorbital infection10%
Periorbital disorder10%
Periorbital abscess10%
Perinephric oedema10%
Perinephric collection10%
Perineal haematoma10%
Perineal cyst10%
Perineal abscess10%
Pericardial lipoma10%
Pericardial drainage test normal10%
Pericardial cyst10%
Periarticular disorder10%
Peri-spinal heterotopic ossification10%
Performance fear10%
Perforation bile duct10%
Perforated ulcer10%
Peptostreptococcus infection10%
Penis injury10%
Penile wart10%
Penile discharge10%
Penile contusion10%
Penile abscess10%
Pelvic prolapse10%
Pelvic infection10%
Pelvic bone injury10%
PCO2 abnormal10%
Patient dissatisfaction with treatment10%
Patient-device incompatibility10%
Paternal exposure during pregnancy10%
Parvovirus infection10%
Parvovirus B19 infection reactivation10%
Parvovirus B19 infection10%
Parotid abscess10%
Parkinsonian rest tremor10%
Parkinsonian gait10%
Parkinsonian crisis10%
Parkinson's disease psychosis10%
Parietal cell antibody positive10%
Parent-child problem10%
Parechovirus infection10%
Paravalvular regurgitation10%
Parathyroid gland enlargement10%
Parathyroid disorder10%
Parasite urine test negative10%
Parasite stool test positive10%
Parasite DNA test10%
Parasite blood test positive10%
Parapharyngeal space infection10%
Paranoid personality disorder10%
Paraneoplastic thrombosis10%
Paraneoplastic myelopathy10%
Paraneoplastic dermatomyositis10%
Paranasal sinus mass10%
Paranasal biopsy normal10%
Parainfluenzae viral laryngotracheobronchitis10%
Paradoxical psoriasis10%
Paracentesis eye10%
Papulopustular rosacea10%
Pantoea agglomerans test positive10%
Pancreatic pseudocyst rupture10%
Pancreatic operation10%
Pancreatic infarction10%
Pancreatic enzymes normal10%
Pancreatic enzymes decreased10%
Pancreatic duct stenosis10%
Pancreas infection10%
Pain prophylaxis10%
Paget-Schroetter syndrome10%
Pacemaker syndrome10%
Ovulation induction10%
Overlap syndrome10%
Overflow diarrhoea10%
Ovarian rupture10%
Ovarian neoplasm10%
Ovarian necrosis10%
Ovarian hyperfunction10%
Ovarian cystectomy10%
Ovarian clear cell carcinoma10%
Otoscopy abnormal10%
Otoacoustic emissions test10%
Osteoporotic fracture10%
Osteopathic treatment10%
Osteochondral fracture10%
Osmotic demyelination syndrome10%
Orthostatic tremor10%
Orthopaedic procedure10%
Oropharyngeal stenosis10%
Oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma10%
Orgasmic sensation decreased10%
Orgasm abnormal10%
Organ transplant10%
Oral pigmentation10%
Oral papule10%
Oral bacterial infection10%
Optometric therapy10%
Opticokinetic nystagmus tests abnormal10%
Opticokinetic nystagmus tests10%
Optic discs blurred10%
Oppositional defiant disorder10%
Open fracture10%
Oocyte harvest10%
Oncologic complication10%
Omental necrosis10%
Omental haemorrhage10%
Olfactory test10%
Oestrogen therapy10%
Oestrogen receptor assay positive10%
Oestrogen receptor assay negative10%
Oestradiol decreased10%
Oestradiol abnormal10%
Oesophagogastric fundoplasty10%
Oesophagitis ulcerative10%
Oesophageal variceal ligation10%
Oesophageal ulcer haemorrhage10%
Oesophageal polyp10%
Oesophageal obstruction10%
Oesophageal injury10%
Oesophageal dilation procedure10%
Oesophageal compression10%
Oesophageal candidiasis10%
Oculomotor study abnormal10%
Ocular vasculitis10%
Ocular sarcoidosis10%
Ocular procedural complication10%
Occupational exposure to sunlight10%
Obturator neuropathy10%
Obstructive nephropathy10%
Obsessive-compulsive symptom10%
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder10%
Obliterative bronchiolitis10%
Obesity cardiomyopathy10%
Nothing by mouth order10%
Nosocomial infection10%
Normetanephrine urine increased10%
Normal foetus10%
Noninfective conjunctivitis10%
Noninfective chorioretinitis10%
Non-small cell lung cancer stage IV10%
Non-neutralising antibodies negative10%
Non-24-hour sleep-wake disorder10%
Nodular fasciitis10%
Nodal osteoarthritis10%
Nipple infection10%
Nipple enlargement10%
Neutrophil morphology abnormal10%
Neutrophil function test abnormal10%
Neutrophil chemotaxis10%
Neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio increased10%
Neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio decreased10%
Neutropenia neonatal10%
Neutralising antibodies positive10%
Neuropathic ulcer10%
Neurone-specific enolase increased10%
Neuronal neuropathy10%
Neuromuscular blockade10%
Neurological procedural complication10%
Neurological infection10%
Neurological eyelid disorder10%
Neurological complication associated with device10%
Neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin10%
Neuritic plaques10%
Neurilemmoma benign10%
Neural tube defect10%
Nervous system cyst10%
Nerve root injury thoracic10%
Nephropathy toxic10%
Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus10%
Nephrogenic anaemia10%
Nephritis allergic10%
Neoplasm swelling10%
Neoplasm prostate10%
Neonatal tachycardia10%
Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome10%
Neonatal respiratory acidosis10%
Neonatal multi-organ failure10%
Neonatal intestinal obstruction10%
Neonatal aspiration10%
Neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia10%
Neobladder surgery10%
Needle biopsy site unspecified abnormal10%
Necrotising soft tissue infection10%
Necrotising scleritis10%
Necrolytic migratory erythema10%
Neck lift10%
Neck dissection10%
Natural killer T cell count increased10%
Natural killer cell count decreased10%
Nasogastric output abnormal10%
Nasal sinus irrigation10%
Nasal potential difference test10%
Nasal polypectomy10%
Nasal operation10%
Nasal mucosal ulcer10%
Nasal cavity packing removal10%
Nasal cavity mass10%
Nasal aspiration10%
Nasal adhesions10%
Nail operation10%
Nail necrosis10%
Nail hypertrophy10%
Nail bed tenderness10%
Nail bed inflammation10%
Naevus flammeus10%
N-ras gene mutation10%
Myxoedema coma10%
Myopic chorioretinal degeneration10%
Myoglobin urine10%
Myoglobin blood present10%
Myoglobin blood decreased10%
Myofascial spasm10%
Myocarditis septic10%
Myocardial injury10%
Myocardial depression10%
Myelocyte percentage increased10%
Myeloblast present10%
Myeloblast percentage increased10%
Myeloblast percentage10%
Mycobacterium test positive10%
Mycobacterial infection10%
Musculoskeletal foreign body10%
Musculoskeletal deformity10%
Muscle tone disorder10%
Muscle tension dysphonia10%
Muscle enzyme increased10%
Muscle electrostimulation therapy10%
Muscle contusion10%
Murphy's sign positive10%
Mumps antibody test negative10%
Multiple pregnancy10%
Multiple gated acquisition scan normal10%
Multiple gated acquisition scan10%
Multiple congenital abnormalities10%
Multipathogen PCR test positive10%
Multifocal micronodular pneumocyte hyperplasia10%
Mucosal infection10%
Mucosal exfoliation10%
Mucosal biopsy10%
Mucocutaneous ulceration10%
Mucocutaneous rash10%
Mucocutaneous disorder10%
Motor developmental delay10%
Moraxella infection10%
Montreal cognitive assessment10%
Monofilament pressure perception test abnormal10%
Monocyte morphology abnormal10%
Moebius II syndrome10%
Model for end stage liver disease score10%
Minimum inhibitory concentration increased10%
Migraine postdrome10%
Migraine-triggered seizure10%
Middle lobe syndrome10%
Micturition frequency decreased10%
Micrographic skin surgery10%
Metastatic carcinoma of the bladder10%
Metastases to the mediastinum10%
Metastases to skin10%
Metastases to reproductive organ10%
Metastases to pituitary gland10%
Metastases to pancreas10%
Metastases to neck10%
Metastases to breast10%
Metastases to adrenals10%
Metapneumovirus infection10%
Metanephrine urine normal10%
Metamyelocyte percentage increased10%
Metabolic surgery10%
Mesenteric venous occlusion10%
Mesenteric vascular insufficiency10%
Mesenteric neoplasm10%
Mesenteric artery stenosis10%
Mesenteric abscess10%
MERS-CoV test negative10%
Mental disorder due to a general medical condition10%
Menopausal disorder10%
Meniscus operation10%
Meniscus cyst10%
Meningoencephalitis bacterial10%
Meningococcal infection10%
Meningitis noninfective10%
Meningitis chemical10%
Meningeal neoplasm10%
Melanocytic hyperplasia10%
Megaloblasts increased10%
Medullary thyroid cancer10%
Medication overuse headache10%
Medical observation normal10%
Medical device site pain10%
Medical device site joint pain10%
Medical device site haemorrhage10%
Medical device site burn10%
Medical device battery replacement10%
Medical cannabis therapy10%
Mediastinal shift10%
Mediastinal haematoma10%
Mediastinal effusion10%
Median nerve injury10%
Meconium stain10%
Meconium in amniotic fluid10%
Mechanical ileus10%
Mechanic's hand10%
Maternal exposure during delivery10%
Maternal drugs affecting foetus10%
Mastitis bacterial10%
Marital problem10%
Marginal zone lymphoma10%
Mammary duct ectasia10%
Mallampati score10%
Malignant nervous system neoplasm10%
Malignant neoplasm of spinal cord10%
Malignant neoplasm of eye10%
Malignant melanoma in situ10%
Malignant lymphoid neoplasm10%
Male genital examination abnormal10%
Malassezia infection10%
Malaria relapse10%
Magnesium deficiency10%
MAGIC syndrome10%
Macular telangiectasia10%
Macular scar10%
Macular ischaemia10%
Macrophage activation10%
Lymphocyte percentage abnormal10%
Lymph node tuberculosis10%
Lymph node haemorrhage10%
Lymphatic fistula10%
Lyme carditis10%
Lupus pneumonitis10%
Lupus myositis10%
Lupus endocarditis10%
Lung neoplasm10%
Lung diffusion test decreased10%
Lung carcinoma cell type unspecified stage I10%
Lung carcinoma cell type unspecified stage 010%
Lumboperitoneal shunt10%
Low income10%
Lower respiratory tract infection viral10%
Lower respiratory tract infection bacterial10%
Lower gastrointestinal perforation10%
Low carbohydrate diet10%
Loss of dreaming10%
Loefgren syndrome10%
Locomotive syndrome10%
Localised alternating hot and cold therapy10%
Lobular breast carcinoma in situ10%
Living in residential institution10%
Living alone10%
Liver iron concentration increased10%
Liver carcinoma ruptured10%
Lipoprotein increased10%
Lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A210%
Lipoprotein (a) normal10%
Lipodystrophy acquired10%
Lipids decreased10%
Lip cosmetic procedure10%
Lip and/or oral cavity cancer recurrent10%
Limb reduction defect10%
Limb girth decreased10%
Light chain disease10%
Light chain analysis abnormal10%
Ligamentum flavum hypertrophy10%
Ligament calcification10%
Lid margin discharge10%
Lice infestation10%
Leukotriene test10%
Leukoerythroblastic anaemia10%
Leukocyte alkaline phosphatase increased10%
Leukaemoid reaction10%
Leukaemia monocytic10%
Leukaemia in remission10%
Leucine aminopeptidase increased10%
Lens disorder10%
Lens dislocation10%
Lennox-Gastaut syndrome10%
Lemierre syndrome10%
Left ventricular false tendon10%
Left ventricular end-diastolic pressure decreased10%
Left ventricle outflow tract obstruction10%
LE cells present10%
Lead dislodgement10%
Lateral position10%
Laser doppler flowmetry10%
Lasegue's test positive10%
Laryngotracheal oedema10%
Laryngitis bacterial10%
Laryngeal ulceration10%
Laryngeal tremor10%
Laryngeal papilloma10%
Laryngeal neoplasm10%
Laryngeal mass10%
Laryngeal mask airway insertion10%
Laryngeal haematoma10%
Laryngeal cancer10%
Laryngeal atrophy10%
Large intestine benign neoplasm10%
Large intestinal ulcer haemorrhage10%
Laparoscopy normal10%
Laparoscopy abnormal10%
Lactose tolerance test abnormal10%
Lactose tolerance test10%
Lactescent serum10%
Lactate dehydrogenase urine10%
Lacrimal structural disorder10%
Lacrimal gland operation10%
Lacrimal gland enlargement10%
Labour stimulation10%
Kussmaul respiration10%
Kounis syndrome10%
Koebner phenomenon10%
Knee impingement syndrome10%
Kleihauer-Betke test negative10%
Kleihauer-Betke test10%
Klebsiella test10%
Klebsiella bacteraemia10%
Kidney duplex10%
Keratolysis exfoliativa acquired10%
Karyotype analysis normal10%
Kaposi's sarcoma AIDS related10%
Jugular vein embolism10%
Joint prosthesis user10%
Joint dislocation postoperative10%
Joint destruction10%
Joint deposit10%
Jealous delusion10%
JC polyomavirus test positive10%
Jaw cyst10%
ISTH score for disseminated intravascular coagulation10%
Isoimmune haemolytic disease10%
Ischaemic contracture of the left ventricle10%
Iron overload10%
Iron binding capacity unsaturated decreased10%
Iris injury10%
Iris bombe10%
Iodine uptake normal10%
Iodine uptake abnormal10%
Investigation noncompliance10%
Intrinsic factor antibody positive10%
Intrinsic factor antibody negative10%
Intravesical immunotherapy10%
Intravascular haemolysis10%
Intratympanic injection10%
Intrapericardial thrombosis10%
Intrapartum haemorrhage10%
Intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm10%
Intracranial artery dissection10%
Intestinal ulcer10%
Intestinal transit time abnormal10%
Intestinal transit time10%
Intestinal stenosis10%
Intestinal malrotation10%
Intestinal gangrene10%
Intestinal fistula10%
Intervertebral disc injury10%
Intervertebral disc displacement10%
Interspinous osteoarthritis10%
Internal injury10%
Internal hernia10%
Internal device exposed10%
Intermittent explosive disorder10%
Interleukin level decreased10%
Interferon gamma level increased10%
Interferon gamma decreased10%
Intercepted product storage error10%
Intercepted product prescribing error10%
Intercepted product preparation error10%
Intentional product misuse to child10%
Intentional device use issue10%
Insulin tolerance test10%
Insulin resistance test10%
Insulin C-peptide normal10%
Insulin-like growth factor10%
Instillation site warmth10%
Instillation site induration10%
Inspiratory capacity abnormal10%
Inner ear operation10%
Injection site vasculitis10%
Injection site recall reaction10%
Injection site panniculitis10%
Injection site joint inflammation10%
Injection site dysaesthesia10%
Injection site calcification10%
Inhibiting antibodies10%
Infusion site streaking10%
Infusion site reaction10%
Infusion site pruritus10%
Infusion site joint movement impairment10%
Infusion site haemorrhage10%
Infusion site erythema10%
Infusion site bruising10%
Infrared therapy10%
Influenza C virus test10%
Inflammatory pseudotumour10%
Inferior vena cava syndrome10%
Inferior vena caval occlusion10%
Infective pulmonary exacerbation of cystic fibrosis10%
Infective myositis10%
Infective iritis10%
Infective exacerbation of bronchiectasis10%
Infective corneal ulcer10%
Infective aneurysm10%
Infection prophylaxis10%
Infected lymphocele10%
Infected fistula10%
Infant sedation10%
Indeterminate leprosy10%
Incision site rash10%
Incision site haemorrhage10%
Incision site discharge10%
Incisional hernia repair10%
Incisional hernia10%
Incarcerated incisional hernia10%
Incarcerated hernia10%
Inappropriate schedule of product discontinuation10%
Implant site pustules10%
Implant site pruritus10%
Implant site infection10%
Implant site induration10%
Implant site haemorrhage10%
Implantable defibrillator replacement10%
Impaired ability to use machinery10%
Immunosuppressant drug level decreased10%
Immune enhancement therapy10%
Immune-mediated neurological disorder10%
Immune-mediated myocarditis10%
Immune-mediated lung disease10%
Immune-mediated hepatic disorder10%
Immune-mediated encephalitis10%
Immune-mediated arthritis10%
Illness anxiety disorder10%
Iliac vein stenosis10%
Iliac bruit10%
Ileocaecal resection10%
Idiopathic interstitial pneumonia10%
Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis10%
Hypotonic urinary bladder10%
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome10%
Hypoplastic anaemia10%
Hypoglycaemia unawareness10%
Hypoglossal nerve paralysis10%
Hypervitaminosis B1210%
Hypervitaminosis B10%
Hypertensive cerebrovascular disease10%
Hyperparathyroidism primary10%
Hyperechogenic pancreas10%
Hydrocele operation10%
Hyalosis asteroid10%
Humidity intolerance10%
Human seminal plasma hypersensitivity10%
Human papilloma virus test positive10%
Human herpesvirus 7 infection10%
Human herpes virus 6 serology positive10%
Human herpesvirus 6 infection reactivation10%
HTLV-2 test positive10%
HTLV-1 test positive10%
Hormone receptor positive breast cancer10%
Hormonal contraception10%
Hoover's sign of leg paresis10%
Homonymous diplopia10%
Homicidal ideation10%
Hollow visceral myopathy10%
Hodgkin's disease nodular sclerosis stage II10%
HLA-B gene status assay10%
HLA-B*5701 assay10%
HLA-B*1502 assay10%
Histone antibody10%
Hip deformity10%
High risk sexual behaviour10%
Heterogeneous testis10%
Herpes zoster pharyngitis10%
Herpes zoster necrotising retinopathy10%
Herpes virus test abnormal10%
Herpes simplex meningoencephalitis10%
Herpes simplex gastritis10%
Herpes sepsis10%
Herpes pharyngitis10%
Herpes gestationis10%
Hernial eventration10%
Hernia hiatus repair10%
Hereditary haemorrhagic telangiectasia10%
Hereditary angioedema with C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency10%
Hepatorenal failure10%
Hepatobiliary disease10%
Hepatitis viral test positive10%
Hepatitis E antibody negative10%
Hepatitis D10%
Hepatitis C RNA increased10%
Hepatitis chronic active10%
Hepatitis C core antibody10%
Hepatitis B e antigen10%
Hepatitis B DNA decreased10%
Hepatitis B DNA assay positive10%
Hepatitis B DNA assay10%
Hepatitis A immunisation10%
Hepatitis A antibody positive10%
Hepatic vein occlusion10%
Hepatic lymphocytic infiltration10%
Hepatic fibrosis marker test10%
Hepatic cyst infection10%
Hepatic artery embolism10%
Hepatic angiosarcoma10%
Hemianopia heteronymous10%
Heinz bodies10%
Heel-knee-shin test abnormal10%
Head circumference abnormal10%
Hashimoto's encephalopathy10%
Hantavirus pulmonary infection10%
Hairy cell leukaemia10%
Hair dye user10%
Haemosiderin stain10%
Haemorrhoid infection10%
Haemorrhagic varicella syndrome10%
Haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome10%
Haemorrhagic breast cyst10%
Haemorrhagic ascites10%
Haemorrhage foetal10%
Haemophilia A with anti factor VIII10%
Haemoglobin A present10%
Haemoglobin A210%
Haemodynamic test abnormal10%
Haematopoietic neoplasm10%
Haemangioma of bone10%
Gut fermentation syndrome10%
Gulf war syndrome10%
Growth retardation10%
Growth of eyelashes10%
Growth hormone deficiency10%
Growth failure10%
Growth accelerated10%
Groin infection10%
Grey matter heterotopia10%
Great saphenous vein closure10%
Graft thrombosis10%
Graft haemorrhage10%
Gonococcal infection10%
Glycosylated haemoglobin abnormal10%
Glycogen storage disease type V10%
Glycine test10%
Gluten free diet10%
Glutamate dehydrogenase level abnormal10%
Glucose tolerance test abnormal10%
Glucose tolerance impaired in pregnancy10%
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase abnormal10%
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase10%
Glucocorticoids normal10%
Glossopharyngeal nerve disorder10%
Glomerulonephritis proliferative10%
Glomerulonephritis chronic10%
Glabellar reflex abnormal10%
Gingival hypertrophy10%
Gingival erosion10%
Giardia test positive10%
Giant cell myocarditis10%
Gestational trophoblastic detachment10%
Gestational age test abnormal10%
Genotype drug resistance test positive10%
Genotype drug resistance test10%
Genitals enlarged10%
Genital infection10%
Genital contusion10%
Genetic polymorphism10%
Generalised bullous fixed drug eruption10%
Gastrostomy tube removal10%
Gastrointestinal vascular malformation haemorrhagic10%
Gastrointestinal tract biopsy10%
Gastrointestinal somatic symptom disorder10%
Gastrointestinal scarring10%
Gastrointestinal mucosal disorder10%
Gastrointestinal ischaemia10%
Gastrointestinal disorder prophylaxis10%
Gastrointestinal decompression10%
Gastrointestinal anastomotic leak10%
Gastroenteritis shigella10%
Gastroenteritis salmonella10%
Gastroenteritis rotavirus10%
Gastroenteritis proteus10%
Gastrocardiac syndrome10%
Gastritis herpes10%
Gastritis haemorrhagic10%
Gastritis bacterial10%
Gastritis alcoholic10%
Gastric ulcer perforation10%
Gastric mucosal lesion10%
Gastric hypomotility10%
Gastric hypertonia10%
Gastric cancer stage I10%
Gastric bypass10%
Gasping syndrome10%
Gardnerella test positive10%
Gamma interferon therapy10%
Gamma-glutamyltransferase abnormal10%
Gallbladder necrosis10%
Gallbladder mass10%
Gallbladder injury10%
Gallbladder cancer10%
Gallbladder adenocarcinoma10%
Fusobacterium test positive10%
Fungal peritonitis10%
Fungal oesophagitis10%
Fungal disease carrier10%
Fundoscopy abnormal10%
Functional residual capacity decreased10%
Functional residual capacity abnormal10%
Free thyroxine index decreased10%
Free prostate-specific antigen negative10%
Free haemoglobin10%
Free androgen index10%
Fragile X syndrome10%
Fragile X carrier10%
Fracture reduction10%
Fractured skull depressed10%
Fracture displacement10%
Fowler's syndrome10%
Foveal reflex abnormal10%
Fournier's gangrene10%
Foreign body in urogenital tract10%
Foreign body in skin or subcutaneous tissue10%
Foreign body in respiratory tract10%
Foreign body in mouth10%
Foreign body ingestion10%
Foreign body aspiration10%
Foreign body10%
Fordyce spots10%
Forced vital capacity decreased10%
Foot prosthesis user10%
Food interaction10%
Fontanelle bulging10%
Follicular lymphoma stage III10%
Follicular lymphoma stage I10%
Follicular eczema10%
Foetal warfarin syndrome10%
Foetal renal impairment10%
Foetal non-stress test normal10%
Foetal heart rate disorder10%
Foetal heart rate deceleration abnormality10%
Foetal heart rate acceleration abnormality10%
Foetal haemoglobin10%
Foetal gastrointestinal tract imaging abnormal10%
Foetal cerebrovascular disorder10%
Foetal arrhythmia10%
Focal myositis10%
Flea infestation10%
Flat chest10%
Fistula of small intestine10%
Finkelstein test10%
Finger tapping test10%
Finger licking10%
Fine motor delay10%
Fibrous histiocytoma10%
Fibrous cortical defect10%
Fibronectin increased10%
Fibroblast growth factor 23 increased10%
Fibroblast growth factor 2310%
Fibrinous bronchitis10%
Fibrinolysis normal10%
Fibrinolysis increased10%
Fibrinolysis abnormal10%
Fibrin degradation products normal10%
Fibrillary glomerulonephritis10%
Femoral pulse10%
Femoral nerve palsy10%
Femoral nerve injury10%
Febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome10%
Fear of open spaces10%
Fat embolism10%
Fascia release10%
Fascial rupture10%
Fascial operation10%
Familial periodic paralysis10%
False positive tuberculosis test10%
Fallot's tetralogy10%
Fallopian tube perforation10%
Fallopian tube obstruction10%
Fallopian tube neoplasm10%
Fallopian tube disorder10%
Fallopian tube cyst10%
Failed in vitro fertilisation10%
Faecal calprotectin normal10%
Faecal calprotectin abnormal10%
Factor XIII Inhibition10%
Factor IX deficiency10%
Factor II deficiency10%
Faciobrachial dystonic seizure10%
Facial operation10%
Facet joint block10%
Face presentation10%
Eye muscle recession10%
Eye luxation10%
Eyelid vascular disorder10%
Eyelid scar10%
Eyelash changes10%
Eye infection staphylococcal10%
Eye infection intraocular10%
Eye infection fungal10%
Eye excision10%
Eye drop instillation10%
Eye complication associated with device10%
Extramedullary haemopoiesis10%
Extradural neoplasm10%
External fixation of fracture10%
External cephalic version10%
Exposure via unknown route10%
Exposure via father10%
Exposure via direct contact10%
Exposure via contaminated device10%
Exposure via body fluid10%
Exposure to tobacco10%
Exposure to radiation10%
Exposure to fungus10%
Exposure to contaminated air10%
Exposure keratitis10%
Expired device used10%
Expiratory reserve volume10%
Exocrine pancreatic function test normal10%
Exocrine pancreatic function test10%
Excessive ocular convergence10%
Ex-drug abuser10%
Evacuation of retained products of conception10%
Euthyroid sick syndrome10%
Eustachian tube patulous10%
Euglycaemic diabetic ketoacidosis10%
Erythropoiesis abnormal10%
Erythroid series abnormal10%
Erythroblast count normal10%
Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea10%
Erythema infectiosum10%
Erythema dyschromicum perstans10%
Erythema ab igne10%
Eruptive pseudoangiomatosis10%
Epstein-Barr virus associated lymphoproliferative disorder10%
Epiretinal membrane10%
Epiphyses premature fusion10%
Epinephrine decreased10%
Epilepsy with myoclonic-atonic seizures10%
Epidural catheter placement10%
Epidural analgesia10%
Epidural anaesthesia10%
Epididymal tenderness10%
Epididymal enlargement10%
Epidermolysis bullosa10%
Epidermal naevus syndrome10%
Epidermal naevus10%
Epidemic polyarthritis10%
Eosinophils urine absent10%
Eosinophils urine10%
Eosinophilic pleural effusion10%
Eosinophilic fasciitis10%
Eosinophilic colitis10%
Eosinophilia myalgia syndrome10%
Enterocutaneous fistula10%
Enterocolitis viral10%
Enterocolitis infectious10%
Enterococcal sepsis10%
Enterobacter sepsis10%
Enteric neuropathy10%
Enlarged clitoris10%
Endoscopy biliary tract10%
Endoscopic ultrasound normal10%
Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography normal10%
Endometriosis ablation10%
Endometrial atrophy10%
End-tidal CO2 decreased10%
Encephalitis meningococcal10%
Encephalitis Japanese B10%
Encephalitis allergic10%
Empty sella syndrome10%
Emergency care examination normal10%
Embolic pneumonia10%
Embedded device10%
Electrocochleogram abnormal10%
Electrocardiogram U wave present10%
Electrocardiogram U wave inversion10%
Electrocardiogram T wave amplitude increased10%
Electrocardiogram ST-T segment depression10%
Electrocardiogram P wave normal10%
Electrocardiogram P wave biphasic10%
Electrocardiogram P wave10%
Electrocardiogram J wave abnormal10%
Eczema weeping10%
Eczema impetiginous10%
Ectropion of cervix10%
ECG signs of myocardial ischaemia10%
ECG electrically inactive area10%
Ebola disease10%
Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status worsened10%
Ear neoplasm10%
Ear lobe infection10%
Ear deformity acquired10%
Ear and hearing disorder prophylaxis10%
Eagle's syndrome10%
Dystonic tremor10%
Dust allergy10%
Duplicate therapy error10%
Ductus arteriosus premature closure10%
Dry age-related macular degeneration10%
Drug withdrawal headache10%
Drug level therapeutic10%
Drug level increased10%
Drug level fluctuating10%
Drug ineffective for unapproved indication10%
Drug effective for unapproved indication10%
Drug detoxification10%
Drug delivery system malfunction10%
Drug clearance10%
Drug abuser10%
Drooping shoulder syndrome10%
Drain site complication10%
Double hit lymphoma10%
Dorsal ramus syndrome10%
Dolichocolon acquired10%
Documented hypersensitivity to administered product10%
DNA test for fragile X10%
DNA antibody positive10%
Diverticulum oesophageal10%
Distal intestinal obstruction syndrome10%
Dissociative identity disorder10%
Disseminated varicella zoster vaccine virus infection10%
Disseminated varicella10%
Disorder of orbit10%
Dislocation of vertebra10%
Disease susceptibility10%
Disease prodromal stage10%
Discogram abnormal10%
Dihydrotestosterone level10%
Digital pulpitis10%
Digestive enzyme test10%
DiGeorge's syndrome10%
Diffusion-weighted brain MRI normal10%
Diffuse panbronchiolitis10%
Diffuse mesangial sclerosis10%
Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma stage IV10%
Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis10%
Diastolic hypotension10%
Dialysis disequilibrium syndrome10%
Diabetic wound10%
Diabetic retinal oedema10%
Diabetic gastroparesis10%
Diabetic gangrene10%
Device related bacteraemia10%
Device physical property issue10%
Device pacing issue10%
Device material issue10%
Device loosening10%
Device kink10%
Device ineffective shock delivery10%
Device extrusion10%
Device electrical impedance issue10%
Device dispensing error10%
Device difficult to use10%
Device dependence10%
Developmental hip dysplasia10%
Dermal filler overcorrection10%
Depression rating scale score10%
Deposit eye10%
Dependent rubor10%
Dentofacial functional disorder10%
Dental necrosis10%
Dental leakage10%
Dental impression procedure10%
Dental implant removal10%
Dental dysaesthesia10%
Dental cyst10%
Dementia of the Alzheimer's type, with delirium10%
Delusion of replacement10%
Delusion of parasitosis10%
Delirium tremens10%
Delayed sleep phase10%
Delayed menarche10%
Delayed ischaemic neurological deficit10%
Delayed delivery10%
Dehydroepiandrosterone increased10%
Deficiency anaemia10%
Defiant behaviour10%
Decreased bronchial secretion10%
Death of pet10%
Cytoreductive surgery10%
Cytomegalovirus chorioretinitis10%
Cytogenetic analysis abnormal10%
Cystogram normal10%
Cystitis viral10%
Cystitis klebsiella10%
Cystatin C increased10%
CYP2C19 polymorphism10%
Cyclic AMP normal10%
Cutis verticis gyrata10%
Cutaneous mucormycosis10%
Cushing's syndrome10%
Culture cervix10%
Cullen's sign10%
CSF volume increased10%
CSF monocyte count negative10%
CSF leukocyte/erythrocyte ratio10%
CSF lactate increased10%
CSF lactate dehydrogenase normal10%
CSF lactate dehydrogenase10%
CSF immunoglobulin decreased10%
CSF glucose abnormal10%
CSF electrophoresis normal10%
CSF cell count abnormal10%
Crystal nephropathy10%
Cryptococcal cutaneous infection10%
Crush syndrome10%
Cross sensitivity reaction10%
Creatinine urine increased10%
Creatinine renal clearance abnormal10%
Craniofacial injury10%
Craniofacial fracture10%
Cranial nerve neoplasm benign10%
COVID-19 prophylaxis10%
Corynebacterium test10%
Corticotropin-releasing hormone stimulation test10%
Coronary bypass thrombosis10%
Coronary artery stent removal10%
Corneal pachymetry10%
Corneal lesion10%
Corneal endotheliitis10%
Corneal cross linking10%
COPD assessment test10%
Contraceptive cap10%
Continuous haemodiafiltration10%
Contact lens therapy10%
Conjunctival discolouration10%
Conjunctival cyst10%
Conjunctival bleb10%
Congenital thrombocyte disorder10%
Congenital myopathy10%
Congenital myasthenic syndrome10%
Congenital methaemoglobinaemia10%
Congenital hypercoagulation10%
Congenital heart valve disorder10%
Congenital cystic lung10%
Congenital coronary artery malformation10%
Congenital arterial malformation10%
Congenital absence of cranial vault10%
Congenital absence of bile ducts10%
Congenital abdominal hernia10%
Confirmed e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury10%
Concentric sclerosis10%
Computed tomographic gastrography10%
Compulsive hoarding10%
Compulsive cheek biting10%
Complications of transplant surgery10%
Complications of transplanted lung10%
Complications of transplanted kidney10%
Complication of delivery10%
Complement factor C210%
Comminuted fracture10%
Combined pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema10%
Coma acidotic10%
Colposcopy normal10%
Colour vision tests abnormal10%
Colour blindness acquired10%
Colostomy infection10%
Colorectal adenocarcinoma10%
Colon gangrene10%
Colon adenoma10%
Collagen antigen type IV10%
Collagen-vascular disease10%
Cold agglutinins positive10%
Cold agglutinins negative10%
Coeliac artery stenosis10%
Coagulation factor XI level normal10%
Coagulation factor XIII level10%
Coagulation factor V level decreased10%
Coagulation factor V level abnormal10%
Coagulation factor VII level decreased10%
Coagulation factor VIII level decreased10%
Coagulation factor level normal10%
Coagulation factor IX level normal10%
Coagulation factor deficiency10%
Clotting factor transfusion10%
Clostridial infection10%
Clitoral engorgement10%
Clinical trial participant10%
Clinical death10%
Cleft uvula10%
Cleft lip and palate10%
Clang associations10%
Citrobacter test positive10%
Circumstance or information capable of leading to device use error10%
Chvostek's sign10%
Chronic tonsillitis10%
Chronic rhinosinusitis without nasal polyps10%
Chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps10%
Chronic respiratory disease10%
Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania10%
Chronic myeloid leukaemia recurrent10%
Chronic myeloid leukaemia (in remission)10%
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia stage 010%
Chronic lymphocytic inflammation with pontine perivascular enhancement responsive to steroids10%
Chronic kidney disease-mineral and bone disorder10%
Chronic hepatitis B10%
Chronic granulomatous disease10%
Chronic graft versus host disease oral10%
Chronic graft versus host disease in skin10%
Chronic eosinophilic leukaemia10%
Choroidal rupture10%
Choroidal effusion10%
Choroidal detachment10%
Chorioamniotic separation10%
Cholecystitis chronic10%
Cholangitis infective10%
Chikungunya virus infection10%
Chest tube removal10%
Chest expansion decreased10%
Chemical burn of oral cavity10%
Charles Bonnet syndrome10%
CHA2DS2-VASc annual stroke risk high10%
Cervix operation10%
Cervix oedema10%
Cervix neoplasm10%
Cervix inflammation10%
Cervix haematoma uterine10%
Cervix erythema10%
Cervix dystocia10%
Cervix cerclage procedure10%
Cervix carcinoma10%
Cervicitis trichomonal10%
Cervical cyst10%
Cervical conisation10%
Cerebrovascular stenosis10%
Cerebrovascular operation10%
Cerebrospinal fluid retention10%
Cerebral vascular occlusion10%
Cerebral revascularisation10%
Cerebral reperfusion injury10%
Cerebral infarction foetal10%
Cerebral hyperperfusion syndrome10%
Cerebral haemorrhage neonatal10%
Cerebral haemangioma10%
Cerebral circulatory failure10%
Cerebral ataxia10%
Cerebral arteriovenous malformation haemorrhagic10%
Cerebellar hypoplasia10%
Central venous pressure normal10%
Central nervous system viral infection10%
Central nervous system necrosis10%
Central nervous system lymphoma10%
Central nervous system lupus10%
Central nervous system immune reconstitution inflammatory response10%
Central nervous system function test normal10%
Central nervous system function test abnormal10%
Central nervous system function test10%
Cellulitis gangrenous10%
Cell marker increased10%
Cell marker decreased10%
Cell-mediated immune deficiency10%
Cell-mediated cytotoxicity10%
CD25 antigen positive10%
CD8 lymphocytes abnormal10%
CD4/CD8 ratio increased10%
CD4/CD8 ratio decreased10%
CD4 lymphocytes normal10%
CD4 lymphocytes abnormal10%
CD4 lymphocyte percentage decreased10%
Catheter site warmth10%
Catheter site swelling10%
Catheter site pain10%
Catheter site infection10%
Catheter site haematoma10%
Catheter culture10%
Catecholamine crisis10%
Catastrophic reaction10%
Cataract nuclear10%
Cartilage atrophy10%
Carotid sinus massage10%
Carotid pulse increased10%
Carotid pulse decreased10%
Carnitine normal10%
Carney complex10%
Cardiovascular function test abnormal10%
Cardiovascular autonomic function test abnormal10%
Cardiac ventriculogram abnormal10%
Cardiac vein dissection10%
Cardiac valve discolouration10%
Cardiac steatosis10%
Cardiac septal defect repair10%
Cardiac rehabilitation therapy10%
Cardiac output increased10%
Cardiac murmur functional10%
Cardiac malposition10%
Cardiac index increased10%
Cardiac electrophysiologic study normal10%
Cardiac complication associated with device10%
Cardiac autonomic neuropathy10%
Cardiac arrest neonatal10%
Carcinoid tumour10%
Carcinoid syndrome10%
Carboxyhaemoglobin normal10%
Carboxyhaemoglobin increased10%
Carboxyhaemoglobin decreased10%
Carbohydrate intolerance10%
Carbohydrate antigen 72-410%
Carbohydrate antigen 27.29 increased10%
Carbohydrate antigen 15-3 increased10%
Capsular contracture associated with implant10%
Capillary permeability10%
Capillary fragility test10%
Cancer in remission10%
Campylobacter colitis10%
Calyceal diverticulum10%
Calculus urethral10%
Calcium ionised increased10%
Calcium ionised abnormal10%
Bursa removal10%
Bursa calcification10%
Burns first degree10%
Burn dressing10%
Bullous impetigo10%
Bulimia nervosa10%
Budd-Chiari syndrome10%
Bronchopulmonary disease10%
Bronchopleural fistula10%
Bronchogram abnormal10%
Bronchogenic cyst10%
Bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome10%
Bronchial haemorrhage10%
Bronchial carcinoma10%
Brenner tumour10%
Breech delivery10%
Breast tumour excision10%
Breast scan abnormal10%
Breast fibrosis10%
Breast discharge infected10%
Breast cyst drainage10%
Breast cancer stage IV10%
Breast cancer stage III10%
Breast cancer stage II10%
Breast cancer stage I10%
Breast atrophy10%
BRCA2 gene mutation assay10%
Brain stent insertion10%
Brain neoplasm benign10%
Brachiocephalic artery stenosis10%
B precursor type acute leukaemia10%
Bowen's disease10%
Booster dose missed10%
Bone marrow reticulin fibrosis10%
Bone graft10%
Bone fissure10%
Bone erosion10%
Bone development abnormal10%
Bone decalcification10%
Bone cancer metastatic10%
Bone anchored hearing aid implantation10%
Bone abscess10%
Body surface area10%
Body mass index abnormal10%
Body fat disorder10%
Body dysmorphic disorder10%
Blood zinc decreased10%
Blood viscosity decreased10%
Blood viscosity abnormal10%
Blood trypsin10%
Blood thromboplastin increased10%
Blood thromboplastin decreased10%
Blood testosterone free normal10%
Blood testosterone free10%
Blood selenium10%
Blood prolactin decreased10%
Blood prolactin abnormal10%
Blood product transfusion dependent10%
Blood pressure systolic inspiratory decreased10%
Blood pressure difference of extremities10%
Blood pressure ambulatory normal10%
Blood phosphorus abnormal10%
Blood oestrogen normal10%
Blood methanol10%
Blood mercury normal10%
Blood luteinising hormone decreased10%
Blood ketone body absent10%
Blood isotope clearance10%
Blood insulin normal10%
Blood insulin decreased10%
Blood immunoglobulin G abnormal10%
Blood group AB10%
Blood gonadotrophin normal10%
Blood gonadotrophin decreased10%
Blood glucagon10%
Blood gastrin decreased10%
Blood galactose10%
Blood ethanol decreased10%
Blood ethanal increased10%
Blood electrolytes increased10%
Blood elastase10%
Blood creatine phosphokinase MM normal10%
Blood creatine phosphokinase MM10%
Blood corticotrophin decreased10%
Blood corticotrophin abnormal10%
Blood chromium normal10%
Blood cholinesterase normal10%
Blood chloride abnormal10%
Blood carbon monoxide increased10%
Blood cannabinoids decreased10%
Blood caffeine increased10%
Blood bromide10%
Blood brain barrier defect10%
Blood beta-D-glucan normal10%
Blood beta-D-glucan increased10%
Blood beryllium10%
Blood arsenic normal10%
Blood antidiuretic hormone increased10%
Blood androstenedione increased10%
Blood aldosterone increased10%
Blood alcohol decreased10%
Blood 25-hydroxycholecalciferol increased10%
Block vertebra10%
Blepharal papilloma10%
Bleeding anovulatory10%
Blastic plasmacytoid dendritic cell neoplasia10%
Blast cell crisis10%
Blast cell count increased10%
Bladder wall calcification10%
Bladder tumour antigen10%
Bladder transitional cell carcinoma10%
Bladder trabeculation10%
Bladder prolapse10%
Bladder outlet obstruction10%
Bladder neoplasm surgery10%
Bladder neck obstruction10%
Bladder irrigation10%
Bladder injury10%
Bladder fibrosis10%
Bladder diverticulum10%
Bladder catheter replacement10%
Bladder catheter permanent10%
Bladder cancer stage IV10%
BK virus infection10%
BK polyomavirus test10%
Birdshot chorioretinopathy10%
Bipolar II disorder10%
Biopsy vulva10%
Biopsy vocal cord abnormal10%
Biopsy uterus abnormal10%
Biopsy spleen10%
Biopsy spinal cord10%
Biopsy small intestine abnormal10%
Biopsy rectum abnormal10%
Biopsy peritoneum10%
Biopsy pancreas abnormal10%
Biopsy oesophagus10%
Biopsy mucosa normal10%
Biopsy heart normal10%
Biopsy foetal10%
Biopsy eyelid normal10%
Biopsy colon normal10%
Biopsy chorionic villous abnormal10%
Biopsy chest wall10%
Biopsy cervix abnormal10%
Biopsy bone normal10%
Biopsy bladder abnormal10%
Biopsy bile duct abnormal10%
Biomedical photography10%
Bilirubin conjugated abnormal10%
Biliary tract infection10%
Biliary ascites10%
Bile output increased10%
Bile output10%
Bile culture negative10%
Beta ketothiolase deficiency10%
Beta 2 microglobulin urine increased10%
Beta 2 microglobulin normal10%
Beta 2 microglobulin increased10%
Benzodiazepine drug level increased10%
Benign salivary gland neoplasm10%
Benign neoplasm of cervix uteri10%
Benign familial haematuria10%
Benign enlargement of the subarachnoid spaces10%
Bence Jones proteinuria10%
Behaviour disorder due to a general medical condition10%
Bed sharing10%
Basilar migraine10%
Basilar artery stenosis10%
Base excess abnormal10%
Barotitis media10%
Barium meal10%
Barium enema normal10%
Barium enema abnormal10%
Barbiturates positive10%
Band neutrophil percentage decreased10%
Band neutrophil count decreased10%
Balanitis candida10%
Bacterial vulvovaginitis10%
Bacterial rhinitis10%
Bacterial colitis10%
Bacterial abdominal infection10%
B-cell type acute leukaemia10%
B-cell lymphoma stage II10%
Autoimmune uveitis10%
Autoimmune nephritis10%
Autoimmune myositis10%
Autoimmune lung disease10%
Autoimmune eye disorder10%
Autoimmune cholangitis10%
Auricular chondritis10%
Atypical mycobacterial lower respiratory tract infection10%
Atypical femur fracture10%
Atrophy of globe10%
Atrophic glossitis10%
Atrioventricular conduction time shortened10%
Atrial pressure increased10%
Atopic keratoconjunctivitis10%
ASXL1 gene mutation10%
AST to platelet ratio index increased10%
Asthma late onset10%
Asthma-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap syndrome10%
Assisted reproductive technology10%
Aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease10%
Aspiration tracheal normal10%
Artificial skin graft10%
Artificial rupture of membranes10%
Artificial heart device user10%
Artificial blood vessel occlusion10%
Arthropod-borne disease10%
Arteritis coronary10%
Arteriovenous graft thrombosis10%
Arteriovenous graft10%
Arteriosclerotic gangrene10%
Arterial tortuosity syndrome10%
Arterial therapeutic procedure10%
Arterial stiffness10%
Arterial segmental pressure test10%
Arterial catheterisation normal10%
Arterial bruit10%
Arterial angioplasty10%
Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia10%
Argon plasma coagulation10%
Argininosuccinate synthetase deficiency10%
Arboviral infection10%
Application site plaque10%
Application site paraesthesia10%
Application site laceration10%
Application site joint erythema10%
Application site inflammation10%
Application site induration10%
Application site haematoma10%
Application site bruise10%
Apparent death10%
Apolipoprotein B10%
Apnoea test abnormal10%
Aphthovirus test positive10%
Apgar score normal10%
APACHE II score10%
Aortic valve repair10%
Aortic perforation10%
Aortic dissection rupture10%
Anxiety disorder due to a general medical condition10%
Antral follicle count10%
Antisocial personality disorder10%
Antiribosomal P antibody positive10%
Antiretroviral therapy10%
Antimyocardial antibody positive10%
Antimicrobial susceptibility test sensitive10%
Anti Kell antibody test positive10%
Antiinflammatory therapy10%
Anti factor XI antibody positive10%
Anti factor X activity increased10%
Anti factor Xa activity decreased10%
Anti factor IX antibody10%
Antiendomysial antibody positive10%
Antiemetic supportive care10%
Anticoagulation drug level normal10%
Anticoagulation drug level increased10%
Anticholinergic syndrome10%
Antiangiogenic therapy10%
Anti-zinc transporter 8 antibody positive10%
Anti-VGKC antibody negative10%
Anti-VGCC antibody10%
Anti-thyroid antibody decreased10%
Anti-SRP antibody positive10%
Anti-RNA polymerase III antibody positive10%
Anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein associated polyneuropathy10%
Anti-muscle specific kinase antibody positive10%
Anti-Muellerian hormone level normal10%
Anti-Muellerian hormone level increased10%
Anti-islet cell antibody negative10%
Anti-insulin antibody10%
Anti-IA2 antibody positive10%
Anti-HLA antibody test positive10%
Anti-GAD antibody negative10%
Anti-erythropoietin antibody positive10%
Anti-erythropoietin antibody negative10%
Anti-erythropoietin antibody10%
Anti-actin antibody positive10%
Anti-actin antibody10%
Anterior interosseous syndrome10%
Anterior cord syndrome10%
Anterior chamber inflammation10%
Ankle deformity10%
Ankle brachial index normal10%
Anion gap abnormal10%
Angiotensin I10%
Angiotensin converting enzyme decreased10%
Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma stage III10%
Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma recurrent10%
Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma10%
Angiocentric lymphoma10%
Anginal equivalent10%
Angelman's syndrome10%
Aneurysmal bone cyst10%
Androgens increased10%
Anastomotic ulcer10%
Anaplastic thyroid cancer10%
Anaphylactoid syndrome of pregnancy10%
Anal ulcer10%
Anal stenosis10%
Anal sphincter hypertonia10%
Anal skin tags10%
Anal pap smear10%
Anal injury10%
Anal infection10%
Analgesic intervention supportive therapy10%
Analgesic drug level increased10%
Analgesic drug level decreased10%
Analgesic drug level above therapeutic10%
Anal fungal infection10%
Anal fistula10%
Anal dilatation10%
Anaesthesia dolorosa10%
Anaemic hypoxia10%
Anaemia postoperative10%
Anaemia of malignant disease10%
Amyloid related imaging abnormality-oedema/effusion10%
Amyloid related imaging abnormality-microhaemorrhages and haemosiderin deposits10%
Amyloidosis senile10%
Amylase abnormal10%
Amputation stump pain10%
Amniotic membrane rupture test negative10%
Amniotic membrane rupture test10%
Amniotic fluid index increased10%
Ammonia decreased10%
Ammonia abnormal10%
Aminopyrine breathing test10%
Amino acid level decreased10%
American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status classification10%
Amblyopia strabismic10%
Alveolar proteinosis10%
Alveolar oxygen partial pressure10%
Alveolar osteitis10%
Alpha globulin increased10%
Alpha 2 globulin increased10%
Alpha 1 globulin increased10%
Alpha 1 globulin decreased10%
Alpha-2 macroglobulin increased10%
Alpha-2 macroglobulin10%
Alpha-1 acid glycoprotein abnormal10%
Allergy to venom10%
Allergy to synthetic fabric10%
Allergy prophylaxis10%
Allergy alert test10%
Allergic pharyngitis10%
Allergic hepatitis10%
Allergic gastroenteritis10%
Aldolase decreased10%
Aldolase abnormal10%
Alcohol test false positive10%
Alcoholic psychosis10%
Alcoholic liver disease10%
Alcohol abuse10%
Albumin globulin ratio abnormal10%
Albumin CSF decreased10%
Albumin CSF abnormal10%
Air embolism10%
Agonal death struggle10%
Afterbirth pain10%
Advanced sleep phase10%
Adrenergic syndrome10%
Adrenal gland cancer10%
Adrenal cyst10%
Adnexa uteri cyst10%
Administration site papule10%
Administration site induration10%
Administration site hypoaesthesia10%
Administration site extravasation10%
Administration site erythema10%
Administration site dysaesthesia10%
Administration site discharge10%
Administration related reaction10%
Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood10%
Adjustment disorder with anxiety10%
Adjusted calcium increased10%
Adjusted calcium decreased10%
Adenoviral meningitis10%
Adenoviral conjunctivitis10%
Adenosine deaminase increased10%
Adenoidal disorder10%
Adenocarcinoma of the cervix10%
Acute zonal occult outer retinopathy10%
Acute undifferentiated leukaemia10%
Acute right ventricular failure10%
Acute myelomonocytic leukaemia10%
Acute lung injury